3x Prayer For Clear Skin

Prayer For Clear Skin {3 Examples}

Use these prayers for clear skin to ask God for healing, patience and self-love. Healthy, clear, glowy skin is a dream for many. A lot of people out here are struggling with skin related problems from acne to psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, burns, wounds, oily skin and more. And because the society has put so … Read more

3x Prayer For Ex Husband

Prayer For Ex Husband {3 Examples}

Any man you are married to is your husband. Man and wife relationships may not always succeed, and this might occasionally result in their separation. Since we are on a difficult road, we must always put our trust in God to guide us as we coexist in accordance with His will. Here’re 3 examples of … Read more

3x Prayer For Dreams To Come True

Prayer For Dreams To Come True

Everybody has goals and aspirations in life. We must be tenacious and diligent if we want to realize our dreams. In addition to our own hard effort, God’s presence in our life is necessary for us to achieve our goals. Here’re 3 examples of a prayer for dreams to come true. 3x Prayer For Dreams … Read more

4x Prayer To Be A Better Person

Prayer To Be A Better Person

We all aspire to be the best versions of ourselves at some point. We reach a decision to alter our behavior and improve ourselves. Therefore, we should ask God to lead us so that the process of change would be in line with His desire. Here’re 4 examples of a prayer to be a better … Read more

4x Prayer For My Cousin

Prayer For My Cousin {4 Examples}

Prayer for my cousin is a great way to show that you love and care about them. If you were lucky enough to grow up with cousins, you know how precious and valuable they are. The beautiful memories you created and stories you shared in your childhood compares to none. That’s why cousins make forever … Read more

What To Do If You Find A Rosary?

Prayer For My Soldier Boyfriend {5 Examples}

Saying a prayer for your soldier boyfriend is a great way to support and connect with him spiritually while they are away. Temporary duty assignments and deployments are part of a military life. There’s a chance that your boyfriend has to leave for duty at some point. Praying for him is equally important as preparing … Read more

Do Curses Exist Today?

St Barbara Prayer For Surgery

It is difficult to imagine oneself not being healthy; illness brings about sorrow and pain. We all want to be joyful in this life, to have good health. It is important to pray to God so that our health can be restored. Here’re 4 examples of a St Barbara prayer for surgery. 4x St Barbara … Read more

5x Prayer For Teamwork

Prayer For Teamwork {5 Examples}

We all have different abilities, what I can do another cannot. When we put our efforts together we come up with the main goal which is the same for everyone. It is therefore important to pray to God to be united in our teams. Here’re 5 examples of a prayer for teamwork. 5x Prayer For … Read more

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