3x Prayer For Sister In Law

Prayer For My Sister In Law {3 Examples}

Whether it’s your spouse’s sister or your own sibling, sisters are one of the most powerful gifts from God. And there’s nothing nobler than wanting the best for new members of your family. Here are a few prayers for sisters in law that ask God to bless, cure, support, and bring them closer to us.    … Read more

prayer for unfair treatment at work

Prayer For Unfair Treatment At Work {3 Examples}

The book of John 16:33 tells us that in this earth that our Lord created, we will have numerous trials and tribulations to face. But in everything we remain courageous for Jesus has already won the victory. If you’re having some problems at your job, here are a few good prayers for unfair treatment at … Read more

3x Prayer For Good Medical Test Results

Prayer For Good Medical Test Results {3 Examples}

For most of us, there’s nothing more stressful and worrisome than waiting for the results of a medical test, especially if the symptoms resemble a life threatening issue or terrible disease. Below are a few prayers that will help you remain calm as you plead the blood of Jesus for good results and health. 3x … Read more

How Do You Become an Archbishop

Prayer For Conversion To Catholicism {3 Examples}

The first step to seeking redemption is praying for the conversion of non-Catholics to the one true church of God, and helping them repent for all their sins and misgivings in the past. Below are several good prayers that help either you or a loved one convert to Catholicism and live a life led by … Read more

prayer for truck drivers

Prayer For Truck Drivers {3 Examples}

In addition to being out on the road for hours on end, the transportation industry and truck drivers in particular are always the first to take a hit in times of recession or pandemic. Here are a few prayers for all those truckers out there – your sons, husbands, brothers – braving cold nights and … Read more

Do You Have To Change Outfits For the Wedding Reception

Prayer For Wedding Rehearsal Dinner {4 Examples}

Are you planning a wedding rehearsal dinner? Featured in this page are several great prayers and blessings to utter at your wedding rehearsal. If you can’t get a cleric to deliver the prayer, you may do it yourself or find someone appropriate to do the honors. 4x Prayer For Wedding Rehearsal Dinner For the Couple … Read more

Where In The Bible Can I Find Sirach

Prayer For Someone In A Car Accident {5 Examples}

While vehicles have made life easier, car accidents claim a lot of people out on our roads. For those who are lucky to survive, there are the injuries, physical and mental trauma as well as consequences that could last a lifetime. Whether you’ve experienced a car accident personally or witnessed one, there’s no denying the … Read more

st francis prayer for sick pet

St Francis Prayer For Sick Pets {4 Examples}

Whether you’re a human or animal, sickness and disease are terrifying experiences. They usher in sad feelings and kill our moods as we try to treat our usually joyful pets. Fortunately, we can gain strength through St. Francis prayer for animals as we plead for the restoration of good health.        4x St Francis Prayer … Read more

Symbol of Hell

Prayer For Protection Against Storms And Floods

Like many of us, you’ve probably been affected by storms, floods, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. In these trying times, let us join hands in prayer for the families and friends affected by floods as well as the rescue workers who risk their lives to keep everyone safe. 4x Prayer For Protection Against Storms And … Read more

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