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Types of Novenas 

What Is A Catholic Novena Prayer?

Praying is one of the central acts of Christian faith. It’s how we talk to God to ask for forgiveness, praise his goodness, and make petitions. It’s no wonder there are plenty of sacred prayer traditions in the Church.  One of these is the Novena, a set of prayers that you say over nine days. … Read more

How Many Catholics Are There In The World?

Which Are The Most Catholic Countries In The World?

The Catholic Church is the largest Christian Church in the world. They make up over half of the 2.2 billion Christians around the world.  The global Catholic population is not evenly distributed. Some countries like Paraguay and Croatia are almost entirely Catholic while others like Afghanistan barely have any Catholics.  In this post, we explore … Read more

Most Important Holidays & Observances In The Catholic Church

What Holidays Do Catholics Celebrate?

It can be hard to track all the special days that Catholics observe. When you add the numerous feast days for different saints, important celebrations like Easter, and Holy days, it feels like there’s a Catholic holiday every day.  While it’s true there are plenty of holidays Catholics celebrate, there are only a few important … Read more

Where Did The List of Seven Deadly Sins Come From?

7 Deadly Sins Catholic List

While they are not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, the 7 deadly sins, also called capital or cardinal sins, form an important part of the Catholic faith.  The Church warns believers to avoid these capital sins as they are the root of other sins and immoralities. In this post, we discuss the 7 deadly sins … Read more

catholic vs lutheran vs protestant

Catholic Vs Lutheran Vs Protestant

There were other reformation movements before him, but it is really Martin Luther who set in motion the split between Protestantism and the Roman Catholic Church.  Today, many people are still confused about where Lutherans stand. Some will say they are no different from Catholics, others will say they are protestant, and there are those … Read more

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