Prayer For Good News From Doctor

Diseases, conditions and injuries often remind us of the fragility of human bodies. We are all vulnerable, fragile creatures. That’s why issues are bound to arise at some point in our lives. Some people struggle with hereditary diseases, others with depression or schizophrenia. Some do things knowingly that put their health at risk, while others face the complex trauma of infertility. No one ever truly escapes this fragility.

But whatever you’re going through, remember God is with you. He is compassionate, cares about you and knows every detail of your suffering. So instead of worrying about your scheduled doctor’s visit, just go to Him in prayer. Bring your requests to Him and trust that He will answer them in his own time and according to His will. Here are prayers for good news from doctor that can help calm your anxiety, and bring you hope and peace.  

5x Prayer For Good News From Doctor

5x Prayer For Good News From Doctor

Good News Prayer for Poor Health

Heavenly Father, Lord of all creations, giver of life and health, thank You for blessing me with another day of life. I don’t take it for granted. Thank You for Your goodness and faithfulness even when I don’t deserve it. I come before Your throne today asking for Your mercy. I know You see and hear my cry for help. I’m a fallen being in a sinful, imperfect world with an imperfect body prone to diseases. Lord, please stretch Your miraculous hand and heal my ailing body and soul. You’re the only one who can ease my suffering. 

I’ve been to the doctor countless times with the same issue, but there’s little to no progress. The meds are not working as effectively as I hoped. I just feel hopeless, like I’m stuck in a deep dark muddy hole. You’re my only hope Lord. Please come to my rescue and shine Your ever-bright light in my wounded body and soul. Cleanse and mend every broken cell of my body. Make me whole according to Your will.

Dear God, lend skill, knowledge and godly wisdom to the hands of my doctor(s), so they may find a treatment plan that will completely get rid of this illness. I believe and trust that I will receive a positive report when I visit the doctor. Use me as an example for others to see Your mighty power, strength and faithfulness. Fill me with love, faith and hope as I wait for Your deliverance. Amen.

Prayer for News of Conception and Pregnancy 

O’ merciful Father, God of miracles, I come before You with a heavy heart and empty arms longing for a child. I’ve become a subject of ridicule by relatives, friends and society at large. They often remind me that a woman is not complete without a child. Almost all my peers have families and I feel like an outsider looking in. I’m not the same upbeat, joyful person I used to be. I’ve cocooned myself from everyone to avoid the daunting pregnancy-related questions. Lord, my partner and I are tired of being a laughing stock. The emotional toll is getting the better of us. Please remember us like You did Rachel, Hannah and Sarah. Bless my womb with a holy, healthy seed. Glorify Your Holy name through us Dear Lord. We’re ready and open to Your good and perfect will. I know and believe I will receive news of my ability to conceive pretty soon.   

I may have lost faith in people, but I have not lost faith in You. I trust You in everything, Lord. I believe in Your ability to do the impossible. You’re all powerful and in control. I surrender my troubles onto You and I choose to wait on Your perfectly timed plans. Thank You for always fulfilling Your promises. Amen.

Prayer to Calm Anxiety and Worries

Sweet and gracious Lord, I’m so worried and anxious about my visit to the doctor. I have no clue what’s in store for me. I’m scared of not getting the news I want or hope for. I’m scared for my family because they are so worried about me. I’m scared of fear paralyzing my faith. I’m afraid of so many things and fear has now become a constant companion. But, despite all these worries and concerns, I rest in the confidence that You love and care for me. 

Help me to trust the plans You have for me, even when they seem scary and hard. I’m clinging to Your promise that You will never abandon me in the midst of all this chaos and suffering. Give me strength and courage to step out in faith and not fear, no matter the outcome. Open my eyes so that I may see You are greater than my problems. Teach me to focus on You and You alone. I also cast the worries of my family and those who have been supportive throughout this journey onto you Lord. Lighten their burdens and let them find rest in Your name. Teach them to trust You as we wait for news about my condition. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Hope and Faith

Wonderful and loving God, I’m weary as I head to the doctor’s appointment. I don’t know what is going to happen or what to expect. So I run to you today, in need of Your help. Lord, please cover me with Your precious blood and deliver me from this pit of fear. Fill my heart with hope and faith in Your loving care. Help me realize that I’m more than a conqueror through Your Holy name.

Give me grace and strength to accept Your will in my life. Above all, teach me to never lean on my own understanding, but to trust Your word. And it is through Your precious name I pray. Amen.

Prayer for Peace of Mind

O God, my Rock and Deliverer, help me to be still and accept that all things work together for Your good. I believe You know what my future holds, so I choose to trust Your plans. Grant me peace that only You alone can provide. I surrender all my fears, worries, sufferings, doubts and ‘what-ifs’ to You. Be with me as I face this challenge. I exalt Your holy name now and forever. Amen.

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