Death Anniversary Prayers For My Father

In our hearts, we all know that we have to face the painful reality of death. It’s the one constant thing we will all experience at some point in life. But, losing a parent is never easy. It’s one of the most distressing experiences any human can face.

Fathers are known to be pillars of support, strength and guidance. So when you lose an actively involved dad, the pain can be excruciating- sometimes even years later. The grief can be especially hard on the actual anniversary date of your dad’s death. The painful memories drift back. It feels like you’re reliving the traumatic event again and again. That’s why it’s important to seek God in prayer. His plan is greater than your pain. He will calm the storm inside you and see you through.

If you’re unsure of where to start or what to say, read through these death anniversary prayers for my father. I hope you find them comforting and encouraging.

4x Death Anniversary Prayer For My Father

death anniversary prayers for my father

Healing Prayer from Painful Memories

Loving Father, today marks …years since dad left us. It feels like re-experiencing the grief all over again. My heart aches when I think about the day he breathed his last. I remember in vivid detail his final moments. I still feel his presence and see him clearly in my mind.

Lord, I’m hurting and struggling to accept the fact that he’s never coming back. I can’t bear this suffocating weight on my own. It’s eating my soul from inside out. Sometimes I’m happy and feel like myself again, and then the painful memories drag me back down again. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and it’s draining me.

Lord, I come before You to lay this heavy load at Your feet. You know what I’m going through better than anyone else. Come into my life and take away the heartache, pain, fear, hurt, resentment and anxious thoughts. Fix the brokenness within me. Soothe my pain with Your sweet words and loving-kindness.

Renew my heart, mind and spirit in Your truth. Empower me to rise above my sorrow and grief. Allow me to feel Your presence so that I may know I’m not alone in this struggle. Help me to trust in You and the plans You have for my life. This I ask in Jesus name. Amen.

Prayer for Comfort and Peace

Gracious God, the pain of losing my father is still fresh in my mind; it’s deep and unrelenting. His memory is still very much with me. I’m still struggling to cope with his loss because I don’t understand why he had to leave so soon. Losing him felt like I lost a part of me. My heart breaks every time I remember that I’ll never hug or talk to him again. Today is tough. My pain and emptiness are well up all over again. Inside me feels like a smoldering volcano waiting to erupt.

Lord, I need You now more than ever. You’re the only one who understand my pain and the only one who can get me through this wave of grief. Please grant me comfort and peace only You can give. Cover me with Your loving arms and remind me that You will never abandon me even when the pain becomes unbearable.

When I’m overwhelmed with sadness and crying spells, calm and soothe me with Your love. When I’m in despair, give me hope. When anxious thoughts and fear creep in to steal my well-being, sustain me with Your grace.

Dear Lord, my dad left a big hole in my heart and life that only You can fill. Flood my whole being with Your love and care. Make Your presence known in my life. I don’t want to lean on my flawed understanding, so I ask You to help, guide and support me through the rigors of everyday life. Help me to trust You and know that You deeply care for me. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Courage and Strength

Heavenly Father, it will be …year(s) since my father passed and my heart still aches with sadness. He was my backbone and a pillar of strength and I need it right now. Gracious God, I need You to be my strength. I need Your strength to help me push through this tumultuous wave of grief and walk forward with grace. I need Your strength to find ways to honor and remember my father in ways that will bring glory to Your name.

Wrap me in Your warm, loving embrace and remind me that I’m Yours. I pray that Your unconditional love consume my pain and anxious thoughts and make me strong again. Help me soar above the painful memories.

I choose to stand on Your promise that You’ll never leave or forsake me even when the days become darker and tougher. Give me the courage to get through this day and to overcome any obstacle that I may encounter on my path. You are my rock, refuge and strength O’ Lord. I bless You Holy name today and every day. Amen.

Prayer for Gratitude for Father

Dear God, my Lord and Savior, thank you for the gift of life. Thank You for blessing me with such an incredible dad. Thank You for the years I got to spend with him; the memories we created. Help me to focus on the good and happy times we shared as a family. Help me to remember him as the person that he really was – a selfless, courageous and caring man who loved us and did the best he could to raise us.

In several ways, he shaped the person that I am today. He was the best father anyone could ever have. I’m hopeful and confident that I will be reunited with dad in heaven. Help me to honor his memory by living a life of courage, determination and righteousness. I know a day will come when I’ll embrace the memories with joy, not pain. Amen.

Final Words

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