A Symbol of Access to Davidic Covenant

What Do Stars Symbolize In The Bible?

In the Bible, stars appear frequently in different contexts starting from the creation story through the intervening books and chapters to Revelation. In the Old Testament, the word star meant all celestial bodies except for the moon and the sun. Stars symbolize many things. In some mentions, stars relate to angels, leadership, or the light … Read more

Where To Start Reading The Bible

Where To Start Reading The Bible [Catholic]

Starting from Genesis and reading all the way to Revelation may seem like the best strategy, but it’s not the best one for most believers, especially those who’ve yet to extensively study the Bible.  In this guide on where to start reading the bible for Catholics, we explain different strategies and some of the tools … Read more

What Do Birthmarks Mean In The Old Testament

What Do Birthmarks Mean In The Bible?

The bible does not specifically talk about birthmarks. The closest term used is blemish.  For the everyday person in the Old Testament, having a blemish of any kind, whether a birthmark or a disability, was not a big deal. Blemishes only mattered for priests who had to stand in the presence of God and animals … Read more

what does the number 8 mean in the bible

What Does The Number 8 Mean In The Bible?

In many instances in the Bible, numbers are not just numbers. They usually carry meaning beyond their numerical value. For example, 7 often represents perfection and completeness.  The study of the meaning of different numbers used in the Bible is called Biblical numerology. One of the most studied numbers under Biblical numerology is 8.  In … Read more

where did everyone before Jesus, including Moses, go

Did Moses Go To Heaven?

The question on whether Moses went to heaven is really a question about where all the Old Testament believers went after they died.  Heaven was not accessible to anyone before the crucifixion and death of Jesus. It is his sacrifice that opened the way for Christians and Catholics to go to heaven after they die.  … Read more

Is It A Sin To Visit a Grave

What Does The Bible Say About Visiting Graves?

The departure of a loved one is one of the most painful things we experience. Visiting a loved one’s grave is a helpful part of mourning.  It can help you retain a connection to the departed, which provides a bit of comfort when you feel lonely and empty. Because cemeteries are often quiet and serene, … Read more

A Symbol of Spiritual Falsehood

What Do Clouds Symbolize In The Bible?

Christianity and clouds have always had a special connection. The Bible is also full of references about clouds. Just to give you some interesting statistics, the word ‘cloud’ appears 107 times in the Bible. On the other hand, the word ‘clouds’ appears 49 times in the Bible. To stretch it a little further, the word … Read more

what does glass symbolize in the bible

What Does Glass Symbolize In The Bible?

In the Hebrew culture and economic set up, glass was a common material. The Bible doesn’t say much about glass as a material, but inventions from glass paintings to stained glass has been seen in various excavations. Places such as tombs, have preserved glass for over 3500 years. Fragments of glass have been discovered in … Read more

A Symbol of God’s Sustenance and Refreshment

What Do Peaches Symbolize In The Bible?

Peaches are harvested throughout the year. However, May through September are the months well known for garden-fresh harvests. Peaches are not only delicious but also attractive to look at. Think of the many times you’ve seen wall papers and stickers with photos of juicy peaches. Apart from tantalizing our human appetites, peaches have spiritual significance. … Read more

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