prayer for my daughter to give her strength

Prayer For My Daughter To Give Her Strength

It is a blessing to have children, even if they are sometimes wrong or disrespectful. Parents should always remember to thank God for this great opportunity of being parents, and to ever utter blessings upon their children because the greatest gift to give them is prayer. 4x Prayer For My Daughter To Give Her Strength … Read more

3x Prayer for Parents’ Health

Prayer For Parents’ Health {3 Examples}

Parents play an important role in our lives. They bring us to this world, raise us and nurture us. It is important that we dedicate them to the Lord to give them strength and ability to continue taking care of us so that when they age, we can switch roles and take care of them. … Read more

The Importance of Knowing Yourself

Prayer For Those Who Talk Behind Your Back

People will always have something to say about someone else be it good or bad. These hurtful actions are mostly driven by jealousy. One will pretend to be your friend but in the real sense, they are talking behind your back. Let us pray for them to be content and change their ways. 4x Prayer … Read more

Prayer For The Man I Love

Prayer For The Man I Love {5 Examples}

A prayer for the man I love is a quiet but meaningful way to demonstrate your love. Love is undoubtedly the best feeling in the world, especially when it’s reciprocated. Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a true gift. If you’re lucky enough to find this kind of love, you should … Read more

4x Prayer for Forgiveness for Hurting Someone

Prayer For Forgiveness For Hurting Someone

The tragic reality of human nature is that despite having the best intentions, we’re inclined to slip up and hurt someone at some point. It’s something we can’t really engineer out of even if we try. And these mistakes or wrongdoings often leave most of us with feelings of shame, guilt, self-condemnation and sometimes humiliation. … Read more

3x Prayer For A Fallen Police Officer

Prayer For A Fallen Police Officer

There comes a time when we lose the people that matter the most to us. Some sacrifice themselves in the line of duty so as to protect others and their communities. We should always pray for their souls even in and after death so that they can reunite with Christ. 3x Prayer For A Fallen … Read more

Does God Answer All Prayers?

Prayer For A Mother Who Lost Her Son

The feeling of losing a loved one is devastating more so for a parent to see their child die before them. We should therefore pray to God to give them peace in their hearts to be able to deal with their grief. Here are 4 examples of prayer for a mother who lost her son. … Read more

What Does Putting Others First Mean

St. Martha Prayer For A Lover To Come Back

The people we care for immensely could exit from our lives at any moment. This leads to heartbreaks and a gap in our lives. Love is pure and therefore losing hope on a loved one is the last thing we should do. Let us ask St. Martha’s intercession to bring our loved ones back to … Read more

5x Prayer For Good News From Doctor

Prayer For Good News From Doctor

Diseases, conditions and injuries often remind us of the fragility of human bodies. We are all vulnerable, fragile creatures. That’s why issues are bound to arise at some point in our lives. Some people struggle with hereditary diseases, others with depression or schizophrenia. Some do things knowingly that put their health at risk, while others … Read more

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