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Which Was The First Catholic Monastery

How Did Catholic Monasteries Contribute To The Spread Of Christianity?

The first monks secluded themselves far away from populations. But over time, Christian monasteries became major centers of education and religion. They also did important missionary work. Catholic monasteries were and still are instrumental in the spread of Christianity.  Here’s how Catholic monasteries have contributed to the spread of Christianity, both in the past and … Read more

When Is the Catholic Easter Vigil Held

What To Wear To Catholic Easter Vigil?

What you wear to a Catholic Easter vigil depends on the weather, how long you expect the mass to last, and whether you’ll be part of the liturgy of baptism.  Generally, since the mass is held at night, you need warm and comfortable clothes. Because this is one of the most important masses of the … Read more

What Does The Bible Say About Infant Baptism

Why Does The Catholic Church Baptize Infants?

The Bible does not specify a minimum age limit for baptism. So many branches of Christianity including Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox church, and some protestant denominations welcome everyone, including babies and infants, to be baptized.  Why Does The Catholic Church Baptize Babies? There are three main reasons why the Catholic Church baptizes infants.  Baptism cleanses … Read more

Is It Sin To Donate Organs

Can A Catholic Donate His Body To Science?

The Bible talks a lot about death. But there’s nowhere the Bible requires that people be buried a specific way. There’s also no verse talking about donating organs or the entire body. So, can a Catholic donate his body to science? Yes, the Catholic Church allows donating organs and bodies to science, calling it a ‘noble … Read more

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