Prayer For College Students {4 Examples}

It reaches a time in our lives when we graduate from high school to college. We should pray for the college students to continue working hard in school and not engage in bad company that would eventually destroy their lives and education.

4x Prayer For College Students

4x Prayer For College Students

Prayer for Thanksgiving

Almighty God we come to you this particular moment, thanking you for the gift of life and good health. We most especially remember the college students. We want to give you thanks for the far that you have brought them. Thank you for their lives and health. Thank you because you have been with them from the time they started school up to this time that they are almost done with their studies.

Thank you for always protecting them. Thank you for being with them from the time they leave their houses and go to college, and also from school back to their homes. You are always with them during holidays and during school days. Thank you for their parents and guardians. Thank you because they are in a position to take them to college. Continue being with them and providing for them.

Thank you Lord because you will continue to open their minds so that they can continue to learn from their lecturers. Thank you for guiding their steps and fulfilling your will upon their lives. Thank you for their teachers, friends and families. Continue being with them in whatever they do. Thank you Lord that you always have good plans for them. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray.


Prayer for Protection

God our protector, guide and protect all the college students wherever they may be. Be with them all the time and keep them in your heart. Send their guardian angels to watch over them and protect them from harm’s way. Protect them from diseases and illnesses. Give them good health so that they can be able to focus on their studies. Protect them from any issues that may arise from their families and loved ones.

Lord Jesus, we worship you for your continued protection upon them. We surrender their whole lives into your hands. May the power of your mercy shatter all that may try to harm¬† them in any way. Accompany them everywhere and protect them from the devil’s snares and traps which are continually being set for them. Protect them from all evil and most especially sin against their own bodies which are your temple. Protect them also from bad company of friends whether in school ar at home.

Lord some people may try to put them in trials which would cause them to sin. We pray that you protect them from such kind of people. Protect them from all the bad virtues and fill them with the fruits of the Holy Spirit so that they may shun all evil. Protect them from negative influence from the people around them and help them put all their focus on their studies, do what is expected of them and what is right. Protect them from all that may want them to go contrary to what they are supposed to do. We come against those that may want to harm them in any way. Protect them today, tomorrow and every day.


Prayer to Adjust

Lord, we pray for those students that have just started college. This is a new experience to them. This is the first time that they are stepping into a college as students. Some are excited while others are sad. Lord turn the sadness of leaving their families behind into the openness of making new friends. Give them confidence to take on this challenge positively. Make them fit in fast enough so that they can develop the many gifts you have given to them to help serve others and most especially You.

Lord help them to adjust quickly so that they can do what brought them there, which is to learn. Give them peace in their hearts to accept the trials and challenges that they may be faced with. Let them know that hard work is what will lead to their success. Guide them in choosing friends as well as the right courses that will be fulfilling to them. Help them to start well and eventually finish well.

Lord, for those who have already settled in and it is not their first day in college, we pray that you continue helping them to adjust to the college system. Help them so that the courses they chose would be of help to them and to others. Open their minds and hearts to accept what lies ahead and teach them the true meaning of seriousness and putting their all in their education and studies. Just like you have been with them from the start, continue being with them and until the end.

Father God, some are moving into their last year, we pray that you open their minds and hearts so that they can be able to discern and make the right decisions about the many opportunities that lie ahead of them. Be with them so that even as they sit for their final examinations they may be able to remember all that they have been taught. Just like you were with them at the start, be with them as they finish, graduate, further their studies and go out there to look for employment.


Prayer for Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding

Our father, we entrust the students to you. Fill them with your wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Open their minds to understand whatever they are being taught. Give them perseverance and strength, make them responsive and hard working. Let them not be distracted by anything but instead be alert during their lessons.

Give them wisdom to be able to differentiate between wrong and right. Forgive them their sins Lord and help them live the way you want them to. Do not allow them be led astray from the right path. Send the Holy Spirit upon them to come into their heart, mind and intellect, to enlighten them so that they may do what is right and study well.

Give them knowledge and understanding so that whatever they are being taught will remain in their minds, so that they may use the knowledge passed on to them later on in life. Give them good memory so that they may be able to remember what they have been taught. Teach them to be attentive at all times so that they may not miss anything that will be useful to them and to others.

Lord help them to always remember to commit their work to you so that they will be successful in carrying them out. Proverbs 16:3. God Almighty, you who is above all, let your will be done upon them.

We fly to your patronage, Holy mother of God, despise not our petitions but hear and pray for us to your son Jesus Christ.


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