Why Was The Book Of Eli Removed From The Bible?

The Bible doesn’t include all the major religious writings from long ago. As Christianity grew and spread, an accepted biblical canon gradually came into being. 

Certain writings like the Didache were excluded and others like the deuterocanonical books were included only in certain Bibles, notably the Catholic Bible. 

Was The Book Of Eli One Of The Books Removed From The Bible?

Was The Book Of Eli One Of The Books Removed From The Bible

There’s a common misconception that there was a book called Eli that was removed from the Bible. This misconception comes from the movie called ‘Book of Eli’, which we’ll discuss shortly. 

The truth is that there was never a book or writing called the Book of Eli. 

Books excluded from the Old Testament (in protestant Bibles) are the deuterocanonical books including Haggai, Book of Tobit, Wisdom, 1 and 2 Maccabees and so on. There’s no Book of Eli among these books. 

There are also writings that were excluded from the New Testament in virtually all Christian Bibles. These include the Didache, the Apocalypse of Peter, Apocalypse of Paul and others. 

Again, the Book of Eli is not among these apocryphal books. 

In other words, the Book of Eli is not and has never been a part of the Bible. So no such book has ever been removed from the Bible because it never existed in the first place. 

Note: Most of the excluded books were not left out because they were heretical; rather it was because the author was not well known or they were regarded as shallow. Most of these books were still considered useful to read, just not as important as the canonical books. 

What is the Movie ‘Book Of Eli’ About?

What some assume refers to a removed book in the Bible is actually a movie called The Book of Eli. 

The misconception occurs probably because the movie is about the Bible. 

The movie occurs in a post-apocalyptic error after a nuclear holocaust. It revolves around Eli, Denzel Washington, a fierce nomad who travels across the land while protecting the sole remaining copy of the Bible. 

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