Prayer To Be A Better Person

We all aspire to be the best versions of ourselves at some point. We reach a decision to alter our behavior and improve ourselves. Therefore, we should ask God to lead us so that the process of change would be in line with His desire. Here’re 4 examples of a prayer to be a better person.

4x Prayer To Be A Better Person

4x Prayer To Be A Better Person

Prayer for Forgiveness

Oh, Jesus, I humbly come before thee and beg forgiveness for my transgressions. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, therefore I humbly ask for your pardon. I’m grateful for all the blessings you’ve given me. I am very appreciative of the fact that you did not rob me of life or good health. Because of your kindness and affection for me, you have blessed me with so many gifts. Thank you Lord.

Lord you who is slow to anger but rich in mercy, forgive me for all the times that I did not live according to your will. I have been inconsiderate towards others. I have been mean and unforgiving. Most of the time I have not followed the Ten Commandments you gave us. Please forgive me Lord. I want to become a better person who is a true example of your image and likeness.

I also want to forgive myself for all the time that I have been a bad person. For all the mistakes that I have made knowingly or unknowingly, Lord on behalf of all those that I have wronged, I ask you to forgive me. I have not been living a Godly life and that has made me sin against myself, others and most especially you. I therefore ask that you pardon me. Help me to be guided by the Holy Spirit in my journey of changing my life in order to become a better person according to thy will. In Jesus’s Name I pray.


Prayer for Good Company

Almighty God I want to thank you for being with me and holding my hand as I try to change my life for the better. I pray that you deliver me from bad company. I know that most of my friends are immoral. I got myself in this situation and now I want to get out of it. I know that I wanted to become popular by associating with the wrong people. I now know that they have never been my friends because a friend is one who wants the best for you and would not want you to engage in bad behavior.

There are so many things that I have done under the influence of bad company. I have not taken care of myself and my body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. In your Holy Word 1 Corinthians 6:19, help me to realize that I belong to you Lord and not myself or others. You are all-knowing, everything that is done in secret is known to you. I am sorry for the wrongs I have done in the name of pleasing my friends. Help me to realize that I should only strive to please you and not do anything that displeases you.

Lord help me to come back to my senses, stop my sinful ways and not to be fooled by bad companions that ruin good character just as in 1 Corinthians 15:33-34. Bless me Lord with the right friends who have a tenacious grip of their character. Friends who will lead me towards the right path and who have my interest at heart. I also pray for those who have not yet known you and your ways, that you may change them so that they will thirst for you and also strive to better their lives.


Prayer for Faith

Lord I humbly beseech you to build my faith. Many times I don’t consult you while making life’s choices. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t remember to give you thanks. I take it as a normal thing that I am entitled to. Lord pardon me for neglecting you. For the times that I have taken you for granted. For the times that I failed to keep you close to me and for the times that I have not involved you in my affairs and let you dictate my life.

Lord your word tells us to seek ye first. I pray that you strengthen my faith in you. I want to make you my number one friend and confidant. I want to involve you in my life. I want to build a strong relationship with you. Lord show me how to become closer to you. Teach me how to pray, to read your word  and be consistent in doing this. My faith is so weak and I am afraid that it may weaken even the more. Please help me to become a better person first by becoming closer to you, giving back to you the time that you have given me and always striving to do things according to your will.

Lord create in me a new heart. Change my heart O Lord and may I be like you. Instill in me the gifts of the Holy Spirit for you are the potter. Mold me and make me to what you want me to be for I am the clay. Lord be with me and show me the right path to follow. Lead my way so that I will not go astray. I know that you are a merciful and loving God and for that you will hold my hand and never let it go. I believe that if I put you first and seek your kingdom first, then every other thing will be added to me.


Prayer for Kindness

God in heaven, fill my heart with kindness. I want to be selfless. I have been selfish all my life. Thinking about myself. Not putting others into consideration. I have been raised as an only child and that has made me unaware of the term sharing which is caring. I have always had the easy way out which is to keep everything to myself. I have always been spoiled silly by my parents, always getting away with my bad behavior. I know that I should not justify my bad behavior and should not be an ignorant fool. That is why I pray that you change me Lord so that I can start being kind to others.

Lord because of your kindness and love towards us, you delivered us from sin by sending your son Jesus Christ to die on the cross in order to save us. Grant that through the Holy Spirit, I may obtain the gift of kindness. Help me to be generous with what you have blessed me with. Nobody is too poor to have nothing to give and nobody is too rich to have no need, therefore help me to give so that I can also receive whatever I lack because a hand that gives is the One that receives. Lord help me to change and become a better person. I pray all these through Christ our Lord.

All my supplications I put them through Mother Mary ever Virgin and Mother of our savior Jesus Christ.


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