Prayer For Suicide Victims {4 Examples}

The challenges and pressures of life can cause one to take his/her own life in order to avoid such situations. Suicidal thoughts come from the evil one and we should therefore pray for the souls of those who have fallen victim.

4x Prayer for Suicide Victims

4x Prayer for Suicide Victims

Prayer for Forgiveness

Merciful God, we come to you with deep regret in our hearts. We are sorry for all the wrongs we have done either knowingly or unknowingly. Please forgive us. In a special way we want to remember those who have committed suicide, Lord please have mercy and forgive them for taking lives that do not belong to them. Everything in this world belongs to you including our lives and the air that we breathe and that is why we plead with you to forgive them. Forgive them for their thoughts, words, actions and what they failed to do. Pardon them Lord for you are a merciful God.

Sweet Jesus, forgive them because they did not treasure that special gift of life that you gave to them. Forgive them because they took their lives for granted and did not appreciate the fact that they had life which others wished they had but did not. They did not allow you to do your will in their lives. Instead of trusting and believing in you they decided to take matters into their own hands. They decided to follow that voice from the evil one, which pushed them to take their own lives. Lord they did not take all their burdens to you and instead decided to evade them by ending their own lives. Lord Jesus forgive them for all these and also because they did not wait for your time.

Lord for them to have committed suicide, they must have had troubled hearts. Maybe some had a lot of debts piled up and had no way of paying them back. Some might have lost their loved ones and could not handle the sadness. Some might have been heartbroken by the people they loved, some might have witnessed their families and relationships falling apart. Some might have lost everything that they worked so hard for and owned. Some might have been due to the pressure they received from others. Lord the reasons are many, all we ask is that despite their reasons, please forgive them. Forgive them for not remembering that burdens are lifted at calvary. Have mercy on them for choosing that path that comes from the evil one and forgive them also for not taking their burdens to you and because they did not wait for your own time and will to be done.


Thanksgiving Prayer

Almighty Father, we thank you for the fact that we woke up and were able to see yet another day. Thank you also for the fact that we are okay and well and can go about our businesses normally. Thank you for the life you had given suicide victims. Thank you for the times that they spent with their loved ones. We are thankful that they had the opportunity to create memories together with their friends and family. Thank you for the times that they were present in the lives of their loved ones whether their time together was short or long. Thank you Lord Jesus for them.

Lord, thank you that you love us all and only want the best for us. We believe that despite their selfish acts of taking their lives, you still forgave them. Thank you for your forgiveness. Lord if you were to count all our sins then no one would be worthy to stand before you. We are grateful that you are a merciful God and can forgive even the most gravious faults. Lord we trust that everything happens because you allow them to happen. Thank you that your will was done upon their lives. In Jesus name.


Prayer for Family and Friends of the Victims

Heavenly Father, we remember the friends and families of the suicide victims. Lord give them peace in their hearts and mind. We know that they have so many questions that they would probably never get answers to. We pray that you calm their hearts and help them to accept what has befallen them. Let them find the answers they seek in you and grant them peace in their bothered hearts and minds so that they can be able to live peacefully and continue with their lives.

Lord Jesus comfort them at this time that they are devastated. They are grieving dear Lord. We pray that you bring them comfort. May they find solace in the fact that their loved ones are now in a better place, free of sorrow, suffering and pain. May they be comforted that they dwell with you in heaven. Be with them Lord and let them find comfort in your loving arms. Help them to get past their sorrows. Teach them to accept their losses and move on. Comfort them during this time because if you hold their hands at this time and never let them go, they will be able to pull through.

Almighty God, we pray for their divine healing and the strength to move on. We come to you during this time of their mourning; we surrender their feelings, emotions and most especially their hearts to you. Let them draw strength from you. Teach them to accept this path that even them will take when their time comes. When they feel lonely, let me find solace in the book of John14:18.

Lord forgive them for the times they asked you why you allowed their loved ones to take their own lives. Help them to forgive themselves for the times they felt that it was their fault. Please forgive them Lord for questioning your will. Help them to forgive their loved ones and themselves for feeling that they left them soon and that they were not able to do alot of things together. Heal their hearts Lord and give them the strength to accept your will, move on with their lives and have peace with themselves and in their hearts.


Prayer for Rest

Jesus our savior, in your death you opened a gateway to eternal life. Look kindly on those who passed away. Unite them with your passion and death, and saved by the blood you shed, may they come before you with confidence so that they would rest in peace. Have mercy on them and accept them in your presence. Open your hands wide open and welcome them into your home that is rich in happiness, peace and all the good things.

We plead with you from the depths of our hearts for their forgiveness so that they may find redemption from all their iniquities. God the Creator and Redeemer of all the world, grant their souls the remission of all their sins and most especially of the fifth commandment. We desire that through our prayers they may obtain pardon from you. Lord hear our prayers.

Jesus, because of your bitter passion and the wounds on your body, have mercy on them. Because of your bitter agony and death on the cross, give their souls eternal rest.

Lord grant them eternal rest and let perpetual light shine on them. May they rest in peace.


Mary, Mother of God, come to our aid with your powerful intercession.


1 thought on “Prayer For Suicide Victims {4 Examples}”

  1. This evening another young member of the family died from suicide. The best prayer Jesus asks us to say is the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the person who died and all of those left behind. I appreciate reading the prayers you enclosed but find it off putting that you say they are at peace and no longer struggling with whatever is making them miserable. They are with God . We can hope and pray that that is the case but cannot take for granted that they are in heaven. If they are in heaven they don’t need our prayers so if we think that is where a person is, we may not be inclined to pray for them and that would be a bad mistake if that person is not in heaven and REALLY needs our prayers. Only God knows where they are.
    Also, do we really know that we are free from some blame and responsibility? Is it possible that another person who they depended upon made the mistake of not listening when they cried for help right before that final act? What if they left a letter telling you how your turning your back or giving the wrong advice is the final straw? Doesn’t that recipient of the letter bear some responsibility for what happened? My mother told me that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. One who receives a letter of blame suffers and grieves for the rest of her life, with or without counseling.
    Your prayers are comforting but not the way it is, in my opinion.


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