Prayer For Reconciliation With An Ex

We’ve all been there; say or do something that ruins a perfectly good relationship. But we’re imperfect humans bound to make mistakes. That’s why it’s important to forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes. Case in point; take responsibility for what you did, ask for forgiveness and hopefully get a second chance.

While forgiveness is never guaranteed, it’s very much possible when you let God take the wheel. Surrender to Him through prayer. He can restore your relationship from all things and direct your path.

In the midst of hurt, the right words can be hard to come by. We hope this prayer for reconciliation with an ex can be your guide as you navigate through the hurt, fears and challenges of mending your relationship. Simply trust that restoration is part of God’s plan and that He’ll make everything beautiful in His timing.

4x Prayer For Reconciliation With An Ex

4x Prayer For Reconciliation With An Ex

Prayer for Forgiveness

Heavenly Father, thank you for loving me in spite of my imperfections and failures. Thank you for forgiving me even when I don’t deserve it. Thank you for the blessing of a new day to try and find a way to repair my relationship with my ex after I messed up.

I know what I did was wrong. I never meant to hurt my ex, but I did. And for that, I’m extremely disappointed with myself. I was selfish and there’s no excuse for that. I have been trying to forgive myself, but the shame still lingers like a shadow a step behind. I’m planning to go and ask for forgiveness, but first, I ask You to forgive me. I wish I could turn back time and make better choices. I feel overwhelmed with regrets, and I need You to saturate my mind with Your sweet words before these thoughts consume me. There’s no evil deed You can’t forgive Jehovah God. I’m confident in You.

Lord Jesus, I also ask you to give my ex strength to forgive me for everything I put them through. Please grant them a spirit of forgiveness. Let them see that I’m a changed person who is willing to do whatever it takes to show that I’m worthy of a second chance. Help them to embrace this idea with grace and positivity. And it’s in Your Holy name I pray, Amen.

Prayer to Overcome Fear, Anger and Bitterness

My precious Lord and Savior, I come before Your Holy throne to ask You to deliver my ex and me from the chains of fear, anger, bitterness, hatred and any negative thought that may be blocking our reconciliation.

Transform our thinking and fill our hearts with Your steadfast love, peace, joy and faithfulness. Strengthen our minds to resist the temptation of falling back into the pit of negativity. Help us to fully trust You to supply our needs. Teach us to be kind to one another as we try to mend our relationship. Help us to converse in a dignified and respectful manner. Give us the grace to remain calm when emotions run high.

Lord, I rebuke every power that may want to hinder our reunion. I know You have the power to do far more than I can Imagine. In the meantime, help me to remain strong and calm. And when I need help get through the hard days, hold me in Your arms and comfort me. Amen.

Prayer for Strength and Courage to Work Through the Differences

Father Lord, thank you for bringing —-into my life. I had never experienced love and happiness like that before. I had something good and beautiful going on in my life, but I messed it all up for selfish reasons. I deeply regret what I did and I’m willing to work on myself and be a better person for them. Lord, I cannot do this on my own. I need Your guidance to follow through with this promise because Your ways are perfect.

I know the path to reconciliation is not easy. It’s a bumpy road filled with potholes and detours. Grant me the strength to endure this process and the courage to face whatever lies ahead. Put words in my mouth to calm the situation if any tension arises. Help me to seek You at all times when the journey gets tough to navigate. Let me remember that my strength and courage come from You, O’ Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

Lastly, give me strength to trust Your process even when things have stalled or are not going according to plan. I know these things take time and I’m choosing to put my faith in You completely. Your word is true and sure. You never fail to do what You’ve promised. Amen.

Prayer for Peace and Restoration

Lord, nothing in this world is too hard for You to do. Your sovereign over all things and nobody compares to You. You deserve all the praise and adoration, dear God. I’m here today asking You to restore my relationship with—-. Help us rekindle the love and sparks that existed between us. Let our hearts and souls reconnect and our love blossom into the beautiful flower it used to be. Help us to re-establish trust and open our hearts to Your plans.

Heal my ex’s battered and bruised emotional wounds so they may find peace to let go of the hurt. While I may not understand their feelings deep inside, I share their pain. Overwhelm them with Your tender love and flood every corner of their being with the soothing comfort of Your presence. Fill both of us with peace only You can give as try to work through our differences. I pray this believing and trusting in Jesus name. Amen.

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