Symbol of Mischief

What Does A Fox Symbolize In The Bible?

Since the dawn of time, humanity has been drawn to various animal figures including foxes. Some of the creatures have inspired awe from one civilization to another starting from the Aztec empire to the Native American tribes. Foxes have been used symbolically to mean so many things. Since the documented existence of man, humans have … Read more

A Symbol of Wisdom

What Does An Apple Symbolize In The Bible?

The mention of apple in the Bible especially in the Old Testament is significant. The fall of man as recorded in Genesis is woven around the forbidden fruit which many take to represent the apple. In the New Testament, the apple serves as an emblem of redemption from the original sin. There are many instances … Read more

Symbol of God’s Provision

What Do Ducks Symbolize In The Bible?

Generally, the word duck refers to the waterfowl and doesn’t appear in the Bible. However, there are many instances where the Bible refers birds of the nature of a duck. For instance, in Solomon’s daily provisions, there were 10 head of stall-fed cattle, 30 of the finest flour, 100 sheep and goats, 60 cors of … Read more

A Symbol of Path to Maturity

What Do Bananas Symbolize In The Bible?

Believe it or not, scripture mentions the word banana not at least once in the entire Bible. However, there are lots of meanings and symbolisms attached to bananas right from their origins to how we interact with them today. There is also significance of bananas in Christian dreams and interpretations which is meaningful to look … Read more

Symbol of Self-Destruction

Who Is Sirach In The Catholic Bible?

Sirach is one of the deuterocanonical books in the Catholic Bible. It’s also called the book of Ecclesiasticus or The Wisdom of Jesus the Son of Sirach. It’s also the Greek name of the book’s author. Sirach was authored by Ben Sira (Sirach in Greek) and contains ethical teachings on various matters like friendship, happiness, … Read more

The Symbol of Joy and Prosperity

What Does Fruit Symbolize In The Bible?

The Bible is rich with symbolism which mostly touches on ordinary things. For instance, if you look at the parable of the sower or the rich fool, the Bible intends to bring clarity in deeper things of the kingdom through simple, understandable objects. Fruits are some of the objects often cited in the Bible to … Read more

Symbol of Beauty

What Does A Table Symbolize In The Bible?

What does a table symbolize in the Bible? Ancient Biblical cultures especially in the Jewish setting used a table for different purposes. The most obvious was the use of the table as a place to serve food where every family member came around and dined. In other cases, people had tables in their rooms for … Read more

what does a horn symbolize in the bible

What Does A Horn Symbolize In The Bible?

Have you been reading the Bible at one point and out of nowhere you come across horns? Not many people talk about horns whether in the Biblical context or in normal conversations. According to Biblical scholars, the New King James version mentions the word horn and horns approximately 112 times. Some of the mentions are … Read more

A Symbol of Visual Identity

What Does A Garden Symbolize In The Bible?

In the Bible, the principle of reaping what we sow is embedded in almost every book and chapter. Those who sow discord, reap discord and those who sow faithfulness and generosity, reap the same. The ground where the sowing happens is the garden. Beginning with the Garden of Eden where God placed Adam and Eve, … Read more

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