Prayer For Disrespectful Daughter {4 Examples}

A child is a blessing from God. A son or a daughter. It is our duty as parents to train our children in the ways of the Lord and make sure that they know right from wrong. If we raise them right from their young age, they will grow up with good morals. Let us remember to always keep them in our prayers. Here’re 4 examples of a prayer for disrespectful daughter.

4x Prayer For Disrespectful Daughter

4x prayer for disrespectful daughter

Prayer for Forgiveness

God of mercy, I am deeply sorry for the sins I have committed. I humble myself to you asking for my daughter’s forgiveness. She has sinned against you and against man. I am deeply ashamed of myself as a parent. I thought I raised her well but it turns out that I didn’t do enough. Lord forgive her for being such a pain. She listens to no one Lord. Please pardon her being disrespectful.

Lord I raised her myself. I have always taught her what is good and what is bad. She grew up well with good behavior. I am shocked by her behavior now. She was not like this before. Ever since she joined college, she does whatever she wants. She doesn’t listen to me. She is so disrespectful. I don’t know what has become of her Lord but this is definitely not the girl that I raised and know. I know that her behavior is wrong and I have tried to show her how wrong she is but she’s proving to be stubborn. She would not admit that she is wrong and that’s why I come to you Lord asking you to forgive her faults.

Almighty God forgive her for the times she spoke back at me. For the times she bluntly refused to do something I told her to do. For the times she hurt me with her words. For the times she did whatever she wanted even when it was against my wishes. For the times that others came complaining to me that she was disrespectful to them. She has made others and me angry but most especially she has gravely sinned against you. I now bow before you Lord in deep humility asking you to forgive us. Forgive me for the times I failed as a parent and the times she failed to do the right things.


Prayer for God’s Intervention

I come before you Lord with a lot of pain in my heart – pain for my daughter who has changed a great deal. She is no longer the sweet, obedient and respectful girl I know. She has become a completely different person but in a negative way. She has strayed from the righteous path and it feels like she has forgotten what is right. This change of behavior threatens to destroy her young life.

Almighty God I am powerless and therefore turn to you for your help. I beseech you to intervene on my behalf. Help her to realize that she is a child of God and should therefore behave like one. I ask you to fill her with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and call upon you to show mercy to her before things spiral out of control. Lord Jesus perform a miracle and create a new heart in her.

Grant that she may become respectful and humble. Lord Jesus I know you have good plans for her. That seed that the evil one is planting in her, I come against it and plead with you to remove it completely from her so that it may not thrive and bear evil fruits. Instead plant in her your own seeds because seeds planted by you thrive and bear good fruits. Lord I need your divine intervention and I will come back to you with thanks and praise. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray.


Prayer for Change

My Lord and my God, I pray that you change my daughter. Help her to realise that her current behavior is hurting everyone. Lord instill in her good morals. In the fourth commandment and in Exodus 20:12 your word Lord tells us to respect our parents so that we would live long. Help her realize that this is the only commandment that comes with a promise and that she should keep the commandments in order to live according to your will.

I ask that you protect and deliver her from bad company and misleading friends as she finds her own path in life. Let her be surrounded by people of good morals who only want what’s best for her. Help her not to be deceived by bad company because they corrupt good morals. Lord as you transform her, do same for her friends so that they too may be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and do what is right.

Lord help her to have self-discipline and help her remember all the good virtues I taught her. Let her not be swayed by others to do wrong but instead be pushed to do right by her instincts and the Holy Spirit who dwells in her. Lord I trust in you to bring back the respectful daughter I once had. Be with her always and give her the peace and wisdom that she needs in order to always do that which pleases you Lord.


Thanksgiving Prayer

Father Lord, I give you thanks and praise for all your goodness towards us. I come before you this moment thanking you for the gift of life and good health which is really precious. I thank you especially for my daughter. Thank you because you have blessed her with life and health. Thank you because you have been with her from the day you formed her in my womb upto this time that she has grown to become a lady. Thank you for your providence. She was able to get the basic needs and even an education. Thank you because she has been a good girl all through and that she was not troublesome.

You gave me the best gift by blessing me with the gift of the womb. I will forever be grateful for your kindness towards us my Lord. I will not forget the fact that you have been protecting her from danger and evil. You made her in your image and likeness and am humbled and grateful that she is a normal child. I am thankful for all the times that we have been spending together. It is truly a blessing.

Lord I am thankful that she is starting to realize her mistakes. She is now becoming respectful. Lord continue to hold her hand and don’t let go so that she would not go astray. Lord thank you for this miracle. I could not do it on my own but you have made her a living testimony that everything is possible with you. Thank you so much for everything you have done in her life most especially for transforming her. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus.

I give all the glory to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. I now ask mother Mary to intercede on my behalf to her son Jesus Christ.


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