Prayer For A New School Year {5 Examples}

The start of a new school year comes with different feelings, many fears, expectations and hope. For some it is the beginning of a new journey while for others it is a continuous trend. We should always remember God and ask Him to make this journey fulfilling. Here are 5 examples of a prayer for a new school year.

5x Prayer For a New School Year

Prayer For a New School Year

For Students

Almighty God we come to you this particular moment to pray for students as they start their new school year. Thank you for protecting them and giving them good health. Lord it has been a long holiday for them. They have spent that time with their families and as they return to school this year, be with them all the time. Send their guardian angels to watch over them and protect them from harm’s way.

Lord, this school year is completely new to some students. This is the first time that they are stepping into a school. Some are excited while others are sad. Lord turn the sadness of leaving their families behind into openness of making new friends. Give them confidence to take on this challenge positively. Make them fit in fast enough so that they can develop the many gifts you have given to them to help serve others and most especially You.

Father God, some are moving into their last year, we pray that you open their minds and hearts so that they can be able to discern and make the right decisions about the many opportunities that lie ahead of them. Be with them so that even as they sit for their final examinations they may be able to remember all that they have been taught.

Our father, we entrust the students to you. Fill them with Your wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Give them perseverance and strength, make them responsive and hard working. Do not allow them be led astray from the right path. Send the Holy Spirit upon them to come into their heart, mind and intellect, to enlighten them so that they may study well. Give them good memory so that they may be able to remember what they have been taught.

Lord help them to always remember to commit their work to You so that they will be successful in carrying them out. Proverbs 16:3


For Teachers

Jesus our saviour, you sat among the teachers of law, listening to them and questioning them, Luke 2:46. We beseech you to guide the teachers in teaching the students. Thank you for the teachers who use the gifts you have given to them to serve others. Give them strength, patience and perseverance in dealing with the students. Some of them are difficult to deal with but with your help they will pull through.

Lord, help them to treat the students with love. Grant them the spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge and piety. Help them to take up this work as if they were doing it for You. Help them to take their students as they are and instill good morals in them. It is hard a task to deal with different personalities and people from different backgrounds and that’s why we humbly pray that You be with them every step of the way because without You they will not be able to do it.

In Jesus name, Amen.

For Parents

God our father, we pray for the parents, keep them in health of mind and body. Bless the work of their hands. Inspire them with Your love and help them to fulfill their duties. Protect them so that they may be able to take care of their children well. Guide them in the right path so that they can be responsible.

Lord we ask you to provide for them so that they will be able to pay for whatever their children might need in school. Protect their jobs. Give them time and understanding to always help their children with their school work. Help them to be part of the positive growth of their children and the whole school at large.


For School Staff

As this new school year starts Loving Jesus, we remember all the school staff, starting from the watchman, to the cooks, gardeners, those who work in the offices and every other staff member. We put them in prayers. Thank you for the work they do in the schools. They have gifts that come from you.

 Help them to use these gifts that you have given them to serve others and You. Be with them and guide them in the way they handle their work. Let them be a blessing to the school so that even as they start a new school year, they will continue to put much more effort into their work so that the school will be a better place.

Lord, help them to always trust in You with all their hearts. Give them the understanding that they should always remember You in everything they do, and You will show them the right path to take. They should never rely on what they think they know, instead seek guidance from You Lord. Proverbs 3:5-6.


Prayer For Schools And Directors

God our creator, we give You thanks for the schools. It is yet another academic year – back to school and back to work. We pray for the people running schools, that you may lead them as they follow because when you lead them they will never go wrong in making their choices or decisions. Be with them all the time and give them good health.

We pray that You may give them the wisdom to manage funds well. That they may be able to build the schools in the right way. They may be able to implement measures that will be good for the school, both students and teachers. Above all that they may put You above every plan and everything else.

Lord, we cover all the schools with your most precious blood. Everything in it, the books, classrooms, desks, chairs, everything and everyone in it, we surrender to You. Let this be the year of success. We profess good results from the students. We proclaim successful projects that will be of help to everyone. We come against any spirit of confusion and unrest among students in school. That this year will be a peaceful and calm one. Through hard work each and every one will emerge victorious.

Lord, You tell us in Your word that we shouldn’t worry about anything, but in all our prayers ask for what we need, always with a thankful heart. And Your peace which is beyond our understanding, will keep our hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7.

We fly to your patronage, Holy mother of God, despise not our petitions but hear and pray for us to Your son Jesus Christ.


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