5x Prayer For My Mother In Law

Prayer For My Mother In Law {5 Examples}

It is a blessing to have a mother in law. We should always pray for the people who are connected to us in one way or another, whether we get along or not therefore, we should always remember our mothers in law in our prayers. 5x Prayer For My Mother In Law Thanksgiving Prayer Lord … Read more

3x Healing Prayer For My Dad

Healing Prayer For My Dad In The Hospital

Having life and good health is the best gift that we should never forget to be thankful for. Having life but ailing is something that no one would wish for. We should always thank God for good health and pray for the sick to receive healing. 3x Healing Prayer For My Dad Thanksgiving Prayer Father … Read more

2x Prayer for Mind Cleansing and Clarity

Prayer For Mind Cleansing And Clarity

It is really important to have peace in our minds for us to handle issues better and even be happy in our lives. Whenever we are not at peace with ourselves and others, many things go wrong. We therefore need to pray to God to give us peace in our hearts and minds. 2x Prayer … Read more

4x Prayer For Death Anniversary Of Mother

Prayer For Death Anniversary Of Mother

There’s nothing that destabilizes a person’s life more than the death of a mother. Mothers play an integral part in our lives, so whether you had a great relationship or not, the event is bound to change your life. The trauma and grief can cripple you, drain your soul and break your heart into a … Read more

4x Prayer For Reconciliation With An Ex

Prayer For Reconciliation With An Ex

We’ve all been there; say or do something that ruins a perfectly good relationship. But we’re imperfect humans bound to make mistakes. That’s why it’s important to forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes. Case in point; take responsibility for what you did, ask for forgiveness and hopefully get a second chance. While forgiveness is … Read more

Which Symbols Are Associated With St. Anthony

Prayer For Haters {5 Examples}

As we navigate this journey called life, we’re bound to come across people who dislike or hate us. It’s natural because not everyone will like you. While sometimes it is through no fault of our own, the hate can destabilize us a bit as we try to figure out what we did wrong. Nobody really … Read more

Best Church Outfit Ideas For Teenage Girls 

Prayer For Stolen Items To Be Returned

It is upsetting to lose something that you had a special attachment to and which you call yours. It is therefore important to pray because it is the most powerful tool when looking for stolen items and it gives us the hope of finding them. 3x Prayer For Stolen Items To Be Returned Prayer of … Read more

How Do You Guard Against Being Manipulated

Prayer For A Missing Person {3 Examples}

The feeling of not knowing of the whereabouts of a person you love can be heartbreaking. You don’t know whether the missing person is alive, dead, safe or in danger. We should pray for God to console their loved ones and bring them back home safe and sound. 3x Prayer For A Missing Person Prayer … Read more

Can You Use Blessed Palms For Good Luck

Prayer For A Priest On His Anniversary

Priests are people just like us – they too face trials and temptations. They sometimes fall short of the Glory of God. Therefore during our prayers, we should always remember to pray for our priests so that they can be able to live in holiness. 4x Prayer For A Priest On His Anniversary Thanksgiving Prayer … Read more

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