Prayer For A Priest On His Anniversary

Priests are people just like us – they too face trials and temptations. They sometimes fall short of the Glory of God. Therefore during our prayers, we should always remember to pray for our priests so that they can be able to live in holiness.

4x Prayer For A Priest On His Anniversary

4x Prayer For A Priest On His Anniversary

Thanksgiving Prayer

Father Lord, I thank you for the gift of life and health you have given me and most especially for father who is celebrating his priestly anniversary. I thank you for the fact that he has been completely obedient to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in living the life that God in his providence has chosen for him. Thank you for all the times that he has offered his entire being to serve you Lord. I pray that you may continue giving him strength so that he would not get tired of serving you. Even as he celebrates his anniversary, I thank you that you are and will always be with him.

He started his vocational journey some years back and I’m truly thankful that he never gave up despite the many challenges that he was facing. Through your mercy Lord, he managed to be ordained to be a priest. He is very helpful and loving to all his parishioners and all the people around him. I thank you for his kind heart and your good will towards his life. Thank you father Lord and continue to bless him so that he will continue being a good example to all people who have come to know him and that may we always see you in him. It is through Jesus Christ that I pray.


Prayer for Purity and Holiness

Father Lord Jesus our savior, help him to discern the way of life to which you have called him. Anoint him with your Holy Spirit to surrender his mind, body and soul into your hands. Help him to be a man who speaks to you on behalf of us and speak to us of you Lord. Help him to be a person who does good for all. Give him purity and holiness so that he can be in your likeness and image.

Mary, Mother of God, throw your mantle of purity over him. Love him and keep him belonging completely to Jesus. Like Jesus, he too is your son, I beg you to keep his heart pure and chaste. Give him a piece of your heart which is so pure, beautiful and immaculate, so full of humility and love, so that he can grow in likeness of Christ and be as righteous as he is. Keep his mind and heart filled with Jesus. Put Jesus always on his lips, so that he is the only one he speaks of anytime and anywhere to all that he meets.

Lord, there are many times when he is faced with temptations. Help him to remain true to the vows he made to you. He is after all human and may sometimes sin. I pray that you forgive him of his sins. He is a media between us and you and we go to confess our sins to him. You said in your word that we should confess our sins and if our sins are forgiven here on earth even in heaven they are forgiven. Purify him so that he may also purify us of our sins. Today on his anniversary make him pure so that he can continue his priesthood journey with purity and holiness.


Prayer for Dedication and Willingness

God our creator, please bless him to give first place in his life for you and to do your will with sincerity and commitment every moment of his life. Grant that he may be faithful to his commitments, courageous in service, serving the church and you and zealous in his mission and vocation. I pray that his willingness to always teach us of your ways and lead us towards the right path will never falter.

Lord be with him especially in times of discouragement and loneliness. Lord he vowed to live under any condition, to be humble and to go anywhere to serve you. Help him to be dedicated and willing to do just this. At times he may find a completely different situation from what he was used to during his missions but I know that you will always give him the strength that he requires to go on with his missions.

Forgive him for the times that he has ever shown unwillingness to do what he was supposed to. Forgive him for his sins and help him so that his vocation may be an easy and fulfilling experience. As he preaches during mass may all his preaching bring a positive change to all those that would be listening. May He always conduct mass according to your will and when he is at the alter may we always see you in him. Give him a kind heart which is selfless. Help him to lead your flock towards the right path and to always love and give selflessly. Whatever little he has help him to always share and not be a person who always expects to be at the receiving end all the time. May he love, serve the church and live all his days to love and serve only you my Lord.


Prayer for Protection

Lord Jesus, I worship you for your continued protection. I surrender his whole life into your hands, protect him all the time. Protect him, guide him and keep him in your heart. May the power of your mercy shatter all that may try to tarnish his sanctity and accompany him everywhere and protect him from the devil’s snares and traps which are continually being set for his soul. Be with him all the time for he is your chosen servant whom you would want to live in holiness.

Lord some of us may try to put him in trials which would cause him to sin. I pray that you protect him from such kind of people. Protect him from all the bad virtues like pride, arrogance and selfishness. Fill him with the fruits of the Holy Spirit so that he may shun all evil. Protect him from negative influence from the people around him and help him put all his focus on his vocation, missions and doing what is expected of him and what is righteous. Protect him from all that may want him to go contrary to his vows. I come against whoever that may want to harm him. Lord let them remember that your word says touch not my anointed. Protect him today, tomorrow and every day.

Today on his anniversary, I wish him all the good things that come from you and I ask you Jesus for a special blessing and for light for him before whom we make our confessions throughout our lifetime.

I pray that your Holy Mother Mary, present throughout your life, may be present in his life as well. In Jesus’ name.


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