Healing Prayer For My Dad In The Hospital

Having life and good health is the best gift that we should never forget to be thankful for. Having life but ailing is something that no one would wish for. We should always thank God for good health and pray for the sick to receive healing.

3x Healing Prayer For My Dad

3x Healing Prayer For My Dad

Thanksgiving Prayer

Father Lord, I thank you for the gift of the life of my father. I thank you for giving me a dad who is the best. I thank you because up to this day, he is still around and takes good care of me. I thank you that you have given him good health all this time and you have been faithful in fulfilling your will upon his life. Thank you for your providence and protection. You have been with him from the time you formed him in granny’s womb up to this time and I want to appreciate that. Thank you Lord.

Lord, my dad has been a good provider. He has showered me with love and care. I felt it all these years and am thankful. Now that I am all grown, I want to give back the care and support at this time that he really needs it. I know that he is a strong man and by your grace he will pull through. I thank you Lord for everything that you have provided him with so that he can take care of his family’s needs. Lord I do not take for granted your good deeds towards his life and ours as well so thank you.

Lord I also want to thank you for all the people who are present in his life. For all those that have been with him through thick and thin. I want to thank you most especially for his wife, my mom who has always been beside him and taken care of him. I thank you for them my God. Grant that they may continue to stick by each other and to always love and serve you as they have taught me. I know Lord that I may not be able to mention each and every deed he has done for me, but I am grateful for everything. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus. In Jesus name I pray.


Healing Prayer

Father you are always merciful. I pray that you may forgive us our sins. Please forgive my dad for his wrongs and cleanse him with your most Precious Blood. Always lead him towards the right path. Lord I pray for his healing. Touch him with your healing hands and restore back his health. Lord you shed your blood at calvary and our burdens were lifted. I pray that you may lift this burden of sickness from his life and help him go back to his normal life that is free of pain and suffering. Jesus You carried our sins in Your body to the cross, so that free from sins, we might exist for rightness. It is by Your wounds that we have been healed. 1st peter 2:24

Almighty God, I do not want to forget about others who are also in pain and are ailing. I pray for the sick, that you may look down upon them with your eyes of mercy and be fully restored to health. Some are in hospitals while some are in their homes, some are not seriously ill while others are even in the verge of death. Whatever the case, I know that no sickness is good and that is why we pray for your healing my Father in heaven. Jesus Christ you who heals both body and soul, grant everyone healing. I believe that by your stripes they are healed and they will resume their normal duties in Jesus name.

Prayer for Restoration

Lord, I come against any form of attack from the evil one who only comes to kill and destroy. Lord that whatever is causing his illness will not stand in Jesus name. That he will receive healing and come back home where he belongs. Almighty God my dad does not belong in the hospital. I believe and trust in you that you will heal him and he will no longer sleep on the hospital bed but on his bed at home. Lord may you perform this healing miracle for him today. May you touch him with your healing hand my God and free him completely from the sickness that he has.

Father, the doctors have told us that they still haven’t found the cause of his sickness. He has undergone series of tests to determine what he has but still there is nothing to say. All we know is that he is sick because he is weak, he feels bad, does not have appetite and nothing he takes in stays in his body. Lord all these signs show he is not okay and he is getting weaker by the day. The doctors tell us they still need to run more tests in order to know what they are treating because it’s not yet clear. God, you who is all-knowing, reveal to them the problem my God so that through them you may heal my dad. My God you have given doctors the wisdom and knowledge to treat patients. Lord reveal to them what my dad has so that they can treat him with the right medications. They only treat but my God you are the healer and that is why I come to you humbly my God, praying and beseeching you to stretch your healing hand upon my dad.

Lord I entrust the sick into your hands. No one wishes to be sick. Circumstances lead us to the hospital. I pray for those who are confined in the hospital, remembering my dad who is in the same situation. Father You are the unfailing refuge of those who suffer. Bring peace and comfort to the sick and the suffering. Lord I commit their bodies into your hands from the time they enter the hospitals to the time of tests and treatments, that Lord they will come out victorious and healed.

In Your word Lord, I ask you to be gracious and merciful to my dad and heal him of his sickness. Psalms 41:4

Almighty God, King of kings and Lord of lords, I beseech you to remove any fear or doubt from his mind and heart. He is afraid that what he has might be serious and would lead him to series of treatments without yielding results. I reject such thoughts In Jesus Name. Everything will be okay in your name Lord. Let him find comfort in your Holy Word. In the book of Psalms 23:3-4, Lord you will give him new strength and guide him in the right paths as you promised. That even if he goes through the deepest darkness, he will not be afraid, for you are with him Lord and that your shepherd’s rod and staff will protect him.

Lord I pray that he finds favor before all people he meets including the doctors and nurses but above all you, so that as they see him they’ll see an object of mercy and favor. Let their miraculous experience act as a sign of hope to him who is in doubt, so that he too can believe and have faith that Lord You are the healer.

Your only son took upon himself the sufferings and weaknesses of all mankind by dying on the cross. Look upon my dad who is ill. In the midst of all uncertainty and pain, may he trust upon you Lord who heals both body and soul. May he believe in the promise to those who suffer and be fully restored to health. Heal him Lord Jesus.

I place all my supplications to our intercessor Mother Mary to intercede for me. In the Mighty Name of Jesus I pray.


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