Prayer For Missing Mass {4 Examples}

During mass we gather as a church in praise and worship. We are nourished by the word and have the opportunity to partake in the Holy Eucharist. It is therefore important not to miss mass. However, there are circumstances that arise where missing mass might be unavoidable. Fortunately, Our Lord is a forgiving and understanding Father. 

4x Prayer For Missing Mass

4x Prayer For Missing Mass

Asking for forgiveness

God of mercy, I come to you full of regrets. I am deeply hurt by the fact that I sometimes miss mass for weak reasons. Please pardon my actions. Please forgive me for waking up late and going to mass when it has already started. Forgive me for the times I woke up and just decided to stay at home and not attend mass.

Forgive me for the times I have not gone to mass because I feel lazy. Forgive me for the times I have decided to do house hold chores instead of going to mass. Forgive me for the times I have woken up feeling cold and decided to stay at home on Sunday. Forgive me for those days that I did not go for mass because it was raining.

Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you that you love me and you have given me life and health. Thank you for the many blessings. Let the Holy Spirit move freely and guide my actions, dwell in me and fill me with wisdom and enable me to live a genuine Christian life. Forgive my faults and may Your love, peace and joy rule my life.

Numbers 15:32-36, the Bible talks about the man who broke the sabbath by gathering firewood on that day. He was taken to Moses, Aaron and the people but they didn’t know what to do to him. The Lord then said to Moses that the man is to be put to death by the whole community through stoning outside the camp. Lord You want us to observe Sabbath and I wouldn’t want to face your wrath by not doing what your commandment says. Please forgive me for the times I did contrary and hold my hand in fulfilling your word.


Prayer for Consistency Attending Mass

Almighty God I pray to you to help me be consistent in attending mass. Show me the way so that I can be thirsty for your word. I want to be able to join others during mass in worship and praise to you always.

At times I wake up late and decide that I wouldn’t go to mass. I feel guilty because I dare not miss going to work, whether the weather isn’t conducive for me or I have woken past my wake up time. Please give me the same consistency I have with going to work. Help me realize that this work You are the one who gave me and I should give thanks by going for mass. Help me to give back my time to You on Sundays.

God, help me to remember your commandment that we should observe the sabbath day and keep it Holy. Help me to observe it by not missing mass. I am so grateful for the fact that I do not go to work on Sundays. Let me remember that this day should be dedicated to serve you and others.

Isaiah 40:31 your word says, “Even the youthful grow weak, the young also get exhausted. “Lord help me not to grow tired of attending mass but to find renewed strength to always be in the front line to serve you.


Prayer For Commitment To Your House

Lord Jesus, help me to be committed. Just as I am committed to going to work give me the same heart. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and His gifts. When I have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I will be able to know that I should give back the time You have given me just like I always give back to You my earnings.

Heavenly father, I am determined to commit my time to attend mass. I am determined to start a fresh by committing my time to serving You. Make me a spiritual person so that I can receive Your rewards of blessings. Give me a humble heart, use me for your glory to serve You in holiness so that I can be able to satisfy you with everything I have.

Isaiah 58:13-14. Lord help me to be committed and dedicated in going to mass because you have promised us in Your word honour all over the world and enjoyment of the land you gave to our ancestor Jacob. You have promised us this, if we keep the Sabbath as sacred and we don’t pursue our interests on that day. 


Unavoidable Circumstances

Almighty God, I am sometimes unable to attend mass because of unavoidable circumstances like sickness. I pray that you will be with me. Attend mass for me. Even as I remain at home and just read your Word and pray, be with me. Reveal to me that which is Your will. Open my mind, body and soul so that I may understand every word, interpret and be able to follow what Your word tells me.

Whenever I am unable to attend mass, and decide to attend mass on my TV live, I know that I am not physically present to receive you through the Eucharist. I am not able to adore You physically during consecration, I am not able to kneel before You in the church. I am not able to sing in praise and worship to You together with my fellow church members. I am not able to partake in the mass activities physically but I pray and request that You do these things for me.

Go to church on my behalf and fill me with everything that i will miss because I cannot go to mass due to one reason or the other. I desire to be in mass. I desire to be where you are but help me realize that you’re everywhere and you are with me even when I am not in church with others. I give you thanks for you will be with me.

Lord, thank You for loving me so much. May your peace remain in my heart always as I try to please You and live for your glory. Lord help me to offer my whole life to you, body and soul, time, work and rest, joys and sorrows.

I pray this through Christ our Lord as I ask mother Mary, ever loving and true, virgin most pure, mother of God to pray for me to the Lord our God.


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