Prayer For Peace In Ukraine And Russia {3 Examples}

Earlier in the year, Pope Francis requested all Christians to join hands in the consecration of Ukraine and Russia through prayer to the immaculate Heart of our Mother, Mary. Let us join millions of Catholics around the world in prayer for peace in Ukraine and Russia.

3x Prayer for Peace in Ukraine and Russia

3x Prayer for Peace in Ukraine and Russia

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

O Mary, our Lady of Mercy, in this time of trial we turn to you Mother of God. You are always guding us towards your Son, the prince of peace Jesus Christ. Amidst all this war, evil and destruction we’re witnessing, you never cease to remind us that God does not abandon His own. That we serve a merciful God who continues to look upon us with unconditional love, always ready to welcome, guide, forgive and raise us up to new life. Your Immaculate Heart, He has given to us and made a refuge for the church and all of humanity. 

Hear our prayer, O Loving Mother, and help us overcome the depravity of war. Help the leaders of Ukraine and Russia; inspire reconciliation within them and restore God’s peace to the world. If there are any ill feelings or hatred, teach us forgiveness and fill our hearts with your everlasting peace. Queen of the Rosary, Mother of God, make us realize our need to pray and obtain peace for our world from your Son, the Prince of Peace.

We stand with you beneath the cross at this hour Our Lady, entrusting the people of Ukraine and Russia to you. To you we somberly consecrate and entrust ourselves, Virgin Mary. We consecrate the church and all of mankind, especially the citizens of Ukraine and Russia who are in turmoil.

Pray for us and take our pleas to the Lord, that war may end and peace may spread widely throughout not just Europe, but all over the world. Peace, we declare, will dawn once more. This we trust through your Immaculate heart our Mother. To you we consecrate the needs and expectations of every people, the future of the whole human family and the woes and anxieties of the world. May God’s divine mercies be willed out on us, along with the silent hum of peace, through your intercession Oh Mother of God,


Scriptural Prayer

Lord Almighty, creator of heaven and earth, great is your power and marvelous are Your deeds. Your ways remain just and true, King of kings. We will all fear You and glorify Your Holy name now and forever more. All nations will come before you and speak praises and worship, for You alone are Holy. Thank You, sovereign Lord, for protecting the people of Ukraine, we have all born witness to Your righteous deeds as they have been revealed.

Just as You have spread peace all around the world, we beseech you to extend Your mercy and grace towards Russia and Ukraine as well. You assured us that Your faithful love is unconditional and will endure forever. For this Dear God, we thank You. We are grateful that you continue to protect these nations and giving their governments and allies wisdom during this time of war. As for the military personnel serving and risking their lives in Europe, we ask that You watch over them and keep them safe.  

In prayers, supplications, thanksgiving and intercessions to be made for all men, we leave this task to you Oh God. For our presidents, kings, leaders and all who are in authority, touch them with your hand of peace and understanding. Show them the true path to Christianity, that we may lead peaceful, quiet and blessed lives in Your reverence. We want to do only what is acceptable and good in Your Holy sights. It is Your desire for all men to be saved, especially when they call upon your Name. Therefore, we devote this scriptural prayer to the salvation of the good people of Russia and Ukraine. May You grant wisdom and foresight to and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Russia President Vladimir Putin.

For both these governments, we pray for solid leadership. We call for divine knowledge to fill their minds and wisdom to enter their hearts – that they may start considering each other’s needs as opposed to waging war and using force. We declare your divine understanding will keep them safe and show them wise choices that will end this quagmire. The Bible tells us that doing wrong is fun for fools, but living wisely brings pleasure to our sensible God.

Therefore Mighty Father, from the ways of evil and violence, We diligently confess that Your wisdom will save Russian, Ukraine and surrounding nations. Within these nations waging war, Dear Jesus, we command peace and prosperity to overflow. Please comfort the citizens of Russia and Ukraine, and raise up people both within and outside their borders who will begin to rebuild that which has been demolished. We commit this prayer for peace in Ukraine and Russia in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit,


Prayerful Poem for Peace

Mighty Father, King of nations whose sovereign rule brings peace and justice,

We pray that in the hearts of men, your grace and mercies will suffice.

Our world is broken, divided and in pain,

As we witness the wars and ongoing clashes between Russia and Ukraine.

Spread your everlasting peace to the leaders of these countries,

That they may end hatred and alleviate their citizen’s fears and worries.

To the relevant authorities, grant them your divine understanding and wisdom,

To do on earth as it is done in heaven, your kingdom.

Our Mother Mary, Queen of the rosary, show us how to preach peace in the hearts of all,

And banish any thoughts of hatred and violence, the spirit that makes for war,

Instead, let us all act as members of one family, in accordance with and obedience to your law.

We pray this trusting and believing in Jesus Christ your Son,


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