Prayer For Those Who Talk Behind Your Back

People will always have something to say about someone else be it good or bad. These hurtful actions are mostly driven by jealousy. One will pretend to be your friend but in the real sense, they are talking behind your back. Let us pray for them to be content and change their ways.

4x Prayer For Those Who Talk Behind Your Back

4x Prayer For Those Who Talk Behind Your Back

Prayer for Forgiveness

God all powerful and merciful we pray that you may grant us forgiveness for all the bad things we do. Most especially, forgive us also for always talking behind people’s backs. Forgive us for all the curses and bad words we utter to others when they are not around. We are not perfect in your eyes Lord and that is why we ask you for your mercy. Please forgive us and help us to reform. Remind us that you are the only judge and therefore we have no right to judge other people. Our judgment does not stand because we are as much sinful as those we judge. Lord forgive us for we sometimes don’t know what we are doing and saying. Pardon us Lord Jesus for this shameful act.

Many times we pretend before others. We make them believe that we are friends and we have their best interests at heart. When we are together we laugh and even complement each other. Once they turn their backs, we start speaking Ill of them and spread rumors about them. Whenever they tell us something in secret, we go ahead and disclose it to every other person even without them asking. Lord we ask you to pardon us for this bad behavior because that is not what pleases you.

Sweet Jesus, also help us to forgive those who talk behind our backs. Help us not to hold grudges but to forgive and let go. For all the hurtful and evil things they say about us, help us to be merciful and forgiving just like you. How can we expect you to forgive us our trespasses when we ourselves are heavy at heart and find it difficult to grant forgiveness? Lord give us the gift of forgiveness. Lighten our hearts so that we can be forgiving just like you Lord, to forgive them so that you will also forgive us of our sins. Mark 11:25. All of us make mistakes and if Lord you would count all our faults, then no one would be able to stand. Soften our hearts to be just like yours. In Jesus name.


Prayer for Love

Lord Jesus Christ, you are a true example of love towards us. Through your passion and death you showed unending love to us mankind. We pray that you give us the same love to be able to love one another and most especially those that talk behind our backs. You died on the cross to set us free, grant that love may prove mightier than all the hate we may harbor in our hearts. Make our hearts a peaceful small heaven where you dwell so that anyone who meets us would immediately feel your presence and be happy to be part of our lives. Let all the hate and resentment be overcome by your love. Fill those who speak behind our backs with love as well so that they may refrain from doing things that don’t please you.

We pray that whatever words that come out from their mouths may be a blessing to us. Lord sometimes they utter cursing words to us as they talk about us. Help us to be able to act like the bigger person and declare blessings instead. They act jealously towards us without hiding it. Whenever we meet they say hurtful words pinpointing to us indirectly. They always find a way to spoil one’s mood. Lord it is really hard not to exchange hurtful words especially after finding out what they have been up to but we pray for your grace to shut our mouths and not reciprocate their actions.

Lord in your word you taught us to be good and not evil. Help us not to pay evil with evil but with goodness. To always love our neighbor as we love ourselves despite any feelings of resentment and to always speak blessings upon them. We would not wish curses upon our lives so help us not wish same for others. Help us to always pray for the people who talk behind our backs because that is love and love is you. Matthew 5:44.


Prayer for Protection

Lord Jesus, we want to thank you for all the blessings in our lives. We are aware that not everyone has our own interests at heart. Others may want to harm us in one way or the other, but we ask for your protection. We pray that you may protect us against their cursing words and their evil deeds. Whatever it is that they are planning against us, be our shield and our guide. We come against any form of evil that was, is and will be planned on us in Jesus name.

Lord we have fake friends everywhere and in the people we interact with, we ask that you protect us and our loved ones from our back biters. Be with us in all we do. Lord we now take the blood of your son Jesus Christ and sprinkle it on all our properties, ourselves and our loved ones right from the crown of our heads to the very soles of our feet. We trust that nothing evil that will be said against us will bear ground in our lives and that of our loved ones. Isaiah 54:17.

Protect also those who speak behind people’s backs and help them realize their mistakes and correct them.


Prayer for Reformation

Our Father, please reform them and help them to change from their bad behavior. Help us to always show kindness and generosity to them as well. Let us always do good to them. They may be mean to us but let us be the complete opposite. That is what you teach us in your word Romans 12:20-21. We come against any thoughts of revenge, resentment and hateful emotions. Help us to be a living example of you. Lord, help them to also change their attitude. Substitute their evil with goodness. Help them to seek your face in order to show righteousness, love and kindness. Fill them with the gifts of the Holy Spirit so that they would also change for the better and not desire to say pure evil about others.

We know that with you everything is possible Lord. You have the power to change all our hearts so that we can live to love and serve you. So that we can change the perspective we have about other people and instead of talking behind people’s backs, we would only be thirsty for friendship, righteousness and goodness. This is the only way that we will feel complete and at peace with ourselves as well as others.

Our Holy Mother Mary, may you be present in our lives and the lives of those that speak behind our backs and pray for us always.


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  1. Thanks for this great prayer for my day we know who those people are talking about behind us, I’ve got the experience now, yet they’re talking about me because I choose to be a nun. I come from a Hindu family, and they don’t want me to go to Christianity. Thinking it’s not about religion I believe in Jesus, he brought me to peace of mind when I lost my mind, and he makes me to believe



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