Prayer For Protection Against Storms And Floods

Like many of us, you’ve probably been affected by storms, floods, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. In these trying times, let us join hands in prayer for the families and friends affected by floods as well as the rescue workers who risk their lives to keep everyone safe.

4x Prayer For Protection Against Storms And Floods

prayer for protection against storms and floods

Prayer Against Rising Waters

Almighty, all-knowing Father, I look around and the waters are rising around us violently. I am just but a humble servant Dear Lord. I feel completely helpless, for I cannot keep the rain from falling. I am powerless for the current is too strong and I am weary.

All around the waters are rising, and I feel so empty as I watch my possessions floating away in muddy waters. I pray that you may grant me strength as the overflown rivers and floods wash mine downstream. Give me patience as I feel mine slowly drowning out. But most of all Jehovah, grant me perspective to know that my loss in in replaceable, material possessions, and not in irreplaceable life or grace. 

I pray that you constantly remind me of your most precious gifts to us; family, friends, faith and mercy. And even as the waters rise all around us, even as my spirit flows downstream and my hopes shatter among the rocky river banks, help me stay strong in the faith that you have already gotten us through the storm safely.

Oh Lord hear our plea in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,


In the Eye of the Storm

Creator of heaven and earth, you created the oceans, rivers and everything that dwells within. And from your word, the wind and waves of the sea were born. There is no season that doesn’t follow your plan nor any tides that don’t rise or fall on Your Holy command.

No matter how hard we try, we know we can’t control the weather. But we also know that you are a God of your word. You promised never again to send floods that will wipe out your people or dispatch harsh weather formations as punishment for sin.   

As we face this natural disaster Dear Father, we are confident that you are with us. Just like at the Sea of Galilee where Jesus calmed the waters by rebuking the storm, let it be known to all that even the winds and waves obey you.

We come before you as humble servants asking you to calm the winds of the approaching hurricane and spare all those in its path from harm. Guide every soul to safety and open our hearts to generosity in the days to come. Watch over your flock during this challenging season, many of whom are preparing to evacuate.

Give us all the courage, strength and resolve we need to ride out this storm. And even when things seem dark and gloomy, we pray that you help guide our boat to shore oh Captain of captains. Blessed are you, the source of life and nature, whose strength and power inspire us to be strong in all adversity.    


Prayer for Strength Against Loss

Oh compassionate Lord, we thank you for the blessings you have showered upon us. All our success and prosperity would not be possible without you. I come before you today asking that you may close the heavens, for what was a blessing has now become a disaster.

Bad weather, storms and floods have wreaked havoc upon your people leaving everyone in a state of disarray. We plead the Virgin Mary to have mercy on us and pray for all those devastated by natural disasters. We remember all those who lost their lives and property to the wild waters.

We also hold in our hearts all the families who were forever changed by grief and loss. May you bring them comfort and consolation while surrounding them with our prayers for strength. And for those of us who survived, heal our memories of devastation and trauma while giving us the courage we need to face the long, tough road to rebuilding.   

Almighty Creator, we ask that you pour your blessings on all those who have lost their homes, their jobs, securities and hopes amidst the storm. Not to forget the Holy work of relief workers who you have called upon to save us. May you guide their work by the strength and grace that only comes from Jesus.

As for the rest of us Father, help us respond with assistance, generosity, and lend a hand to the best of our abilities. Let our hearts and minds remain with those in need of assistance even when the storm calms down. We pray this trusting and believing in Jesus Christ,


Prayer of Relief for Victims of Natural Disasters

Gracious and merciful Father, we come before you today hearts filled with grief as we bear witness to the devastation. We ask that you show yourself to those who are grieving, injured, mourning and in loss. We pray for our churches to witness your compassion and spread love and care to all those in suffering.

Mary Mother of Jesus, your love and mercy compels us to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters all over the world. Help us stand with the victims of floods and hurricanes. In our charity, compassion, caring, advocacy and prayer, let us stand with them. We ask or your grace to move with us as we turn to their aid.

Give us your grace to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, shelter the homeless, care for the sick and reach the stranded. And in reaching out to help, may we find you in them, and may they find you in us as we strive to live like siblings – all children of God.      


Final Word

For anyone who needs the extra strength and boost in their faith for a better tomorrow:

Lord, give us the strength to know what we can change, and accept the things we cannot – but more importantly, to know the difference. God is our refuge; though the earth will change, the mountains will tremble and the waters will foam, God is in the midst of the city. It shall not be moved – Psalms 46.   

2 thoughts on “Prayer For Protection Against Storms And Floods”

  1. why do you ask God to do for you what he has told you to do your self.why do you go hide in the bath tub and not outside speaking to the tornado coming directly to your house.that is the difference between religion and christianity. religion will kill you joshua gives life. choose him and not the church

  2. good prayer as we look aghast at the weather patters and predictions about further flooding in Northern victoria, now Echuca, with the Murray and Campaspe rivers close to more flooding and Echuca being warned about evacuating, shepparton, Wangaratta.. frighting and I feel so helpless. hard to find anything in the bible that relates specifically to what is going on right now. The prayers above are a great help. thank you


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