Prayer For Alcoholic Husband

Place your alcohol abusing husband into the hands of God and surrender to His will with these powerful prayers for alcoholic husband.

Living with an alcoholic partner or loved one in general is not easy. The trauma and stress not only affects the wife, but other family members, too. Most alcoholics have violent or abusive tendencies which creates instability and disharmony in homes.

If you’re the wife of an alcoholic, it can be devastating to see your husband who’s supposed to be the leader, provider and protector of the family struggling with alcoholism. It can be even more heartbreaking to see the kids suffer as a result.

While the shame, anger, fear and helplessness can be overwhelming, don’t give up hope just yet. There’s a God in heaven who is bigger and stronger than your burden and husband’s addiction. He can deliver him from his struggle and restore what is broken in him and your family. Say a prayer and ask God for help and intervention. Remember whatever you ask for in prayer will be yours if you have faith. Here are some prayers for alcoholic husband.

4x Prayer for Alcoholic Husband

4x Prayer for Alcoholic Husband

Prayer for Deliverance from Alcoholism

Almighty God, I am scared. I am angry. I am anxious. I’m worried. I don’t know what to do or where to turn to. Alcoholism has enslaved my husband and it is tearing us apart as a family. We are no longer a happy and functional family. My kids and I have resorted to living in fear because *John can be violent and abusive when he drinks. I’ve tried all I could to make him change this self-destructive behavior, but all he does is lash out, get defensive or angry.  He doesn’t see the pain he is inflicting on us. I’m on my wits end dear God.

It’s only You who can deliver him from this struggle that is threatening to ruin his life and ours. Nothing is impossible with You Heavenly Father. Your word says, whatever we ask in faith, it shall be given to us. I’m here humbly asking You to open his eyes to see how his drunkenness is doing to him and us. Please heal whatever triggered him to start drinking heavily. Grant him strength to help him fight this battle. Guard and protect him from people and situations that encourage his drinking. Send Your archangels to direct his every step.

Fill his heart with Your loving-kindness, so he may see and feel Your Presence Heavenly Father. Be his light when his world is filled with darkness. Be his strength when his burden becomes too heavy to bear. Be his refuge and shelter when he needs a hiding place. When he gives in to his weaknesses, help him to rise up again and again. I know You have not and will never give up on him. I will wait on You because Your timing is perfect. I praise and adore Your holy name. And it is through Your only son Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Self Control to Temptation

Gracious Father, I come to You today to ask for intervention on behalf of my husband. His drinking is becoming a problem to everyone, including his friends, family and even co-workers. He’s been neglecting his duties and I fear things might take a turn for the worse. Lord Jesus, I pray that You give *John a spirit of self-control. Help him to restrain himself from over-indulging. Give him supernatural strength to overcome temptation of drinking more than he should. Let him know that he can do anything through You who strengthens him. Grant him special grace that he may able to know his drinking limits. Lord, John is weak, but You are strong. He cannot do this on his own. Walk beside him and guide him. Supply him with whatever he needs to kick out this behavior.

Feed and refresh him with Your love, power, understanding and peace. Remove the evil desire of excessive drinking that has enslaved him before he plunges into ruin and self-destruction. Fill him with Your holy spirit instead. Help him avoid people, places and circumstances that draw him to alcoholism. I know in Your power, he’ll come out victorious. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Mind and Soul Renewal

Precious God, I trust that You know and understand my husband better than anyone else. You knew him before he was conceived in his mother’s womb. You’ve seen him at his worst and You still love and care for him. I marvel at Your mercy, love and goodness towards my alcoholic husband even when he rejects You.

*John is a good man and I miss the man he used to be. The caring, loving man who would do anything for his family. Lord, I need that man back. Our family is crumbling because of his actions and he doesn’t seem to care. Alcohol is clouding his judgment and I need You to intervene. Good Lord, open his eyes and heart so he may see his brokenness. He’s like a wandering sheep and I fear he might get lost in his dark world.  I believe and trust Your power can turn his situation around and restore what’s broken in him and this family. Please renew his mind, soul and body. Remove what’s dark in him and fill him with the good. Cleanse him with Your precious blood and renew a right spirit within him.

Help me to trust You as I wait patiently for You to lift my husband out of this dreadful habit. And when he finally sees Your glorious light, give me strength and wisdom to support him the best way possible. In Your holy name, I pray and believe. Amen.

Prayer for Wives of Alcoholics

Lord, I lift all women with husbands struggling with alcoholism onto You. I know living and dealing with an alcoholic husband is not easy. Please wrap Your arms around these women so they may feel Your warm embrace and love. Shine Your bright light in their lives so they may see Your goodness and faithfulness despite what they are facing. Sustain them with Your incredible grace and love dear God.

Help them to trust You and Your plans and not lean on their own understanding. Give them a spirit of gentleness and take away any feelings of bitterness or anger when they interact with their alcoholic partners. Grant them heavenly wisdom to know what to say and when to say it. Feel them with peace in knowing even when things don’t change as quickly as they want, Your purpose will prevail. I trust in Your own time, You will free their husbands from the bondage of alcoholism. It is in Your mighty name I pray. Amen.

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