Prayer For Quitting Smoking {4 Examples}

Good health is one thing we should be grateful for. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of vices waiting to destroy our health. As children of God and owners of His temple, here are a few prayer points to help us all plead the Blood of Jesus against smoking.

4x Prayer For Quitting Smoking

4x Prayer For Quitting Smoking

For Intervention

Lord, I thank you for the profuse blessings you have seen fit to bestow opon me. I most especially thank you for the gift of life and good health. Father, I come before you today with a lot of pain in my heart. Pain for the fact that my addiction to smoking threatens to destroy my life. I don’t want to develop any health conditions due to my bad habit and that’s why I come to you because you alone can change my poor habit for the better.

Father, I am powerless and turn to you for intervention. Intervene on my behalf so that I may be able quit my smoking habit. I call upon your name so you may show yourself to me before things get out of control. Fill me with your divine power and break the evil chains of my terrible smoking habit from within. My addiction is increasing every day. I see myself gradually changing from smoking one cigarette, to two and now three per day. I don’t want to continue this way and that’s why I need your intervention to completely stop taking them.

I am getting worried Lord because I have been introduced to other things aside from cigarette. I am slowly getting addicted to these other things that I smoke and take. Lord please lead me to know what is right and not to always say yes to bad vices. Help me to learn to say no to things that would end up destroying my life. I feel worried but Lord Your word asks us in 1st Peter 5:7, to leave all our worries with you, because you care for us. Lord put my worries aside and give me faith that everything will be alright. Help me to overcome this small huddle that is proving difficult. Give me the will to do things that pleases only you and not my friends and peers. Let me know that pleasing you alone will lead me to eternal life.

Even though I have strayed from the righteous path, I know that you have good plans for me. Lord have mercy on me who is so very determined to quit my smoking habit, that you may work a miracle and create a new spirit within my heart. Help me to change my ways and become completely a new being. Intervene for me and all other people who are in bondage and would wish to also change their ways and live to serve and love you. Help me realize that my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and as such should be taken care of. Help me to know that if I take harmful things I would be destroying this beautiful body that you have given to me.


For Self Discipline

Lord Jesus, I am eternally grateful for your continued protection and support upon my life and I will continue to praise and worship your Holy Name. I come before you now to ask for your mercy upon me who has put my own life in jeopardy by overindulging in smoking. Lord Jesus help me to have discipline and self-control. I really need to stop smoking and the only way to achieve this is through self-control. My habits need to change completely from what I was used to before. Lord, intervene for I am not able to achieve this on my own. I need You to be here with me every step of the way.

At times I feel the urge to take a puff. I have been advised countless times by people who care for me to stop. I was also advised on what to do in order to achieve results but still I find it difficult to be true to it. I am not disciplined, I always have this excuse, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me taking just a puff.” I know it is wrong and that’s why I come to you Lord Jesus to help me have self-discipline.

The doctor told me that if I don’t stop smoking there is the risk of heart and liver problems. I don’t want to have such issues. That is not my portion in Jesus Name. Sometimes I falter but I trust in You Lord that you will hold my hand. You will lead me as I follow.

Lord help me to find hope in your word.

Philippians 4:13 by the power that Jesus Christ gives me, I have the power to face all conditions.


For Forgiveness and Transformation

God Almighty, I pray for your pardon for having abused drugs most especially smoking. 1Corinthians 6:19 tells me that my body is a holy temple since the Holy Spirit dwells in me. Father, I pray you may forgive my indulgence in drugs and restore my earthly temple to your Holy image. Forgive me for abusing your holy temple and work on both my mental and physical health because I know in one way or the other I have messed up my system. Please Father, forgive me and don’t punish me by bringing sickness my way.

Father blot out my transgressions, shower me with your mercy and grant me strength to battle the bad spirit of smoking. In your blood may I be born anew and have restored health and life. Lord I have become a slave to drugs and I need your help. In your grace Lord Jesus, I ask that you grant me strength to face my addiction head on. Draw out the slavery to smoking and replace the vice with an all new dependency and thirst for you. Please restore everything in me.

My God, I pray that you may restore me from bad company and help me realize my own dreams and aspirations which will lead me to using the gifts that you have given to me positively. Let me be surrounded instead by people with good morals who want the best for me. As you transform me Lord Jesus, do same for my friends who have gone astray. May you also show my smoking friends the light so that your joy and peace can be with them and also experience transformation. Lord be with us all during this time and transform us for the good so that we can lead by example and be a point of reference for many others.



Thank you my Jesus, thank you my Lord. I am grateful for all the blessings you have showered me with. In Philippians 1:6, I am sure that you who began good work in me, will carry it on to completion. I am grateful that you made me realize that what I have been doing is not right. Thank you because I am willing to amend my mistakes in life.

I thank you for being with me on my way to recovery from my smoking addiction. I ask you to hold me with Your righteous hand and continue guiding me down the holy path. You are indeed a God of Your word, and I have felt your presence throughout my amendment journey. I trust that I will be a living testimony of all the wonders and miracles you continue to perform in my life. I thank you that I have finally refused to allow this addiction affect my mind, body and soul.

In Jesus name I pray as I ask Virgin Mary to intercede for me.


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