Prayer For My Daughter To Give Her Strength

It is a blessing to have children, even if they are sometimes wrong or disrespectful. Parents should always remember to thank God for this great opportunity of being parents, and to ever utter blessings upon their children because the greatest gift to give them is prayer.

4x Prayer For My Daughter To Give Her Strength

prayer for my daughter to give her strength

Prayer to Give Thanks

Thank you Lord for the gift of life and the gift of my daughter. I am grateful for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us. She is quite a blessing and no words can express exactly how thankful I am that I am able to spend time with her. Thank you for protecting her, for good health and for the simple fact that she is the fruit of my womb.

Almighty Father, I thank you for always being present in our lives. Thank you for blessing me and entrusting me to care for my daughter. For all the times that she has made me feel like a good mother who brought her up well, I thank you. Thank you for her life and everything that she has.

She takes care of my needs. She runs errands for me. She never gets tired of being sent for errands but instead she does it whole heartedly. Whenever she is around I get to relax and rest a lot. Thank you because she gives me good company and never abandons me or get tired of my constant advice and scolding. Thank you for all the happy years we have enjoyed together and are still enjoying. Thank you that she loves and cares for me selflessly. Thank you Lord Jesus for her.


Prayer for Spiritual Strength

Almighty Father I dedicate her life to you. Help her to live according to your will. I pray that you will direct her steps. Let her grow up to love and serve you. Help her to be God fearing so that she would desire only to please you.

Lord, lead her to scriptures that will strengthen her relationship with you. Help her to grow spiritually as I continue to raise her to know and serve you. Help her to heed to your voice so as to know and understand what you have in store for her. Let her not fall into the snares of the evil one but instead the evil one should know that she is your protected child that he should not try to go near. I pray that she will grow up knowing you and she would have a deeper understanding of your word.

Whenever she meets other people, give her the gift of discernment. Help her differentiate between what is wrong from what is right in your eyes. Lord help her not to do things to please others even when she does wrong. Protect her from bad vices. Let her shun away from evil and choose to do what is right. Jesus you always would be the same, I can rely on you to go ahead and behind her. Lead her to be righteous.

God, King of kings and Lord of lords, I pray that you would teach her to be respectful to everyone. Give her obedience, a child who is respectful and obedient is the envy of many. As in 1 Samuel 15:22, let her learn early in life that to obey you is the best way to the life her heart truly desires. I pray that anyone who meets her would see your presence in her and that they would be impacted positively. Help her to have a loving heart, that is caring and the desire to learn your word and follow your path. Give her wisdom and discernment to avoid temptation and make the best choices in life.


Prayer for Protection

Almighty God, Father of the fatherless, I place my daughter in to your able hands. During this wonderful journey of her growth be with her and guide her.

I release her into to your reliable and loving arms because I know that is the safest place to be. Protect her from harms way and always remind her to pray to you for protection. Shelter her safely whenever evil lurk close to her. Protect her from people who may wish her evil, let their wishes and bad words not to come to pass in Jesus name.

Lord Father, I pray for divine guidance. Lead her towards the righteous path. Guide her in decision making and in choosing her friends. Help her to always make the right choices that would be pleasing to you. I pray this through Christ our Lord.


Prayer for Strength

Almighty God who is all-knowing, Give her strength when she is feeling weak. Let her know that you are in control when in despair and when emotions plunge her down. Give her peace, comfort and heal her. Give her courage when she is afraid. I place her future into your hands. I pray that her future would be bright and that she would be prosperous.  I wish that you put all the right things ahead of her and that you will have her back at all times. Raise and build up your greatness and strength in her.

I believe Lord that you have designed her for your purpose and have carefully planned and prepared in advance your good works in her. Pave a clear way for her and allow the gifts you have placed in her life to grow, develop, flourish and manifest to bring you glory according to your will.

Lord Jesus Christ, bless my daughter. Bless her abundantly with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Bless her today with everything nice. May she always be favored and be peaceful. Help her to accept her vocation and fill her with happiness, joy and cover her with your peace. May she grow up to be loved by everyone and most especially you. I pray that you let your will be done upon her life. I trust that everything you bless her with is good and worthy.

In the book of numbers 6:24-26, I now use the same words to bless her. May you Lord bless her and take care of her. May you be kind and gracious to her and may you look on her with favor and give her peace. When faced with difficult situations give her strength to deal with them wisely.

All my supplications and prayers I put them through, believing I’ve already been answered


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