Prayer For Souls In Purgatory {4 Examples}

We believe that when we die, we go to purgatory so that in case we didn’t have the chance to repent of our sins before death, our loved ones would intercede for us and eventually get to be pardoned and see heaven. We should always remember to pray for their souls.

4x Prayer For Souls In Purgatory

prayer for souls in purgatory

Prayer for Confession of Sins

We came to you, merciful God, with a heavy heart. We apologize for all the wrongs we have committed, whether intentionally or unintentionally. We beg your pardon. We want to commemorate those who have passed away and whose souls are in purgatory, asking the Lord to have mercy and pardon them for all the crimes they did while they were still alive. Since nobody is perfect and since we are all fallible human beings, we humbly ask for your forgiveness. Forgive them for their ideas, statements, deeds, and omissions. Lord, you are a merciful God; forgive them.

Dear Jesus, pardon them because they were not aware of what they were doing and lacked the time to turn from their crimes. Forgive them for not living a godly life while on earth and for taking things for granted. They wouldn’t let you impose your will on them. They chose to act independently of you rather than placing their faith and trust in you. They made the decision to listen to the voice of the wicked one, which led them to commit sin. Lord, they chose to dodge you by doing the wrong things rather than bring all their burdens to you. Lord Jesus, please pardon them for all of this as well as for not realizing that life was too short to live it in an evil manner.

Lord, we beseech you to also pardon us if in any way we have offended them. Please assist us in letting go of any grudges we may have against them. Even if they didn’t ask for it, please help us to forgive them. Despite the wickedness they committed while on earth, kindly pardon them. Please pardon them for forgetting that at Calvary, burdens are lifted. Let us constantly remember them in our prayers as we seek for their forgiveness, and have mercy on them for choosing the route that leads to the evil one.


Prayer to Give Thanks

We thank you, Almighty Father, for allowing us to see yet another day after we got up. Thank you also for keeping us safe and healthy and are able to conduct our daily business as usual. Thank you for giving those who perished and are currently in purgatory, life on earth. We appreciate the chance they had to spend time making memories with their loved ones. We are grateful for the moments, no matter how brief or prolonged, that they were there in the lives of their loved ones.

Thank you, Lord, for loving us all and just wanting what is best for us. We trust that even though they did wicked things while they were on earth, you will still pardon them. I’m grateful that you will pardon them, Lord. No one would be worthy to stand before you, Lord, if you were to count all of our sins. We are thankful that you are a merciful God who is able to overlook even the most serious transgressions. Lord, we believe that everything occurs as a result of your permission. We are grateful that your will was done upon them.


Prayer for the Loved Ones and Companions of the Souls in Purgatory

Dear Heavenly Father, please help us to remember the loved ones of those who have passed away and are currently in purgatory. Lord, grant them mental and emotional tranquility. We are aware that they have numerous queries to which they will almost certainly never receive an answer. We ask that you will soothe their souls and assist them in accepting the situation as it is. So that they might live happily and get on with their lives, please help them find the answers they seek in you and bring them peace in their troubled hearts and minds.

Lord Jesus, give them consolation at this difficult time. They are in mourning, O Lord. We ask that you console them. That their loved ones are now in a better place, free from grief, suffering, and agony, may provide them comfort. May it comfort them to know that they are with you in paradise. Lord, be with them, and may them find solace in your kind embrace. Encourage them to move on from their grief. Teach them to move forward after accepting their setbacks. Encourage them through this difficult moment because if you grasp their hands and don’t let go, they will be able to survive.

We pray to you, Almighty God, for their heavenly healing and the fortitude to continue. We come to you during this time of their grieving, giving you control over their thoughts, feelings, and, most importantly, their hearts. Allow them to draw courage from you. Teach them to accept this course of action, which even they will follow in due time. Offer comfort from the book of John 14:18 to those who are feeling lonely.

Lord, assist them to continue praying for their souls after they pass away so that they can receive forgiveness and be united with Christ in death. Encourage them to pardon themselves for the times they thought they were to blame. Lord, pardon them for doubting your will. Help them to forgive themselves and their loved ones for thinking that they abandoned them too soon and that they were unable to do many things as a unit. Lord, mend their hearts and give them the fortitude to submit to your will, carry on with their lives, and find inner peace.


Prayer for Rest

Jesus, our Savior, you created a route to eternal life via your death. Consider those who have died and are in purgatory with kindness. May they approach you with self-assurance so that they will have the bravery to share your passion and death with you, and may they be protected by the blood you shed. May peace be with them. Give them pity and receive them in your presence. Invite them inside your home, which is filled with joy, serenity, and all the beautiful things, by opening your hands wide.

We beg you from the bottom of our hearts to pardon them so they might be cleansed of all their transgressions. God, the world’s Creator and Redeemer, pardon their souls for all of their sins. We hope that you will forgive them via the power of our prayers. Lord, heed our requests.

Jesus, have pity on them in light of your sour passion and the wounds on your body. Give their souls eternal rest as a result of your excruciating suffering and death on the cross.

Lord grant them eternal rest and let perpetual light shine on them. May they rest in peace.


Mary, Mother of God, please intervene for us on our behalf.


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