Prayer For Son Going Through Divorce

Divorce can be sometimes painful especially when the two parties have not reached an agreement or they want completely different things. It is wise to ask for God’s guidance during the whole process.

4x Prayer For Son Going Through Divorce

4x Prayer For Son Going Through Divorce

Prayer for Forgiveness

Almighty God I want to thank you in a special way for my son. Thank you for his life, good health, marriage, everything and everyone in his life. Thank you for giving me such a good son. Grant him forgiveness for all his sins. Forgive him for what he has done and what he is about to do. Forgive him for all the hurtful things that he has said and done to his wife and help him to become a better person.

Some years ago he got married and vowed to stick by his wife’s side in good and in bad times. He made this vow in front of you God and in front of every other person present. I pray that you may forgive him for not wanting to keep these vows and for wanting to get divorced. He is my son and I know that he is not perfect. He might not see this as a big issue but the truth is it is a big deal. I pray that you pardon him and grant him mercy. Open up his mind to know how to do what pleases you.

Lord I pray that you soften his heart. Countless times that I have talked to him and he has vowed never to forgive his wife and not to stop the divorce proceedings. I have told him that no marriage is perfect and we only need to understand each other and communicate in order for things to work out but it seems like all my advice has fallen into deaf ears. I pray for your divine intervention. Help him to have a forgiving heart. Help him realize that you are a forgiving God and that you want us to forgive others just the same way you forgive us. Help him remember to err is human and to forgive is divine. I know that you will help him through this and he will be able to forgive his wife because it is only by your intervention that he will be able to soften his heart to forgiveness.


Prayer for Peace

Lord God you who is a father who is peaceful. I pray that you give my son the peace that he needs. It has been difficult for him to have peace in his house. Many times he comes home and spends so many days around without going home. He says that he does not have peace of mind whenever he is at his house. He tells me that he cannot sit down and have a peaceful and decent conversation with his wife.

Every time I try to talk to them both, they point accusing fingers at one another and no one is willing to accept their mistake. Please give them peace so that they can be able to communicate and sort out their issues. Mold my son into your peaceful ways and instill love and peace in him. Let him not harbor any feelings of vengeance. Lord help them both to have peaceful talks so that they can salvage their marriage. I know that you can do this because I know they still are in love with each other.


Prayer for Wisdom

My God, you who is slow to anger and rich in mercy, help him to handle his wife and their marriage with wisdom during these trying times. Help him to be wise in dealing with this painful experience and know whether proceed with the divorce process or to try and fix what is left of their marriage. He needs you so much right now Lord, forsake him not. Lord give them wisdom to be able to understand each other. Help them to be able to solve issues that they have and plan their lives ahead of them wisely. Give them a deeper understanding of what marriage truly entails so that they can do things to please you.

I know Lord that he has failed time and again to ask for your graces and help but I now turn to you asking for your help and mercy. Be with him during this crucial time that he is facing. You alone know how things have been difficult in his marriage and how much he acts on impulse without even thinking of the consequences. Lord I pray that you may therefore fill him with the gift of wisdom so that he can learn how to handle his marital problems wisely and in a way that you want them handled.


Prayer for Healing and Restoration

God our comforter, I come to you today with sadness in my heart. I truly love my son and his wife and would not like it if they would get divorced. I know that temptations are placed in our lives in order to make us stronger in faith. I still believe that his marriage can be saved and that they can find it in their hearts to forgive each other and try to pick up the broken pieces of their marriage.

Lord give them divine healing that comes only from you, to be able to forgive each other and still want to make things work. My daughter in law has told me that she still loves my son and would want to work things out with him. She told me that she does not want to divorce him. My son also loves his wife despite the fact that he wants to divorce her. I come to you asking for you to heal his heart and help him to forgive his wife. I believe that you blessed their union and would not want to see them divorce each other. Help him God by giving him inner healing of his mind and of his heart. You alone can do this and that is why I turn to you in prayer because I believe in you.

I need you to help him know whether to restore his marriage or to opt out. He has been hurt many times over and over. Everlasting God, I come before you now in great need of your healing. Heal his heart for you are the doctor and physician of his soul. Please put back all the pieces of his shattered heart together. I surrender to you all the hurtful events in his marriage where bitterness and anger have been allowed to fester in him. Heal him so that he can be able to forgive her.

Please help him to know his mistakes so that he can change and become a better husband to his wife. Help him to realize that he has sometimes been unfair to her and know that asking for forgiveness and mending his ways is the wisest thing to do. Help him to have a repentant heart so that he can rebuild his marriage to be even stronger than before. Help him to solve their problems and be able to restore back his marriage. Help him to have a forgiving heart and to mend his marriage this time that he feels like giving up. Help him to maintain his marriage vows to his wife and most especially to you.

I come against the spirit of division so that attacks from the evil one will not stand in his marriage. Help them to always seek refuge in you whenever they experience any problem. Restore their marriage dear Lord.

I ask our Blessed Mother and the patron of desperate and hopeless cases, St. Jude Thaddeus to intercede for me to the Lord our God.


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