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What exactly are the vows that nuns take

What Happens If A Nun Breaks Her Vows?

Nuns have three vows that they take when they join their religious order: chastity, poverty, and obedience. If any or all of these vows are broken nuns are required to leave their religious duties and their chosen community.  The process to become a nun can take over a decade. This is to ensure that a … Read more

What Is Sin

Are All Sins The Same?

Searching around the internet many articles can be found on sin with its different contexts and interpretations. But what is sin, are all sins the same and… Could sin make Jesus not love us anymore? This Is what I will be addressing in an objective (bird’s eye perspective), biblical manner. I will try to keep … Read more

Carriers Of the Token of God’s Covenant

Where Can You Find God?

The world tells us that there are many ways to get to God. We can see this in the diverse religions and the different denominations around us. No two groups seem to have the same beliefs or interpretation of the doctrine of the Scriptures. There are many voices, and many choices, all purporting to lead … Read more

What happens if a Catholic eats meat on Friday

What Happens If A Catholic Eats Meat On Friday?

Abstinence and fasting have been traditions in the Catholic church for centuries. They are a form of penance and a show of sacrifice.  One of the most common forms of abstinence is avoiding consumption of flesh meat on certain days. In most Catholic conferences these days include Fridays, Good Friday and Ash Wednesday. But specific … Read more

Is lying a mortal sin

Is Lying A Mortal Sin?

It seems like such an obvious fact that lying is a sin. We’ve grown up being taught by our parents, teachers and other authorities never to lie.  But the morality of lying is, surprisingly, a subject of debate among philosophical and religious experts. That’s because there are different kinds of lies.  Not everyone who lies … Read more

are Catholic churches always open

Are Catholic Churches Always Open?

Are Catholic churches always open? While there is no official requirement for Catholic churches to remain open 24/7, it has been a tradition of the Church to keep doors open to anyone who wants to come in.  For centuries, Catholic churches have welcomed people to their pews to reflect, meditate or simply take a rest.  … Read more

Oil as an Offering to God

Apostle Vs Disciple: What’s The Difference?

Different texts of the New Testament use the terms Apostle and Disciple interchangeably. That’s why it can be confusing to differentiate between the two.  Were the 12 people closest to Jesus disciples or apostles? What about all the believers who were sent out to spread the Gospel?  In this quick guide, we explain the difference … Read more

Can I Pray Without a Candle

How To Use Catholic Prayer Candles?

In the Catholic Church, the light of a candle represents the light of Christ. That’s why the priest passes a candle to the parents to represent the light and life of christ.  It’s also why Catholic prayer candles are important. Also called votive candles, prayer candles symbolize the presence of Christ and the offering up … Read more

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