Prayer For Dreams To Come True

Everybody has goals and aspirations in life. We must be tenacious and diligent if we want to realize our dreams. In addition to our own hard effort, God’s presence in our life is necessary for us to achieve our goals. Here’re 3 examples of a prayer for dreams to come true.

3x Prayer For Dreams To Come True

3x Prayer For Dreams To Come True

Prayer to Excel

Father in heaven, I want to express my gratitude for today. I appreciate everything you have done for me this far in my life. I appreciate all of your blessings. You are aware of every thought and feeling I have. Lord, help me to be the best at whatever I do, including my education. I wish to fulfill the expectations of everyone who helped me with my education Lord. Please help me so that this dream of mine will come to pass.

Lord help me to avoid bad company and bad behavior that will make me not focus on my studies. Help me so that I don’t get trapped in the snares of the evil one. Place good company of friends who have the same goal as me on my path. I want to keep friends who also want to excel. In the past I have made wrong choices while making friends. I have looked at the materialistic aspect instead of focusing on good morals. Help me and guide me Lord Jesus because now I am aware of what I want in the future and my ultimate goal when I complete my studies.

My God I pray that you open my mind and heart to what is true. Give me a sharp brain to be able to grasp quickly whatever I am being taught. Give me concentration and attentiveness so that it will be easy for me excel in my studies. I know that with you everything is possible. Most of the time I have a lot on my mind and am not able to concentrate. This is a challenge that I find hard to overcome and I know that you alone can help me with this. You are capable of removing all these thoughts from my mind and replacing them with concentration so that my mind will be free to pick all the bits needed to make me excel in my examinations and eventually be an an expert in field of study. I know that my education is far from over but I just want to ensure that when the time comes for my final year, I will be able to raise my head high knowing that I did the best I could.


Prayer for Long Healthy Life

God Almighty, you know what is in my heart even before I think about it. Even before I start dreaming you already know what I am going to dream about. Lord that is how powerful you are. My hope is that I will live a long life. That you will bless me so that my life will not be cut short at an early age. I also hope that you will grant me health so that I don’t suffer from all these chronic illnesses. I would like to live a comfortable life free from hospital beds and suffering in pain. Please bless me with good health because with it comes all the peace, joy and comfort life has to offer.

Lord I want to have a beautiful family with beautiful children. I want to be happy with them and live a peaceful life. I ask that we never lack for anything, that my home will always be filled with laughter and joy. I have never known who my parents are or whether I have any siblings. I don’t even know any of my relatives. The only family I know is the people who raised me and the ones I grew up together with in the orphanage. Lord I thank you that you allowed me to live and have this family. I wouldn’t wish the life of not knowing where you came from even for my worst enemy. My dream is that I will have a family, never leave them early and be the one to take care of them but of course with Your help Lord.

Sweet Jesus I would like to live to have grandchildren and great grandchildren. Grant that my life may be filled with peace and tranquility. I don’t know what the future holds. All I can do is have faith and hope that that future is going to be a bright one. That all my dreams and aspirations will be in line with your will towards my life. I pray trusting and believing that my prayers will be answered.


Prayer for Success

Almighty God I pray that everything I do and engage in would be successful. I don’t want to lack anything in my life. Please be with me and guide me. Show me what I am supposed to do. Give me wisdom to deal with all situations. Lord I know that you have good plans for me and you are going to finish all the good works you have started in my life. I know that my future is good and I can feel that all that is written in your word is a lamp for my steps and it gives me the certainty that I am destined for success.

Lord I speak blessings upon my life that whatever I do will be successful and will bring me joy. May favor be my portion and may you be gracious and kind to me. Lord the truth is that I always dream and wish that I would become rich and never lack anything. I always wish that I would invest and open big businesses, that my family and I will not lack. That everything we will wish for, anywhere we will like to go and anything we will like to do will be available. It is not a sin to wish to have a comfortable life. You tell us in your word that we should ask and it will be given, we should knock and the door would be opened. We should seek and we will find. There is no limitation to what we should pray for as long as it not a sin.

I always look at other people’s lives and can’t help but compare them. Others are living in poverty but are happy. Some are rich and unhappy while others are not so rich, they are happy and they have just enough resources and they don’t lack anything. Lord if I were to choose I would definitely want to be happy and content. Lord my wish is that you bless me with just enough for myself and others. Help me to be in a position to impact on others positively. Pave a clear way and build up your in greatness me. Allow the gifts you have placed in me to grow, manifest, develop and flourish in order for me to become a success and bring you glory according to your will.

Heavenly father, I would like to live these dreams that you have put in my mind and heart, but help me to understand which of my dreams align with your will for me. In Psalms 37:4-5, I am reminded to offer myself to you Lord, to trust you and seek my happiness in You so that you help me and give me my heart’s desires. Lord be with me in my dreaming time and let it be done according to your will.

I pray through Christ our Lord and I plead with the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede for me to the Lord our God.


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