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What Are Blessed Palms And What Do They Mean

How To Dispose Of Blessed Palms Properly?

Every year, on the Sunday just before Easter, Christians celebrate Palm Sunday to commemorate the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  In most countries, the main event during Palm Sunday is a procession where Christians carry blessed palms and later take them home or leave them at church. In this article, we explain where these … Read more

Who Is Jude In The Bible

Why Is St Jude The Saint Of Lost Causes?

On 28 October, Catholics celebrate the feast of Saint Jude. Though not the best known apostles of Jesus, today he is one of the most popular saints.  He is the Saint of lost causes, which is why people often turn to him for intercession during difficult times. But why is Jude associated with this particular … Read more

Best Church Outfit Ideas For Teenage Boys

Teenage Outfit Ideas For Church

You should always dress smart and decent for church. It shows respect for the place and occasion. That doesn’t mean you have to wear boring outfits. There are lots of interesting and stylish outfits teenagers can wear to church. Here are some teenage outfit ideas for church.  Best Church Outfit Ideas For Teenage Boys Most churches don’t … Read more

book of Psalms

10 Funny Questions To Ask Your Pastor

Whether you want to test your pastor’s bible knowledge, break the ice or simply have a fun time, there are plenty of funny questions you can ask your pastor.  These questions can be based on Bible trivia, life, or the pastor’s work. Though they are meant to be funny, the answers can give you insight … Read more

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