Prayer For Truck Drivers {3 Examples}

In addition to being out on the road for hours on end, the transportation industry and truck drivers in particular are always the first to take a hit in times of recession or pandemic. Here are a few prayers for all those truckers out there – your sons, husbands, brothers – braving cold nights and long miles.

3x Prayer For Truck Drivers

prayer for truck drivers

A Lone Truckers Prayer

As I head out into the open road, I ask that you be with me Oh Lord, for I do not know the types of dangers this day holds for. Be my map, my eyes, and my daily guide as I head on out down the long yellow line that never ends. I gotta say Jesus, it sure is nice to know that you’ll be riding shotgun with me city after city, state after state.

This day, I travel the road once more and as always, I ask Your Son Jesus to take the wheel. I ask you to keep me safe all through the long hours and even longer distances that I have to traverse. Let me apply all my skill and knowledge so that I and everyone else on the road may be all the safer for it.

And when I lay my weary head on the pillow to rest Mighty Protector, may your overwhelming peace wash over me so I may wake up rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to face the road once more. But most importantly Dear Father, I beg that you keep my family safe back home.

Every time I leave, my heart and thoughts remain at home with the family. Everything I do I do for them Oh Lord. So as you watch over me and my haul, may you send guardian angels to keep my family safe and protected. May they find sleep at night, without any worries, knowing that the God we praise is a Mighty God. And that he will keep me guarded in the blood of Jesus Christ.

And when I’ve taken my last haul, unloaded my final load… It sure is good to know you’ll be right here by my side on my final trip. I look forward to holding your hand on that road up there beyond Heaven’s Gates, paved with gold and unimaginable wonders. Where I hope to rest eternally in your light, for my journey will finally be over.


Detailed Prayer For Truck Drivers

Quick Trucking Facts: Did you know that there are over 3.5 million professional truck drivers all over the country clocking over 430 billion miles a year? That’s according to the American Trucking Association. These massive multi-wheelers and trailer trucks deliver a whopping 11 billion tons of freight annually or 70% of US’s total freight tonnage.

There a sweet, old adage that rightly puts it, “Without trucks, America stops.” Here’s a prayer for all those brave men and women who bare the elements, harsh conditions, and challenging regulations to keep our country connected.

Gracious Father, we come before you today thankful for the numerous blessings you continue to bestow upon us. And as we gather to thank you, we also ask that you bless all those men and women in the transport industry working to deliver goods all across the country – professional truck drivers.  

The Holy Bible reminds us in Deuteronomy 31:8 that, “The Lord Himself will go before us. He will be with us and will neither leave nor abandon us. Do not be afraid, and do not worry.” That is why we take everything to the Lord in prayer today.

Almighty Father, you have seen just how many miles your children drive in a year just to earn an honest living. Protect them from all the dangers that lie in the shadows, waiting to derail their progress.

From the unpredictable weather conditions Virgin Mary, protect our truck drivers. From the changing terrain filled with traffic, construction zones, bad roads and unseen dangers, protect our truck drivers Oh Lord. From the varying degrees of crimes lurking in the darkness, protect our truck drivers and show criminals your saving light. And most importantly God, their trucks are just machines made by the erroneous hands of man. Let their vehicles work as intended and not give them trouble out on the road Dear Lord.           

Hear my pleas Mary Mother of God, for they are many and heavy in weight. I pray that you keep our drivers healthy and fit for theirs is a physically and mentally draining job. And with all the different state trucking laws out there, grant our drivers the wisdom to follow the rules and not get into trouble with the law. Guide your sons and daughters from temptation out on the road and let them rest all their spiritual needs on the power of Your Son Jesus Christ.

We thank you for our professional truck drivers and all the sacrifices they continue to make. May they be ever safe on the road and always come back home sound as your will be done. This we pray trusting and believing in Jesus’ name,


Husband/Wife’s Poem Prayer For Truck Drivers      

Dear lord, I pray that you bless my husband/wife that I so love,

May your ever vigilant eyes watch my spouse’s soul from up above.

Bless that big ol’ truck that (name) really likes to drive,

And keep both him/her and everyone else on the road alive.

As he/she stays up all night on those cold, treacherous roads,

May Your might also keep safe their precious load.

For all things unseen, for all events unplanned,

Be my partner’s ears, wits, eyes and hands.

During the day, keep the children safe on the street as they play,

and during the night, may he sleep under your light.

Make my love’s judgment sound as steel, and where he/she falters, may Jesus take the wheel

And in a world where obstacles and troubles abound, bring my partner home safe and sound

For (name’s) my other half you see,

My one and only whom You made special for me!

So Captain of all captains, hear me pray,

And protect my beloved while they’re gone away.  


What do you think about the prayers? Please leave a comment below if you liked them. Here are some more prayers that you can use – for wedding rehearsal dinner and for good medical test results.

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