Prayer To St Joseph For A Difficult Problem

We all get difficulties in our day to day lives. The problems may vary from one person to the next. The good thing is that we can ask Saint Joseph to intercede for us to God in prayer so that He can help us find solutions to our difficult problems.

4x Prayer To St Joseph For A Difficult Problem

4x prayer to st joseph for a difficult problem

St. Joseph Prayer to Know my Vocation

Almighty God, I frequently struggle with not knowing what my calling is. I really struggle with this since I want to do as you say. I prefer to follow the road you have selected for me rather than my own. I ask the Holy Spirit to lead me in the right direction in order for your will to be fulfilled in my life. Lord, please guide me so that I can identify my calling and pursue the course that you had planned for me even before you created me in my mother’s womb.

O heroic Saint Joseph, you completely followed the Holy Spirit’s instructions. Please provide me the ability to understand the stage of life that God, in His providence, has decided is best for me. Allow me not let this decision confuse me because it will affect both my pleasure here on Earth and, potentially, my ultimate happiness in heaven. Get me the light I need to understand God’s will, do it diligently, and decide on a career that will take me to a joyful eternity.


St. Joseph Prayer for My Needs

God in heaven, you are the only one who can read my thoughts. You are aware of my wants and needs. I ask that your plan for me be in line with my wants, ambitions, and aspirations. Lord, I am in desperate need of you in my life more than anything. Come into my life and realize my hopes and dreams. Lord, I need your help right now to be able to solve my challenging challenges. Please offer me some solutions. Lord, despite the fact that I have no idea how to meet all of my needs, I continue to put my trust in you.

Oh St. Joseph, whose defense before God’s throne is so big, so powerful, and so swift. You are at the center of my goals and interests. Oh St. Joseph, please help me through your tenacious intercession and secure for me all spiritual graces through Christ Jesus, our Lord, from your Divine Son so that, having come under your heavenly authority, I may give thanks and reverence to the most loving of Fathers. I never get tired of picturing you and Jesus sleeping in your arms, St. Joseph. He is resting close to your heart, and I dare not approach. As I draw my final breath, tell Him to kiss his handsome head in my name and I promise to return the favor. St. Joseph, the protector of departed souls, please pray for us. Amen. (pray for 9 straight days before 11)


St. Joseph Prayer for Work

God, who is all-knowing and gracious, come to my aid now when I am experiencing financial difficulties. Oh my God, I am unemployed. I am unable to provide for my family and myself. Please make it possible for me to get a meaningful job. I’ve tried my luck everywhere, including with things for which I never studied, but God help me, I haven’t been lucky. I value you more than any search. Please lead me and stay at my side constantly.

God, I turn to you for your heavenly direction and assistance while I search for an appropriate source of income. I genuinely want to put the skills and abilities you’ve given me to use, but I won’t have the chance to accomplish that if I’m not working for money. Lord God, please lead me in the proper direction. In your own way, meet all of my needs and give me a means of support.

Only you understand my situation. I am buried with debt. Lord, help me to pay off my debts so that I might eventually assist others. Everything on earth is yours. You are the source of all wealth; oh Lord, give me as you provide the animals and birds in the air. Please take care of my family’s needs as well as mine. Despite my difficult circumstances, I continue to place my trust in you because you are the only help. You created the heavens and the earth, and you will supply and meet all of our wants with your great resources. Philippians 4:19.

Dear Lord, do not forsake me in my search; rather, grant me the favor I need so that I may come back to you and praise and thank you for your kind aid. If it’s in your will that I get employment, then may it be so. Grant this through Christ, our Lord, who is eternally alive and reigning.

Dear Saint Joseph, you once had the duty to ensure that Mary and Jesus have access to basic necessities. Look down on me with fatherly sympathy as I worry about not being able to sustain my family right now. Please assist me in securing gainful job as quickly as possible so that I can soon be able to support those whom God has placed to my care and this heavy burden of worry will be lifted from my heart. Help us to resist resentment and hopelessness so that we might come out of this experience spiritually strengthened and with even more of God’s benefits.


St. Joseph’s Prayer for Work Ethic

Get me the grace to work diligently, putting duty above my natural inclinations; to work with appreciation and joy, considering it an honor to use and develop, through labor, the gifts given to me by God, despite difficulties; to work with conscientiousness and weariness; and, most importantly, that I must render for time lost, talents wasted, and good omitted, always before my eyes. All for Mary, all for Jesus, and all following your lead, Joseph, the patriarch. This will be my motto both during my life and after it.


Remember, Saint Joseph, my beloved defender and Mary’s most pure spouse, that no one has ever sought your protection or asked for your assistance without finding relief. So, trusting in your generosity, I humbly beg you as I stand before you. Foster-father of the Redeemer, do not scorn my requests; rather, kindly accept them. Virgin Mary, intercede for me.


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