Month: October 2020

can non Catholics go to confession

Can Non Catholics Go To Confession?

The Catholic Church is very welcoming of people from all faiths and backgrounds. If you are non-catholic, you can attend mass. Can non Catholics go to confession though? Just because you can go to church doesn’t mean that you can partake in all activities. The biggest no-no for non-Catholics is receiving the Eucharist. The Holy … Read more

The Symbol Of A Fierce Enemy

What Does A Black Panther Symbolize In The Bible?

Back panthers are one of the most powerful and sleek creatures in the family that includes jaguars and leopards. They are fierce and can attain maximum speed within a very short time. This burst of energy has often been a source of admiration and inspiration to any. Mostly in the old testament and partly in … Read more

what does a horse symbolize in the Bible

What Does A Horse Symbolize In The Bible?

As a metaphor, horses were used in various traditions as symbols of power and vitality. They were used to transport soldiers to battlegrounds and ferry royals and other important people in society to various destinations. Compared to donkeys, horses were considered much more valuable and as such would be traded at a higher price. Having … Read more

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