Prayer For A Missing Person {3 Examples}

The feeling of not knowing of the whereabouts of a person you love can be heartbreaking. You don’t know whether the missing person is alive, dead, safe or in danger. We should pray for God to console their loved ones and bring them back home safe and sound.

3x Prayer For A Missing Person

3x Prayer For A Missing Person

Prayer for Protection

Almighty God, you who sees even in darkness, I ask you to shine your light upon my friend who is missing. I thank you Lord for the many blessings in our lives including life and good health. I do not take for granted the fact that you have protected us since you formed us in our mothers’ wombs. Thank you so much for everything and most especially for my friend who is missing. I ask that you continue to protect and guide her as well.

Lord it is not long ago since she went missing. We have searched for her in every possible place that she could be but to no avail. We have even informed the authorities who are also helping in the search. It has only been a couple of days but it feels as if she has been missing for eternity. All efforts to reach her on her phone have been in vain. Her phone is switched of and that gets us so worried. We feel worried but Lord let us dwell in your word in 1st Peter 5:7. Lord put our worries aside and give us faith that everything will be alright and that she would come back to us safe and sound and in one piece. I ask for your protection upon her. Be with her wherever she might be.

Protect her against all evil. Always be with her even when she is nowhere to be found. Be with her and guide her. Whatever the evil one might be plotting against her, we rebuke it in the name of Jesus Christ. No harm will befall her in the name of Jesus Christ our savior. Lord I believe that you will take charge of this situation that we are faced with.

Sweet Jesus the last time she was seen was when she said she was going out to the mall to pick out a few things. We have not set our eyes on her since then. This is very unusual because she doesn’t do things without informing us and that’s why we feel like something is wrong somewhere. It is so unlike her to just disappear on her loved ones without telling them where she has gone to. Let us find hope in you that she will return to us. Have mercy on us dear Lord and give us a sign that she is fine. We can’t help but think of the worst. We would like to be certain that she is under your protection Lord.

Lord cover her with your most precious blood and protect all those that might also be missing. Create a shield between her and the enemy so that no harm will come her way. Be with her now and forever. I pray this through Christ our Lord.


Prayer for Family and Friends

Almighty God, father of the fatherless, this period has been really difficult for friends and family. All they do is call for updates. Some refuse to eat and go to work because of the stress that comes with the current situation. It is even difficult to get to sleep; all we think of is the worst. Lord I am sorry that sometimes we fail to have faith and put our trust in you. Whenever my phone rings, I rush to it hoping it is news about my missing friend. Please God console me during this moment.

I pray for her relatives and immediate family. Lord they look so worried. They try to look composed but it is obvious that they are hurting. They don’t know where she is. They have tried every possible means even announcing on social media and on television and radio stations. They have even promised a reward to anyone who would tell them of her whereabouts but still no news. It seems like they have started to accept that their beloved is no more. They have contacted all her friends but no one seems to have seen her. Lord be with them and restore their trust in you and start believing that with you even the impossible is possible. May they start hoping that she would return to them soon. Be with them throughout this period and always.

I also remember her other friends who are worried sick about her. They are not okay Lord. They want to see their friend back and spend time with her like what they are used to. Bring comfort to their hearts so that they can be hopeful that they will reunite soon. Lord they have not stopped going to their favorite spots hoping that they will meet her there. They have not yet given up and would rather visit one place three times a day. I pray Lord that their efforts don’t go to waste and that one day they will find what they are looking for in perfect shape. Be with them Lord during their search.


Prayer for Safe Return

Lord Jesus, I pray for her return. I love her so much; her friends and family love her and care for her too. I pray that wherever she is, she would feel our anguish and come back to us. In case anyone is holding her captive, I pray that you may soften their hearts to be merciful and set her free. In the event that she is not able to trace her way back home and therefore stranded, I pray that she may come across a good Samaritan who would be able to help her and guide her back home. Help her to meet with people who have hearts like yours Lord so that they would be helpful in reuniting her with us.

Lord maybe she could have had an argument with someone and therefore try to isolate herself in order to get some piece of mind. Lord grant her forgiveness and give her a forgiving heart to let go of her ill feelings and realize that conflicts can be solved through communication as well. If she is trying to hide from someone or people then help her realize that it is not the way to go about the situation and realize that with her decision many people are getting hurt and living with worry. If she is the one who has decided to stay away then give her the wisdom she needs to communicate to her loved ones in order for them not to worry. Lord let her assure us that she is okay and safe and only staying away for a while in order to clear her mind from whatever she might be going through.

Lord I pray that you may bring her back to us safe. I come against any demonic rituals that may be planned on her. I come against any feelings of inconsideration or selfishness from her or any other person that might have her. They say that no news is good news and therefore I hope for the best. I believe Lord that you are a merciful Lord and you will take pity on us and enable us get news about her. Please Lord bring her back home and we will forever continue to praise and thank you for your miracles.

My Mother Mary, you too were devastated when your son Jesus disappeared only to find him in the temple. Intercede for me to your son Jesus.


Did you like these prayers? Please leave a comment below if you did. And if you have a bit more time to pray, here are a few prayers for your priest, for a lover to come back, for stolen items, and also for your grandchildren.

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