Prayer For Eating Disorder {4 Examples}

Having to deal with eating problems could be very frustrating. The truth is that certain habits must be broken and others adopted. Few of us recall God during this journey, but the reality is that we should always include him in every event in our lives. Here are 4 examples of a prayer for eating disorder.

4x Prayer For Eating Disorder

4x prayer for eating disorder

Prayer for confession of sins

Jesus my Savior. I apologize to You and seek for your pardon. I acknowledge that my improper diet has prevented me from taking good care of my health. I wasn’t appreciative of you. I couldn’t care less that my health was in jeopardy. I was self-centered and ignored people who were concerned about my eating habits. Even when I knew it was wrong, I always went after what I desired. I was unwilling to alter. Please pardon me.

Oh Lord, You promised people who confess their sins to You forgiveness and salvation. Although you are the Lord of the righteous, you have made it possible for sinners like me to turn from our sins. I have more sins than there are sand grains on the beach. Although I offended you, I now bend deeply and beg for your pardon. Do not remember me for my errors, but rather for my willingness to make amends. God, please accept and pardon me. Join me on this journey toward a healthy diet; I’m confident I’ll succeed.


Prayer for restraint

I pray for self control to God, who is above all things and with whom anything is possible. Lord, grant me control over my eating habits. I really need to manage when and what I eat, and the only way to do so is to exercise self restraint. I know what I need to do to maintain a healthy eating pattern. I need to entirely alter my eating habits from what I’m used to. Lord, step in because I can’t do this on my own. I need You to walk this journey with me from beginning to end.

I occasionally get the impulse to consume my favorite calorie-dense items. I only enjoy processed food. I was given a list of foods to eat and stay away from by the nutritionist. I also received guidance on the portions I should consume in order to get results, but I still struggle to follow it. Since I lack self-control, I always employ the justification that “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me ingesting these junk meals after all, I am not overweight.” I know it is bad, therefore I come to you, Lord Jesus, asking for your help in developing self-control.

Although I am well aware of the health benefits of drinking water, I really prefer soda. Despite the fact that I should, I rarely consume fruits and veggies yet I have the means necessary to include them in my daily diet thanks to your blessings. Lord have mercy on me, for I must drastically alter my diet. I feel like I fall short when it comes to eating well and portion control, but I have faith that you Lord will hold my hand through it. I’ll follow you as you lead.

Lord, please let me find comfort in your word. 4:13 in Philippians I have the ability to handle any situation because of the power that Jesus Christ offers me.


Prayer for patience

Father in heaven, help me to have the patience I need while I work to overcome my eating disorder. I’m making an additional effort to eat the wholesome foods I’ve been avoiding. Water is not something I enjoy all that much, but lately it has become my best buddy. Without a bottle of water, I never leave the house. I don’t skip meals as frequently as I used to. I find it challenging to adjust to not having junk food for lunch and breakfast. I want to start including vegetables in my meals. I keep track of the food I consume, but it seems like I am not seeing results as quickly as I would want. My God please teach me to have patience.

Let me consistently meditate on Your word, for it is by the word of the Lord that the soul lives. It is common to experience times when our patience is tested. Let me never forget that the fruit of the Holy Spirit is patience, which is a virtue.

Romans 8:24–25. We are informed and encouraged by the Bible that we were saved by a hope that is not truly tangible. Nobody aspires to something that is visible. We can only wait patiently and hope for what we cannot see. Lord, I pray that I would have patience as I begin eating healthfully to overcome my eating disorder.


Prayer for approval

Lord, I thank you for creating my body in your likeness and image. I am aware of its sacred nature and your love for me regardless of my eating habits. I give myself to you, my problems and all. Help me understand that I have a problem with my eating habits and open my heart to what is true.

I like to think of all these new eating practices as a way to better nurture my body by consuming wholesome meals rather than as a punishment. Every time I make a mistake, I feel bad, like a failure, and want to give up, but I’ll persevere. I am confident that I will prevail and that, in the end, I will be satisfied with what I have accomplished.

Even though I haven’t totally transformed, I still believe that one day I will be free of my eating issue. I’ll be able to eat meals that are nutritious. I’ll be able to withstand the temptation to eat solely unhealthy foods. Even when I’ve managed to stop my bad eating habits, I’ll be able to accept myself in the future. That I will do whatever the nutritionist has instructed me to do so that, even after switching to a healthy diet, I will still be happy and satisfied with the person I have become.

I offer these prayers through Jesus Christ, our Lord and ask Virgin Mary to intercede on my behalf.


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