Praying That Everything Will Be Okay

In our lives, we have so many things to pray for. Seeing how God has given us a lot, we should always be thankful for what we do and do not have, and plead with him to make everything okay.

5x Prayer That Everything Will Be Okay

5x Prayer That Everything Will Be Okay

Prayer for the Sick

Almighty God, we want to thank you so much for the gift of good health. We do not take it for granted that we are in perfect health and therefore give you all the glory that you have made it possible for us. Continue gifting us good health and bless us so that we will always be healthy and in a position to run our errands normally.

We pray for the sick, that you may look down upon them and be fully restored to health. Some are in hospitals while some are in their homes. Others are not able to afford treatment but we believe that you will make it possible for them to get help. Jesus Christ, you who heals both body and soul. Please look down on the sick who are in pain and grant them healing for you are the healer. We believe that by your stripes they are healed. Grant this through Christ our Lord.


Prayer for the Needy

Lord Jesus, everyone is in need of something in their lives. We thank you for what we have and what we do not have. Thank you most especially for the gift of life. It is through the life that we have that we are able to go to work and provide for our needs. We pray that you will continue giving us life and health to be able to continue working in order to eat, for it is written that whoever does not work should not eat.

Not everyone has been privileged to have food, shelter, clothes and even water which are the most basic needs in our day-to-day lives. We pray for people who are in need of their basic needs that Lord you may provide for them. Touch each one to have a caring heart so that we can be able to share the little that we have. Lord provide for the needy through others and they will always be grateful.

God our provider, we thank you for giving us employment and pray for those that do not have it. Lord some of them have people looking up to them and waiting for them to go out and come back with something. Lord during their quest to look for suitable employment, they need your divine help and guidance so that they may find proper things to say. Do not abandon them father, but rather grant them this favor and they will return to you with thanksgiving and praise for your assistance. In this way, they will be able to make use of the gifts and talents that you have given them.

Lord in one way or another we have a need. It could be need for money to make something possible, need to pass exams, need for a companion, need for a child, etc. The needs are so many we may not be able to mention them all, but we ask you humbly that if it is your will, grant our needs and hearts desires. We pray that everything will be okay in the mighty name of Jesus.


Prayer for the Church

Father, we thank you for the churches. We thank you because it is your house and each and every person is welcomed to enter. You gather your people from different races and all walks of life in the unity of your Spirit from all nations of the earth. In the new covenant instituted by Christ Jesus, keep your church faithful to the mission of renewing all people in Christ and transforming them into your own family so that they would regard your house as the Holy place it should be.

We pray for the clergy and everyone who with their vocation have been called to serve you. We surrender them to you, that they may be faithful to their commitments and zealous in their missions. Help them to be courageous in service and that their lives be a true reflection of your life. Grant that their gestures be only yours and their words be only your words. Help them to bring all your people closer to you. We know that it is not easy but we have faith that with your guidance everything is possible. Help us the church to live in righteousness to love and serve you all the days of our lives.


Prayer for Families

We thank and praise you for the gift of our families and for your continued protection. We pray that you may look kindly on our loved ones. Pour out on them the gifts of your love, by the power of your Holy Spirit. Give them health of body and mind so that they may do your will and continue to love and serve you with all their hearts. Let them live in love, peace and harmony.

We pray for parents and their children. Father it is your commandment that we should honor our father and mother. We pray that our children would be God fearing and always do things that are right and please the Lord. We pray that parents would be good examples to their children and that they would lead them to the right paths in life. Help them to always love, understand, care for one another and live in happiness.

Lord we place all family members including relatives, that you may always protect them. You know what is in their hearts. We pray that you may grant their heart’s desires and that they will live for you. Fulfill their needs so that they can be able to take care of themselves and the people under their care. We pray that everything will be okay with them.


Prayer for our Countries

God Almighty, we thank you for our beautiful countries and all the amazing blessings we have in our great lands. . Thank you for the religions, diversity in people, traditions, cultures and resources. We do not take it for granted. Forgive us for the sins that we have committed in our countries and wash all of us with your most Precious Blood. Help us to know that you alone are Lord.

Set us free from tribalism, hatred, racism, theft, division, immorality and all forms of evil. Fill us with love and compassion for one another. Help the youths and all citizens to strive daily to become good and true disciples of Jesus. Help the people who are in authority to promote social progress, religious freedom and human rights. Grant everything in our countries will go well and smoothly at all times.

Lord, we do have a lot to pray for but you know all that is in our hearts. Mother Mary, Queen of love, intercede for us to the Lord our God so that everything that goes on in our lives will be okay.


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