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Why Is Communion So Sacred?

Can Divorced Catholics Receive Communion?

Catholics (and most other Christians) participate in the Holy Communion to remember the body and blood of Jesus and to signify the New Covenant. Can divorced Catholics receive communion though? Communion As A Sacred Act It was Jesus who set out the ordinance in Mathew Chapter 26. “And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, … Read more

catholic Sacraments

Why Do Catholic Priests Wear Black?

There is perhaps no more obvious function of clothing than to provide protection. Other basic uses for garments include identifying the wearer or an occasion. But according to research it is likely that the first basic form of clothing worn by humans were designed for religious, cultural or ritual purposes. Flash forward to today and … Read more

what is the significance of incense at a Catholic funeral

How Long Is A Catholic Funeral Mass?

Roman Catholics much like other Christian denominations believe in life after death. Nowhere is this clearly demonstrated than in funeral Masses. The prayers for the deceased and more so the content of these prayers and the songs that accompany them reveal a deep seated belief system in the afterlife. Funeral Masses are held in church-settings … Read more

what do you wear to a Catholic funeral

What Do You Wear to A Catholic Funeral?

Funerals whether catholic or not, are considered sober occasions which deserve respect in both the atmosphere (read our article on significance of incense) and the attire. The Catholic Church has a tradition that guides the conduct of affairs including dressing in funerals. So what do you wear to a Catholic funeral? Generally, funeral attire should … Read more

how long after death is a Catholic funeral

How Long After Death Is A Catholic Funeral?

catholic funerals have distinct components guided by the Catholic tradition. These components take place in a given order and are observed the same way across all the mainstream catholic churches. Even though the actual internment takes place a few days after death, there are certain processes that must be followed before the burial. Read on … Read more

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