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roles in the catholic church

Roles In The Catholic Church: Who Is Who?

The Catholic church is among the few religious organizations that have solid structures with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Whether one is an ordained or non-ordained member, they can fit in one area of service or the other. An ordained person refers to a member of the Catholic Church who has received the sacrament of … Read more

do catholics read the bible

Do Catholics Read The Bible?

In many circles especially those where Protestant Christians are, Catholics are often criticized for not being as immersed in scripture as other denominations. Most often than not, this has something to do with the approach that Catholics have to scripture. Some suppose that the approach Catholics have to scripture is characterized by blind faith. According … Read more


What Is The Difference Between Demon And Devil?

While demons and the devil exist in various religions in different forms, these supernatural beings are most prevalent in Christianity.  The devil is seen as the enemy of all that’s holy and righteous, the antithesis and adversary of God.  Demons are often regarded as the devil’s agents, responsible for maladies, disasters and tempting humans to … Read more

what are the main roles of the catholic church

What Does The Bible Say About The Pope?

The bible does not directly mention ‘the pope’. There isn’t anyone with the title anywhere in the Bible.  That doesn’t mean the Papacy is an unbiblical institution. According to catholic doctrine, there’s a straight line from the authority and supremacy of the pope to Saint Peter, the head of the apostles and early church.  So … Read more

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