Prayer For My Aunt {3 Examples}

Our Aunts and Uncles are very important pillars in our life. Whether you’re looking to send a message of hope, thanksgiving, healing, or spiritual revival, here are a few prayers for all aunties around the world.

3x Prayer for Your Aunt

3x Prayer for Your Aunt

For Prosperity and Thanksgiving

Our merciful and giving Father who art in heaven, thank you for blessing me and my
loving aunt. She has been a total blessing in my life and continues to guide and show me the right path.

I come before you today in prayer asking that you watch over her and always keep her safe. In everything that she does let the work of her hand be guided and blessed by You Jehovah God. I feel so many benedictions from that woman’s love and kind embrace whenever we see each other. Everything; from the time we spend together to all the different teachings she has given me bring me nothing but joy and happiness.

Mary Mother of God, I pray that y aunt will always know the love I have for her, and how she is ever in my heart. This wonderful woman, I will always hold close even when we are miles apart. Mother God, Father God, I also want to pray for my aunt’s soul as well. Please welcome my aunt Into Your everlasting kingdom when the time comes and Let her enjoy all the numerous rewards that come with leading a Christian life.

And Auntie, my childhood memories would not be complete without you. I want to thank you for such a wonderful time and all the teachings you showered me with over the years. May the good Lord preserve you so that you can continue to do more exploits and spread your loving nature all over the world. I pray this trusting and believing that You will bless my small mummy,


For Strength and Protection

Almighty God, Giver of life and Judge of all living things; I come before you today humbly with a few request. You told us that you will always answer our prayers when one of your children calls upon your name. So Dear God, I plead the blood of Jesus today on behalf of my beloved auntie. I ask that you to please help her to overcome the trials and tribulations she is currently facing.

Virgin Mary, pray for her soul now and forever more. You know very well that she has a servants heart and soul and always does things for others. Unfortunately, this usually jovial and cheerful woman has come to a dark time in her life. A time where she is in a hopeless state and I fear she will be lost deep in depression and hopelessness.

It’s in these dark times that she needs the unconditional love and tender care of her family.  And Lord, should they fail to give it to her, I beseech you to remind her that she is never alone no matter what she’s going through. I know this because my auntie has you God and you will neither forsake nor leave her in her time of need.

Mary Mother of the lost and in pain, allow my other mum to feel the unconditional love of God stronger than ever before. Strengthen her faith that it won’t crumble like the walls of Jericho, and grant her peace of mind along with your overflowing knowing that Jesus has a plan for her life. I believe she will overcome this.

Oh Mighty Savior and Protector, Please remind my wonderful auntie that all things are possible through Christ. I know well, in my hearts of hearts, that you God are hearing my prayer and will give me a positive response. I thank you deeply for the blessing of my aunt, for she has played a huge role in my life and I will always love her dearly.

But before I wind up my personal request Dear Father, is that You put a hedge of protection over auntie. Starting right from the top of her head all the way to the soles of her feet Adonai, shield this wonderful woman. Safeguard her body and soul from darkness and all the works of Satan who is always preying on your flock. Cover her with the blood of Jesus and let her make it out on the other side stronger and more peaceful.  I ask all this in the might name of Jesus Christ your son,


For Health and Restoration

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it is I, your Child (your name) humbly coming before you today in divine request. As you know, my Aunt is currently facing an illness in her life. Her body is weak and my auntie is in pain. She is angered and Dear lord, I’m in fear that she might lose her close relationship with you mighty Father.

Dear Jesus, You are divine physician and have showed your power of healing numerous times. We turn to you now once more in this time of illness. Please alleviate our sorrows and fears with your unconditional love Oh comforter of troubled souls. But also please remember to grant us the grace, understanding, will and strength to accept this heavy burden. We wholly place all our anxieties in your hands Almighty God, and as for our sick, we place them under your gracious care and humbly ask You for mercy and restoration of your servant’s health.

You shall guide her actions, I humbly declare. And you will show her everlasting peace so that your plan can be revealed with every passing day. I know she will find prosperity and a sense of healing that she has never experienced before. Thanks and praises mighty Father, for I believe you have already heard and answered my prayer. For ALL the glory and honor belong to You Lord. I Pray with my whole heart, and may my auntie not lose heart but be inwardly renewed, restored, and rejuvenated.


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