Prayer For My Brother To Get Well Soon

Family not only gives us a sense of belonging and purpose but also the necessary support to navigate through this journey called life. We may have our differences, but we sustain ourselves with the love of family. A famous philosopher once said ‘the family is one of nature’s masterpieces’ and I couldn’t agree more. 

Family is very important, and that’s why it’s very heart-wrenching to see your loved one suffering from physical or mental illness. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel hopeless that things will never get better, remember you’re not alone in this. There’s a God in heaven who knows and hears everything. The BEST option is to go to Him in prayer. Surrender your brother’s health onto him and let Him do what only He can do.

Whether the battle is physical or mental, these prayers for my brother to get well soon will give you, your brother and everyone associated with him strength, hope and comfort. 

4x Prayer For My Brother To Get Well Soon

Prayer For My Brother To Get Well Soon

Prayer for Physical Illness

O’ dear God,

I come before you today with a heart full of sorrow and despair. But you promised to sustain us when we cast our burdens onto you. I know your promises never fail because you’re True and Faithful.

Lord, I’m on my bended knees, humbly asking you to stretch your miraculous and restorative hand onto my brother, whom I love so very much. He hasn’t been feeling well lately, and I need You to restore his health and make him whole again because nothing is impossible with you.

You gave us this precious gift called life, and you’re a Sustainer of all life. Father, I put (victim’s name) life in able your hands. Take full control of his body and give him the strength to overcome whatever pain he’s experiencing. Bless him with your loving care today and every day. 

He has been a true blessing in our lives, and we need him whole and smiling again. I am confident about your plans for him and can’t wait to see the many amazing things you have in store for him.

Lastly, I know I’m not worthy to come before you, but I ask you to forgive all our iniquities, those that we know and those that we don’t.

O merciful and gracious God, may you hear my prayer, Amen.

Prayer for Mental Illness 

Loving God, giver of life and health. I come to you asking for your miraculous healing of my beloved brother. You’ve known him from our mother’s womb and walked with him throughout. Lord, I ask you not to leave his side now that his mind is failing to cope. Be his hope and light in these dark times because he cannot do it on his own. Give him peace of mind and calm his troubled heart and inner thoughts. 

I trust and know that you will heal his (name disease). Remove everything that’s causing him distress and restore strength to his mind and joy to his spirit. He’s been through a lot, but his faith in you stayed strong even when the meds didn’t seem to work. He kept faith that one day you’ll deliver and heal him because You promised to do so when anyone calls upon You. 

I know in your good time, you will heal my brother as when I think about your faithfulness, my heart is filled with hope and joy. 

Thank you for what you’re doing and will continue to do in his life. Bless him and strengthen his mind and soul. In the Mighty name of Jesus, our Rock and Salvation, I pray, Amen.

A Family Prayer

Almighty God, thank you for your mercies and the many blessings you’ve bestowed in our lives. We come before you today because we’re not big enough to deal with our worries and fears. We’re all so scared for our brother who’s battling (name what’s ailing him), but with you by our side, we always have hope. 

As your holy book says, the prayer of the faith will heal those who are sick. Abba Father, we come to you in faith, asking you to touch (victim’s name) with your healing hand. Show him your mercy, take away his sickness and suffering, and grant him good health. He will not die but live to testify your goodness and faithfulness. In you all things are possible.

Lord Jesus, it pains us to see our brother going through all this, so we ask for strength and courage. Our minds are fragile and our hearts weak. Just cover us with your warm, loving and caring arms. 

In you, we trust. Amen.

Prayer for Caregivers

Here’s a short prayer for all the caregivers, the healthcare professionals and others using their knowledge, skills and compassion to help your brother find good health and recover fully.

God, the mighty Healer, our refuge and strength, we ask for your blessings today as we pray for (name the caregiver(s)). We ask that you guide them in every step they take. Surround them with your love and faithfulness as they help our brother recover.

Lord, we know doing it day in, day out is not easy, but lead and guide them. Fill their minds with emotions and thoughts that are good and pure. Bless them with strength during the hard and challenging times, divine wisdom and understanding to know what’s best for him and the courage to continue with the journey wherever it may lead, even when they feel like giving up.

Lord Jesus, use them as a tool to give our brother encouragement and comfort. Remind them that they are not alone in this, and You’ll always be beside them every step of the way. Help them know that they can always lean on Your love and grace when faced with despair and hopelessness. Also, may they know by serving our beloved brother, they’re serving you too. 

We pray this believing and trusting in Jesus name, Amen.

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