Symbol Of Hope

What Does A Leaf Symbolize In The Bible?

Trees have been mentioned several times in the Bible in different perspectives depending on the theme in question. Whether it is in the Old Testament or New Testament, trees have held significant meanings. Together with trees have been the mention of leaves. Of course, without trees, you can’t possibly have leaves. In this article, we … Read more

The Moon As An Identification

What Does The Moon Symbolize In The Bible?

The moon is one of the symbols of creation. According to the Bible, the moon was created on the fourth day together with the sun and the stars. The main purpose of the moon was to rule over the night and shine a light on the earth. The Bible has mentioned the moon several times … Read more

what do wings symbolize in the bible

What Do Wings Symbolize In The Bible?

Wings as we know them are an illustration of the possibilities of flying and rising. They signify lightness and to a large extent, the spirituality of the beings that bear them. But what do wings symbolize in the Bible? Humans have always aspired to grow into a stature higher than those and wings captures just … Read more

Is The Holy Spirit A Pigeon

What Does A Pigeon Symbolize In The Bible?

What does a pigeon symbolize in the Bible? Almost all mentions of pigeons in the Bible are in regards to sacrifices. The first mention is in Genesis 15:9 where Abraham makes a sacrifice.  So the Lord said to him, “Bring me a heifer, a goat and a ram, each three years old, along with a … Read more

different ways that catholics and protestants understand the bible

Different Ways That Catholics And Protestants Understand The Bible

The beginning of Protestantism was sparked by Martin Luther’s opposition to major Catholic doctrines including penance, Papal authority, and priesthood.  These differences on the understanding of the Bible exist till today and define the schism between Catholics and Protestants.  We explain the different ways that Catholics and Protestants understand the Bible in more detail below.  … Read more

Understanding Of The Bible

How To Mark Your Bible: Guide

Different people have different methods of learning and understanding. For most of us, making notes or some sort of markings like highlights and underlining, helps us better grasp what we are reading.  And this is super important when reading the Bible. Otherwise, you might as well be reading the paper or a novel.  Understanding every … Read more

Simplest Way To Mark Your Bible

How Can We Be Sure The Bible Is True?

The history of the Bible and how it came together is complicated. It consists of multiple books by multiple authors. Some of these books were written hundreds of years apart.  So how can we be sure that the Bible is true, and not just a collection of stories and myths?  Some Christians might say, ‘it’s … Read more

how do Catholics get to heaven

Who Can Forgive Sins According To The Bible?

Today we are going to address a question that many of our readers are asking: “Who can forgive sins according to the Bible?” The question looks straightforward; however, it’s also a point of contention among some Christians. Read on to learn more. What The Bible Says? Throughout the bible, the scripture states multiple times that … Read more

Consistent Message in the Bible

How To Properly Dispose Of A Bible?

In other religions like Islam and Judaism, religious texts are considered sacred and there are specific rules of disposing them.  In Christianity however, the Bible as a physical item, is not considered sacred or holy unless it’s been blessed by a priest. It’s just a book like any other; what matters are the words inside, … Read more

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