Prayer For Financial Breakthrough {4 Examples}

We need money in our everyday lives. Without finances one may not be able to survive. Since God creator of the universe is the owner of all wealth, whenever we feel a sense of lack, all we have to do is remember that He has all that we need. And all you have to do is ask.

4x Prayer For Financial Breakthrough

Prayer For Financial Breakthrough

Prayer for Forgiveness

Lord God Almighty, who was yesterday, is today and will be forever. I ask you to forgive me for all the times that I was never grateful for all that I had. I always thought that I had what I did because of only my hard work. I never remembered that you are the founder of my life and that you made it possible for me to have life and good health. That you made it possible for me to attend school and opened my mind so I could understand everything that I was being taught. You also made it possible for me to get good grades, graduate and finally get a good job.

Forgive me Lord because I never appreciated my work, all I did was complain and complain about every little thing. I did not do my work as if I was doing it for you. All I thought of was the financial part of it. I never took it as an experience to make me grow my career and therefore I did not give it all I had. Forgive me for the times I did wrong and never owned up to it. Forgive me and help me change my ways. Help me to appreciate what I have no matter how small it may be. Let me always live my life according to your will, to do my work as if I was doing it for you and not for the money.

Lord Jesus Christ, forgive me for all my faults. Now I know better. Forgive me that I never appreciated what I had and took it for granted. Please do not hold it against me. You are a forgiving Father and I know that when I come to you in repentance, you will pardon me of my sins and give me a fulfilling career with both spiritual and financial gratification. Thank you Jesus for your forgiveness.


Prayer for Providence during Financial Difficulties

All-powerful and merciful God, come to my rescue during this time that I am faced with financial difficulties. Father, I do not have a job and are unable to support myself and my family. Please open up a way for me to get something substantial to do. Embrace me with fatherly compassion. I have been up and down trying my luck everywhere even with the things I never studied for but I have not been lucky God. I put you above every search. Please guide me and be with me at all times.

Queen of the rosary, I also turn to you seeking your divine guidance and help as I look for a suitable source of income. Bless me with gainful employment, that this heavy and concerning burden will be taken away from me. I really wish to use the talents and gifts that the Lord has given me. But without gainful employment, I will not have the opportunity to do so. Lord God, guide my hand and lead me to the right path. Provide for all my needs in your own way and give me a financial breakthrough.

You alone know what I am going through. I am drowning in debts. I want to be able to pay my debts and end up helping others. You own everything on earth. You are the Father of all riches Lord, please provide for me as you provide for the animals and birds in the air. I need you to meet my needs and that of my family. Times have been hard for us but I keep on putting my trust in you because all help comes from you who made heaven and earth and through your abundant wealth, you will supply and provide for our needs. Phillipians 4:19.

Don’t leave me dear Lord in my search, but instead I ask for favor so that I come back to oyu with praise and thanksgiving for all you continue to do. If it is your will that I find employment, then let your will be done upon my life. Grant this through Christ our Lord who lives and reigns forever.


Prayer for Wisdom

God, our Father, I need your wisdom watch over my steps along the right path, and hold my hand towards all the right things to utter and do during my quest of searching for gainful employment. Help me to guard against discouragement and bitterness, so that I may surface from this obstacle enriched spiritually. Lord, give me the wisdom to make the right choices guided by your Holy Spirit.

God help me to be able to manage my finances well and to honor you through them. Help me to be hard working and whatever finances I get, help me to budget them well and to save the resources you have given me well. Help me to avoid extravagance and to use resources given to me with wisdom. Give me wisdom so that I can be able to provide for my family and myself and eventually bring a powerful financial breakthrough in my life and that of my family. In Jesus name I pray.


Prayer for Thanksgiving and Willingness to Work

Lord Jesus I thank you for everything in my life and that of my family. Thank you because of your continuous protection, for life, health, family and even providence. Thank you that I have something to eat, I have a roof over my head and that I am able to get my basic needs. I do not take it for granted.

Help me to also be able to give to the less fortunate because a hand that gives receives. You have provided for me without asking for anything in return, thank you. Help me to also give back to you and to others freely. Lord I may be going through financial difficulties but help me still give generously to those in need whatever little I have. Thank you that I can give back with love and with abundance that you have given me.

Almighty God, obtain for me the grace to work consistently and conscientiously, putting the call of duty above my natural needs. Help me to work with gratitude and joy, disregarding difficulties and weariness. Help me to be willing to work with everything I have and give it all I have got. Help me work as if I am working for you and not to take my work as a punishment or for granted. Lord if you give me this positive mindset. I will continue to be grateful and give thanks for all I have.

Lord I want to thank you for everything in my life and please change my situation and bless me and my family so that I may have a financial breakthrough. I pray this through Jesus Christ our Lord and ask Mother Mary to pray for us. Your son would never refuse any request of yours therefore I beseech you to pray for me, Holy Virgin Mary. Amen

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