Prayer For Safe Delivery And Healthy Baby

It is one thing to be pregnant, another to carry the pregnancy to full term, another to be able to deliver the baby safely without any complications and finally to have a healthy baby. We should always ask God to give us all these and be able to raise our children well.

5x Prayer For Safe Delivery And Healthy Baby

5x Prayer For Safe Delivery And Healthy Baby

Thanksgiving Prayer

God Almighty, I am truly grateful for the fact that you blessed me with a child who is growing inside of me. So far everything is going smoothly with my pregnancy. I can always feel my baby moving and kicking inside my belly. I am so thankful that you have allowed me to share in that experience which comes from you alone and which is beyond human understanding. Thank you for the blessing my womb.

Lord, I have been to the hospital for my antenatal checkups and the doctor told me that my baby and I are in perfect condition and health. It is not every day that we hear about healthy pregnancies and for that I am thankful. I thank you that I have another life inside me and I have faith that at the end I will rejoice in praise to you for the beautiful gift that you will bestow upon me.

My God I give thanks to you with a grateful heart. Thank you because all parenthood comes from you and you have allowed me to share in your divine motherhood. Thank you that you make me feel safe and I know that I can cast all my worries to you because your love to us is boundless. Thank you for everything Lord, for what you have done, what you are doing and what you will do.


Prayer for Courage

Sweet Jesus, I pray that you give me courage to face whatever comes my way. I need courage to carry my pregnancy and most especially courage during delivery. I must admit that I am really scared of the unknown but Lord please let me draw courage from you. I know that with you everything will be okay.

I have been told so many stories about labor and delivery. People tell me scary experiences and the truth is it really freaks me out. I am even scared of going into labor but I trust that you Lord won’t give me something that I can’t handle. Lord in the Bible, any pain and anguish is not comparable to labor and child birth but I still believe that with courage, I will pull through.

Genesis 3:16, You said that You will increase pain to a woman during delivery but I believe that it is okay because at the end of it all it’s all worth it. I will definitely not be the first nor the last. Just like you did it for so many other women, do it for me. Give me courage to know that it’s something that I will have to go through no matter what and that what matters most is a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Help me to always remember that all pain and anguish gives way to joy after delivering the baby. With this in mind, I will gain more strength and courage. John 16:21. I pray for supernatural strength for my journey ahead. Lord put my worries aside and give me faith that everything will be alright.


Prayer for Short labor

God our creator, I am aware that You said a woman will labor in pain but You didn’t say that it would take days. I pray that you give me a short labor. Just like how Hebrew women are described in Exodus 1:19, I pray that my case follow the same suit. I do not want to be in anguish and pain for a very long time, I only want the whole labor and delivery process to be a short one.

I believe Lord that You will give me that which I desire. Please make my own experience to be the complete opposite of those terrifying experiences I have been told by other women who were in my condition before me. I want to go into labor, and immediately after reaching the hospital, I want to be rushed into the delivery room and deliver my baby so that my labor will not go on and on for hours or even days. Please grant me short labor Lord.


Prayer for Safe Delivery

Almighty God, it is my prayer that I will have a safe delivery just like my pregnancy. You who began the good work in me, will be faithful to carry it on to completion. Lord you who answered my prayers to conceive are more than capable of making me have a safe delivery and perfect and healthy baby. I commit my journey towards delivery into Your able hands. Give me a safe delivery without any complications.

Lord, during this time of waiting, I ask you to nurture and protect my first mysterious experience in this journey. Remember me Lord, may my child come safely into this world and to the new birth of baptism. Hold my hand, be with me as I step into the delivery room. Send your Holy Spirit to be with me and guide me. To protect me from harm. To help me not to develop any kind of complication during delivery and even after delivery.

Lord, you are my rock and my fortress, keep me safe as I go through labor and delivery. I want you to be present in that delivery room so that the process will go smoothly under the best circumstances. I ask for your protection upon me and my baby. Lord, I take Your Precious Blood of restoration and sprinkle it all over my body. From the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. As well as my baby who is yet to see the world.

I pray that you give me the best care givers. Give me good nurses and doctors who take on their work with passion. Those who work as if they are working for you. Use them so that they will help me during the whole period. Help them so that they can make my experience easy and my delivery safe. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus.


Prayer for Healthy Baby

God Almighty, I pray for a normal and healthy baby. I declare a normal baby without any deformities. A baby who is perfectly made in your image and likeness. Even when my baby was formed and as he/she grows waiting to come into this world, send your Angels to guide and protect him/her from any danger, evil and illnesses. Let me be blessed with the perfect gift of a healthy baby and I will forever be grateful to you.

Let me see in my child a living sign of your presence. Protect my child from sickness even after delivery and while growing up. Let him/her grow up to fear, love and serve You. May a new voice join mine in praise of You, a new heart love You and a new life bear witness to You. I pray this through Christ our Lord.

O most gracious Mother Mary, You are also a mother. Intercede for me to Your son Jesus Christ for He cannot refuse a request of Yours.


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