Prayer For Safe Travel {4 Examples}

In one way or another, we cannot avoid travelling. We may use different means of transport depending on where we are headed. It is important to always put all our plans of travel unto the able hands of God and ask for safe journey mercies.  

4x Prayer For Safe Travel

4x Prayer For Safe Travel

Before Travelling

Merciful savior, behold the journey ahead of us before you. Once more we consecrate ourselves to You, our journey and everyone we will be traveling with. We surrender the driver and passengers together with ourselves to You, that you will be with us as we prepare for travel. Your protection and mercy are wealth enough for us. In your mercy guide and protect us at all times, before, during and after the journey.

We cast ourselves at your feet, thanking you for all the travels we have made, and you have protected us in all. As we prepare for yet another journey, be with us. Send our guardian Angels to walk with us at all times. Cover us with your most Precious Blood, the paths, our possessions, our fellow passengers, the people driving us and everything else, cover with your most precious blood. In our going in and coming out, from start to finish protect us and we will be forever grateful. In Jesus Name.


Prayer for Protection

O Lord, God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, we cover our whole journey and ourselves with Your most Precious Blood. Protect everyone and everything that will be present during the journey. Shield us from evil happenings. Be our guide and strength. Go before us and be our driver. Just like in the Bible, the book of Proverbs 3:23, protect the paths we will use.

Lord you fill each and every place with your presence. Be present on this journey. Help us reach our destination and bring us back home safely and in good health. Watch over the paths. We ask for protection against accidents, bad weather, blocked pathways, rough roads and reckless drivers.

Lord we ask that you prevent us from accidents. Go before us and protect us. Many at times we see reports about accidents. Some are fatal and there is loss of lives. Others are minor and people get minor injuries and destruction of property. We refuse any form of accident caused by the evil one during our travel. Release your angels upon all vehicles on the road to guide and protect us.

We pray that the weather will be accommodative as we embark on our journey. We know that of late the weather has not been great and it is very risky to travel during such times. It is inevitable that we travel during this time and that’s why we need you to give us a good weather for travelling as we go and even as we come back, because You alone have the power to keep the weather calm.

Lord protect us from people who may block roads in order to carry out evil acts. Protect us from blocked roads by natural causes thereby causing us not to proceed to our destination. Protect us from carjackers and all people who plan evil on others. Be with us everywhere we go and all the time.

Almighty God protect us from rough and bad roads. Many accidents may occur where the road is not smooth. We ask that you will smoothen all the paths we are going to use and that you will be with us and protect us. Help us so that no tire or mechanical issues occur due to any rough road.

We also pray that you protect us from reckless drivers. We may have a responsible driver driving us, but we don’t know about other drivers using the same road as us. We ask you to always protect us from such encounters.

Lord, we also pray for other people travelling using different means of transport, give them journey mercies. It may be on foot, by air, by water on land using different means which have been made by the human hand. We are not perfect but in all we do, we get you involved so that everything can be perfect. Therefore perfect all the modes of transport and keep all travelers safe so that they will reach their destinations safely. All glory and honor will be yours, forever and ever.


Prayer for Drivers

All powerful and merciful Father, we put all the drivers into your hands most especially our driver. Make them careful and watchful so that they may not cause death or pain through any neglect. Help them to enjoy the beauty of your creation and be thoughtful about other people at all times. Go ahead of them, be with them in all their operations. Hold their hands and be present as they take the wheel.

Go ahead of them and help them be able to determine when and where to take breaks so that they don’t push themselves too hard. We pray that you give them the grace to be less destructed and more cautious on the road. Help them to navigate the jam packed roads with care. We pray that they will be adequately prepared, have sharp eyes, be alert and have steady hands during their driving.


Prayer for Passengers

Lord Jesus Christ, protect all the passengers who are travelling, that no harm may come to them. Be with them on their journey and bring them home in peace. Protect the properties that they are in possession of as well. Put your Angels ahead of them to watch over them as they are travelling. Luke 4:10.

We pray that you keep them calm so that they would not be anxious or worried over any happenings during their journey. Give everyone good health and lift their spirits. We declare that they will make it to where they need to go safely and that they will be able to make it to their loved ones.

These and all our petitions we ask through our Mother Mary.


Final Word

Even after having a safe journey, there is need to always say a prayer after travelling. We should always thank God for the journey mercies and not take it as a normal thing. Just because we have always gone and come back safely, doesn’t mean that it will always be the case.

So let’s always remember to say thank you for life, health, our safety and that of our loved ones. Thank you Lord – as simple as that.

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