Prayer For Death Anniversary Of Mother

There’s nothing that destabilizes a person’s life more than the death of a mother. Mothers play an integral part in our lives, so whether you had a great relationship or not, the event is bound to change your life.

The trauma and grief can cripple you, drain your soul and break your heart into a thousand pieces. That’s why death anniversaries are never easy. They bring up feelings of sadness and sorrow, even if it’s been years since she passed.

These prayers for death anniversary of mother can help you find comfort and peace in your time of grief.

4x Prayer For Death Anniversary Of Mother

4x Prayer For Death Anniversary Of Mother

Prayer for Healing

Gracious Father Lord, today marks *one year since our dear mother left us. Our hearts are empty and souls heavy. Our lives have never been the same again. Sometimes we feel lost without her to guide us through the hurdles of life. Almost everything in the house reminds me of our mother. Her reflection is everywhere, governing almost every aspect of my life. Lord, help us not to cling to the past of what could have been, but rather move forward with what she gave and taught us for the rest of our days here on earth.

Shine your brightest light in every dark corner of our lives. Give us hope when we feel helpless, embrace us when loneliness creeps in, guide us back to the right path when we’re lost and support us when we are weak and weary. Thank You for Your promise that You always have our backs and will never leave our side regardless of the situation.

Help us to recognize that grief is just another form of love. I know a day will come when mom’s memory will not overwhelm us with agony but fill our hearts with immense joy.

Ever-loving Lord, continue to surround us with Your faithfulness and compassion. Help us to trust that Your Love knows no bounds; it’s unfailing and unconditional. Let this grief bring us together as a family. Let us think and speak harmoniously so we may walk hand in hand to face what the future holds for us. Lord, we know our days here are numbered and we’re not far away from her. We trust that one day we’ll reunite with our dearest mother in Your presence. Amen.

Prayer for Renewed Strength and Grace

Precious God, I’m comforted with Your word that You will renew the strengths of those who trust You. I trust You, O Lord. Lord, You know my heart and struggles. My heart aches every time I remember my mother. Today is especially hard because it’s the day she left us and went to be with You in heaven. I miss her dearly. I miss her voice, smile, laugh, affection and kindness. I miss her everything. Nothing can bring her back or replace her presence in my life. Lord, I ask you to give me strength to overcome this grief and grace to always turn to You when the burden becomes too much to bear. Renew my spirit and mend my broken heart. Please hold my hand and guide my day. Only You can fill my heart with joy and peace. I have no other place to turn to. I depend on You alone.

Help me trust that You’re right there beside me and You will never leave my side no matter how tough the situation gets. Help me to see Your goodness despite the heartache. Help me to recognize that You are God and You are in control. Sustain me by Your grace so that my trust and faith in You may not fail.

I pray this in Your name. Amen.

Prayer of Remembrance and Hope

Holy and blessed one, the only source of life and hope, I come to you today to remember a life well lived. An amazing soul was lost on an unforgettable day like today a *year ago. Today is a mixed bag of emotions as I’m still hurt deeply by the loss of my mother. She was the rock and pillar of the family. The glue that kept us together. I wish she didn’t leave us this soon, but I trust that You make no mistakes.

You create eventual blessings out of every misfortune. Lord, free us from the feelings, memories and nightmares that cause us pain. Don’t let our souls be crippled with fear of the unknown and despair. Breathe new life into our crushed spirits and new warmth into our anxious hearts. Grant us courage and strength to step out in faith as we remember mother. Fill us with hope that will sustain and guide us in this time of distress and mourning.

Wrap us in our loving embrace O’ gracious God. Overwhelm us Your peace. We love you and we need You. In the strong name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Prayer of Thanksgiving for Her Life

Dear Lord, Maker of Heaven and Earth, thank you for Your amazing love and the blessings You have bestowed on our lives. Thank You for blessing me with a great, strong woman who I was super proud to call my mother. I’m grateful for the years we spent together. The beautiful memories we created, the moments we shared. The laughs and cries, the wisdom she oozed. The moral and intellectual discipline she instilled in us. The lessons she taught us, the sacrifices she made on so many occasions to ensure my siblings and I had what we needed.

She extended love and affection to everyone she met. She was indeed a perfect image of Your love and goodness. Lord, thank You for the years I got to spend with my mother before You called her home. I know she’s in a better place now, surrounded by Your angels in heaven. I’m glad she has found peace and will not suffer or mourn again.

Lastly, thank You for bringing me out of darkness with Your bright light and giving me strength when my body and mind failed to cope with the loss. Thank You for sustaining our loving family after mom’s passing. Please continue to watch over us and guide us through the ups and downs of life. Cover us with Your loving kindness and everlasting love.

Thank you for Your goodness, mercy and care. You alone are worthy. I pray this believing in Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. Your prayer touched me today on the one-year anniversary of my mother’s passing. Is there a way to download a pdf of the prayer? I would like to print it for a sibling that doesn’t use computers.


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