Prayer For Healing Lungs

The best gift we can receive is life and health, and having both is something we should always be grateful for. Because of their importance to our bodies, the lungs should constantly be in good condition. Always give thanks to God for giving you healthy lungs and ask Him to heal the sick. Here’re great examples of a prayer for healing lungs.

2x Prayer For Healing Lungs

2x Prayer For Healing Lungs

Thank you prayer

Dear Lord, I give you thanks for giving me life. I am grateful to you for providing me with everything I have in life. I appreciate your help because it has kept me healthy and living to this day. I’m grateful that you have kept me healthy throughout this time and have been obedient to carrying out your plan for my life. I am grateful for your protection and provision. I want to express my gratitude for the time you spent creating me while I was still in my mother’s womb.

I’ve always had strength, Lord. I’ve received a lot of love and attention from my parents. I’m grateful because I’ve felt it all these years. I want to return the care and support now that I’m an adult, but I’m worried that this disease will keep me from doing so. I am confident that, with your grace, I can overcome this. I give thanks to You Lord for all that You have given me. Lord, I appreciate all that you have done for me and do not take it for granted.

Lord, please accept my gratitude for each and every person in my life. For everyone who has supported me through good times and bad. I want to thank you in particular for my parents, who have always supported me and looked after me. God, I give you praise for them. Although I am grateful for everything, I am aware that I may not be able to thank them individually for all that they have done for me. Bless them for being so considerate of me. Praise and thanks be to You Jesus. I pray in Jesus’ name.


Prayer for health

You, Father, are always forgiving. I beseech you to pardon our transgressions. Thank you for your forgiveness and for purifying me with your Most Precious Blood. Always point me in the proper direction. Restore my health by touching me with your regenerating hands. At Calvary, Lord, you shed your blood, relieving us of our burdens. I ask that you take this illness’ weight from me and enable me to resume living a pain- and suffering-free version of my usual life. Jesus You bore our sins in Your body to the cross so that we could enjoy a life of righteousness free from sin.We have been restored to health because of Your wounds. 1Peter 2:24

Almighty God, please help me not to overlook those who are ill and in agony. I make a prayer for the sick, asking that you gaze down on them with your merciful eyes and fully recover from their illness. While some are in hospitals and others are at home, some are not terribly ill and some are even on the edge of passing away. In any event, I am aware that no illness is desirable, which is why we pray to You Heavenly Father for your healing. Look down on those who are ill, suffering, and in agony, Jesus Christ, you who heals both body and soul. In Jesus’ name, I pray that they would be healed by your wounds and be able to return to their regular responsibilities.

I come to you in opposition to any assault from the evil one, who only seeks to kill and destroy. In the name of Jesus, grant that whatever is causing this ailment will not endure. I pray for recovery and the restoration of my lungs to health. Almighty God, please spare me more pain. I have faith and trust in you to heal me, and I look forward to no longer having to struggle with this condition. Lord, please grant me this healing miracle today. God, please reach out your healing hand to me. Free me entirely from the disease with which I have been afflicted.

My lungs are in poor condition and are gradually losing the ability to perform their functions, my father. I’ve had a number of tests to see whether I’d get the same findings across the board, but I’m afraid the tests have stayed the same in every hospital I’ve visited for a second opinion. I continually feel out of breath, weak, and exhausted, and this stabbing, piercing ache in my chest won’t go away. Lord, all these symptoms indicate that I am not well and that I am deteriorating daily. My doctors have given me a list of medications that I took and consumed, yet I don’t feel better. God, you who are all-knowing, please disclose to them the appropriate prescription so that you may heal me through them. My God, you have given medical professionals the knowledge and wisdom to treat patients. Lord, show them what the specific issue is so they can give me the proper medication. They only treat, whereas you, my God, are the healer. For this reason, I come to you in humility, my God, pleading with you to extend your healing hand upon me.

I offer prayers for people who are housed in hospitals, thinking about myself, who frequently uses oxygen. Thank you, Lord, for providing us with free air to breathe. Please give us hope that we soon won’t have to pay for air. Father You are those who are suffering’s constant haven. Bring relief and solace to those who are suffering and ill. From the moment they enter the hospitals until the end of the tests and treatments, Lord, I entrust their bodies into your hands with the prayer that they will leave triumphant and healed.

I beg you, Lord, by Your word, to be kind and merciful to me and to heal me of my ailment. Psalms 41:4

I humbly implore you, Almighty God, King of kings and Lord of lords, to cast every worry and uncertainty from my mind. I’m worried that what I have could be serious and require multiple unsuccessful therapies. In the name of Jesus, I reject such ideas. Lord, everything will be alright. Let your Holy Word give me solace. Lord, as you promised in Psalms 23:3–4, you will renew my strength and lead me down the correct paths. That no matter how dark things get, I won’t be scared because, Lord, you are with me, and you will watch over me with your rod and staff.

Lord, I ask that you grant me favor with everyone I see, especially the medical professionals and nurses, so that when they see me they will witness a recipient of mercy and favor. For me, who is uncertain, let their extraordinary experience serve as a sign of hope, so that I, too, may trust and have faith that Lord You are the healer.

By dying on the cross, your only son took on himself the flaws and miseries of the entire human race. Look at me; I’m sick. May I place my trust in you, Lord, who cures both body and soul, in the midst of all uncertainty and suffering. May I have faith in the promise that those who suffer will be completely healed. Jesus, heal me, please.

I ask Mother Mary, our intercessor, to make a fervent plea on my behalf. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus.


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