4x Prayer For Safe Travel

Prayer For Safe Travel {4 Examples}

In one way or another, we cannot avoid travelling. We may use different means of transport depending on where we are headed. It is important to always put all our plans of travel unto the able hands of God and ask for safe journey mercies.   4x Prayer For Safe Travel Before Travelling Merciful savior, … Read more

5x Prayer For Safe Delivery And Healthy Baby

Prayer For Safe Delivery And Healthy Baby

It is one thing to be pregnant, another to carry the pregnancy to full term, another to be able to deliver the baby safely without any complications and finally to have a healthy baby. We should always ask God to give us all these and be able to raise our children well. 5x Prayer For … Read more

5x Prayer For Someone Dying of Cancer

Prayer For Someone Dying Of Cancer {5 Examples}

Cancer is a word that scares a lot of people, and for a good reason. It’s very vicious and takes every ounce of you. The perfect definition of thiefer of joy and inflictor of pain. While it can be treated, especially when caught early, sometimes it can’t be controlled or never completely goes away; hence … Read more

7x Prayer for Newly Married Couple

Prayer For Newly Married Couple {7 Examples}

Marriage is a wonderful way to express love for one another. A man and a woman come together to become one. This journey is not easy and that is why we should always commit to God’s hands to help us live together according to His will in love, peace and harmony. 7x Prayer for Newly … Read more

Prayer For a New School Year

Prayer For A New School Year {5 Examples}

The start of a new school year comes with different feelings, many fears, expectations and hope. For some it is the beginning of a new journey while for others it is a continuous trend. We should always remember God and ask Him to make this journey fulfilling. Here are 5 examples of a prayer for … Read more

4x Prayer For Missing Mass

Prayer For Missing Mass {4 Examples}

During mass we gather as a church in praise and worship. We are nourished by the word and have the opportunity to partake in the Holy Eucharist. It is therefore important not to miss mass. However, there are circumstances that arise where missing mass might be unavoidable. Fortunately, Our Lord is a forgiving and understanding … Read more

Prayer For My Brother To Get Well Soon

Prayer For My Brother To Get Well Soon

Family not only gives us a sense of belonging and purpose but also the necessary support to navigate through this journey called life. We may have our differences, but we sustain ourselves with the love of family. A famous philosopher once said ‘the family is one of nature’s masterpieces’ and I couldn’t agree more.  Family … Read more

3x Prayer For Unfaithful Husband

Prayer For Unfaithful Husband {3 Examples}

No marriage is perfect, as a matter of fact, there are cases of infidelity in most marriages. It is a devastating experience to be cheated on. Unfaithfulness could lead to separation or the spouses may decide to stick with each other for the sake of their children. Many at times it comes as a surprise … Read more

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