Prayer For Anxiety And Depression

We all feel anxious at some point. It’s normal. But if your mind is flooded with fear and worry most of the time, it then becomes a problem. It becomes an even messier when you experience both anxiety and depression at the same time. It’s exhausting and can easily suck the life out of you. It usually feels like being stuck in a dark, inescapable pit with invisible predators.

That’s why it is important to look for ways to overcome the irrational fears and feelings of worthlessness and emptiness. You can speak with a therapist, exercise, or meditate regularly. Or, you can simply turn to God for help. He’s a Sustainer of life and promised to deliver us from all our troubles and distress when we call upon Him.

We know it can be quite hard to pray when in the midst of anxious thoughts and depressive state. So here are 5 prayers for anxiety and depression that can help you find peace and strength when the mental tumult hijacks your ability to pray.

5x Prayer For Anxiety And Depression

5x Prayer For Anxiety And Depression

A Prayer to Heal My Mind, Soul, and Body

Dear God, it seems like my world is crashing before my eyes. My mind, body, and soul have sunk into this deep, dark hole that I can’t seem to get out of. I feel trapped under a huge black cloud. Everything feels so gloomy and looks bad. I’m stuck in the mire of hopelessness and despair. I don’t know why anxiety and depression keep finding their way to me, but I can no longer bear the weight of it all. It’s just too much. I desperately need you, O’ Lord Jesus, because I cannot do this on my own. It’s only You who can deliver me from this pit that I am in. I surrender my mind, heart, body, soul, and spirit.

My body aches and feels weak and heavy. My mind is like a battlefield right now, and my soul is like a rough, turbulent storm. Father Lord, please come to my rescue and intervene. Deliver me from the pain I’m experiencing and restore strength to my bones. Heal my troubled mind and calm my racing heart. Make me whole again so I can continue to do the things I love and enjoy. Lord, I know nothing is too hard for you. You’re Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who heals. I trust You, O’ God. Crown me with Your love and compassion. In Jesus Christ’s name, I believe, Amen.

A Prayer for Peace and Calmness

O’ Merciful God, I need you now that everything seems so dull and dark. My mind is filled with so many destructive and negative thoughts, and my body is failing me. I have so many questions. I don’t understand why all this is happening to me, but the Holy Book reminds me that everything works together for my good. I may not see the good here, but I trust You and believe Your word is true.

Lord Jesus, I ask you to clear my mind and calm my troubled heart so I may see the path You’ve laid out for me. Please destroy every element that’s threatening my sanity. I want to enjoy life and be happy because our time here on earth is limited.

I fully surrender myself to you because I know You care for me. Let Your peace reign in my life now and forever, Amen.

A Prayer for Strength

Father God, I’m physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually exhausted. I find myself unable to do anything. Even getting out of bed is becoming like a chore these days. I feel like I’m drowning in mud and struggling to hold my head up. I feel stuck and helpless. But in the midst of all this, I know you’re in control of the situation.

Lord, I need You to grant me strength to overcome this situation. Stimulate my mind and body to keep pushing. I have Faith in You, O’ Lord. I hold on to Your promise that You’ll come to save those who have an anxious heart and give strength to those who are weak. My trust is in You alone. I know that You will renew my strength, Heavenly Father. You’re loving, gracious, and merciful. I thank You and praise Your glorious name. Please hear my cry, O Lord, Amen.

A Prayer for Faith and Trust in God

Lord, I can’t make sense of this situation, and sometimes I find it really hard to feel Your presence. I need Your help with my unbelief. Please erase all traces of doubt in my mind. I want to put all my trust and faith in You, the Lord of Lords, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and the God Most High. I know nothing is impossible with You if I believe. And I believe in You, Jesus. I believe in Your divine intervention. I trust that the plans you have for me are good.

Thank you for loving me, for I know Your love is far much greater and deeper beyond my comprehension. Your Compassion and Faithfulness are everlasting. Lord, I know no darkness can ever overcome Your love. Amen

A Prayer for Others Who are Battling Anxiety and Depression

Heavenly Father, I know I’m not alone struggling with anxiety and depression. There are people like me battling this mental and physical draining disorder every single day. Please visit each and every one of the Lord. Please bring life to our bodies, peace to our minds, and joy to our hearts. I know they long to be the best versions of themselves; free, happy, and hopeful.

Remind them that this too shall pass just like the sun rises after the dark night. May Your light shine brightly through their hopelessness, anger, self-doubt, pain, worries, and whatever else they’re experiencing. Grant them peace and hope only You can bring. Remind them that You’re there with them. You’ll uphold and strengthen them. I trust you, Lord. Help them to trust You too. I pray believing and trusting in Jesus Name, Amen.

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