Prayer For Teamwork {5 Examples}

We all have different abilities, what I can do another cannot. When we put our efforts together we come up with the main goal which is the same for everyone. It is therefore important to pray to God to be united in our teams. Here’re 5 examples of a prayer for teamwork.

5x Prayer For Teamwork

5x Prayer For Teamwork

Prayer for Determination

Lord we ask you to give us the determination we need in order to come up with good results. Let us take on this work as if we were doing it for you. Help us not to be distracted while at work but instead keep our minds clear so that we can be inspired to do our work diligently and with excellence. Help us to make our place of work fun and put the right words in our mouths in order not to stir any type of conflict amongst ourselves.

God we ask for your wisdom in order to know how to handle each other at work. We all have different personalities and different abilities, let us not be divided by social status, positions or even our background. Remove any form of rivalry or comparison from our work place. Help us to focus on the growth of the organization which is of the greater good. Help us to live in peace and harmony with each other.

Lord we pray that you bless us. Bless us so that we can use the gifts you have given to us for the greater good of the organization. Bless the work of our hands, bless our organization so that it will grow and benefit us and others who are in desperate need of employment. We realize Lord that without your blessings we would not be able to succeed with the plans we have for our organization.


Prayer for Respect

Lord Jesus, build in us a deep respect for one another. Without respect our organization would not grow. We are from different backgrounds Lord, we only ask that you help us respect each others position at work. Help us build respect within ourselves and whatever we do. Help us respect the people with the lowest ranking and help us to have hope and faith in one another. Help us realize that respect is a two way thing and when we accord others respect, they will do so for us and then our organization will move forward.

Help us to value each other’s opinions. Help us to be the kind of people who welcome other people’s opinions, respect them and take them into consideration. Help us to implement whatever we think might be good for the company even when the opinion has come from an employee of the lowest ranking. Lord Jesus you told us to respect our father and mother, that only means that obedience is one of the gifts that everyone should be able to emulate. Help us to work as a team and respect our work, each other and most especially You.


Prayer for Unity

Dear God Almighty our heavenly father, we thank you for everything that you have done in our lives. Thank you for waking us up today and giving us strength to go to work. Thank you for all the blessings that you have gifted us. Thank you for your continued protection and guidance. We pray for unity in our work place. Help us to be united as one because two heads are better than one. Help us to support each other up when we fall, help us to encourage each other whenever we fail or succeed and work together to produce better results. Bless us with unity, vision and hope and may your goodness and love be present amongst us everyday as we come together to work.

Help us to always work together for our benefit and the benefit of the organization. Just like You work together as the Holy trinity who is one God, help us to follow the example of the Holy trinity and work together as one for the greater good of us mankind, help us to also work together so that things will run smoothly in our organization.

In Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Your word tells us that two are better than one because when they work together they work effectively. If you fall down, another can help you up. If you are alone and fall, no one will be able to help you up. An attack that would defeat one can be resisted by two. A rope that is made up of three cords is harder to break.

We therefore ask Lord that you help us follow your example in order to unify each other. Whenever we feel like we want to work alone and take all the credit, help us to remember God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, and work together. Lord help us to know that with unity everything works out fine. We are confident that we can do this together. In Jesus name we pray.


Prayer for Understanding

Jesus our saviour, we pray for understanding amongst ourselves. Help us to understand that everything we have, including our work, belongs to you. Help us to appreciate everything we have including the little things that we have been blessed with. Whenever we feel like we are about to give up our work, let us remember that it is a gift from you and we should work in our places of work as if we were working for you. Give us the understanding that is needed to be able to give it our all.

Lord we now pray for understanding with each other. Let us understand each other’s personalities and work together for the sake of the organization’s prosperity. Help us to show love and kindness to one another just like you are to us. Let us show a good example to others and when we are at work, help us to be a true image of you and when others meet us, get to know of your goodness.


Prayer for Patience

Almighty God, give us patience. Whenever we are faced with difficult problems, help us to be patient and to be able to find creative ways of solving them. Fill us with hope of being able to find solutions. Help us to be slow to anger, slow to speak but quick to listen. Help us to realize that many people are desperately seeking work, but you have blessed us with the perfect job so that we can have patience and strength to work well.

Lord, It is so hard to adjust to other people’s way of working. Lord we ask that you bestow your grace and divine wisdom to all of us so that we could cooperate and work together. Help us to be patient with everyone we interact with. Fill us with deep passion for our work. We now invite the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and correct us when wrong. Lord remove any form of dissatisfaction from our hearts and give us patience to work and serve others.

We now ask Mary mother of God to pray for us. In Jesus name,


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