St. Benedict Prayer Against Witchcraft

Not everyone has your interests at heart. Some are filled with envy and evil and therefore want to harm you in any means possible. Fortunately we can rebuke all the evil and plead with St. Benedict of Nursia to intercede for us.

3x St. Benedict Prayer Against Witchcraft

3x St. Benedict Prayer Against Witchcraft

for Protection Against Evil

Glorious Saint Benedict, pure vessel of God’s grace and sublime model of virtue, behold I humbly kneel at your feet and implore you in your loving kindness to pray for me before God’s throne for protection. Many a times I am faced with evil. Evil surrounds me from every corner and enemies wish me the worst. Not everyone is happy with me and therefore I ask for protection. I feel that there is danger after me and my loved ones and I beseech you Saint Benedict to intercede for me so that no evil will come to me or my loved ones. Protect us from all dangers that this world has to offer.

To you I have recourse in the dangers that daily surround me. There is so much evil around me. Banish from my life, any form of evil. Deliver me from evil tongues and witchcraft. Some people around me believe that nothing can protect me from evil and witchcraft. That anyone who has been bewitched will have to go to a witch doctor to reverse the situation and that there is no other remedy for that. I believe that you Lord is capable of everything and anything and that you can deliver us from all evil, and thats why you taught us the Lord’s prayer and in your words you told us to pray and ask you not to lead us into temptations but deliver us from all evil.

I call upon you Lord Jesus to help me. In my going out and coming in, be with me. Protect me from evil that is in this world. Let my life have the peace and tranquility that comes from heaven above. I want to be free from all dangers of life including evil. I come against anyone that would want to harm me in the name of Jesus Christ. That no weapon formed against me will prosper. That they will be amazed at how much I am a success despite their evil plans on me. That Lord you will be at my side always guiding and protecting me from all those who want to harm me. Shield me against my enemies. Saint Benedict you who is a true believer and patron against evil, I plead with you to pray for me to our heavenly Father to protect me at all times.

Do not allow bad desires and negative energies to harm me. Protect me from evils such as enemies, dangers and diseases, most especially witchcraft. Help me to get ahead in the face of any difficulty. Always accompany me and guide me in the path of life. Be my guide an protector so that no evil will come close to me. Shun any form of witchcraft that lingers around me and grant that only good will shall follow me. I believe that good shall always conquer evil and that I will be set free from any forms of witchcraft and evil. I pray all this through Christ Jesus and ask Saint Benedict to intercede for me.


Prayer to be a True Believer of God

O glorious Saint Benedict, inspire me to imitate you in all things. You are a true believer of God and you serve him whole-heartedly, grant me this kind of obedience and reverence to God. Be with me always so that I may see and serve God in others and work for him alone. Help me to remember that Christ alone is capable of protecting me and giving me all the good things in life. Help me to dedicate my life to loving and serving our Lord God and to always lead a good example to others by leading them to the right and holy path and help them live lives which are holy and pleasing to God.

Shield me against my selfishness and my indifference to God and to my neighbor. Let me not harbor any evil thoughts against anyone. I come against any feelings of envy towards others. Envy leads to evil either by thoughts, words or actions. I want to be happy for everyone and not feel bad about anyone’s success. Help me to have everyone’s interest at heart and have a loving and kind heart just like that of Jesus.

In the trials, miseries and afflictions of life, your heart was always full of love, compassion and mercy towards those who were troubled or afflicted in any way. Graciously obtain for me those favors and graces which I need so much in my life. I therefore ask you to intercede for me so that I would be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. To be able to live a better life that is pure and holy. To have a good heart towards others and to be helpful in any way possible. To be a living example of God’s wonders and miracles. To lead myself and others to do things according to God’s will.

Intercede for my holiness, to be healthy and pure in mind, body and soul. That God assist me in my needs both physical and spiritual. Guide me in the path of good and righteousness and ask God to forgive me for all my sins and help me live a Godly life so that my soul does not die in mortal sin and that I may one day sing with the angels in heaven and worship and praise God all the days. Grant that I may receive eternal life and rejoice forever. Intercede for me to be like Jesus, in Jesus name.


St. Benedict Prayer for Blessings

Glorious Saint Benedict, may your blessings be with me always. Let me always receive blessings and not curses. Help me so that no diseases or evil will befall me. I speak blessings upon my life. Blessings upon my house and my loved ones that we shall always see God’s face upon our lives and live to become a true testimony of God’s favour and works upon us. We will be a reflection of God’s miracles.

Almighty God witchcraft will not prevail in my life. All the curses and evil words thrown at me will be sent to the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ. Ward off envious people who only want evil for me and replace them with those that wish me blessings. Thank you Lord for life and bless me with good health always. Bless the work of my hands and the paths that I take so that even those who wish me evil will be surprised at how much I am blessed despite all their evil and witchcraft towards me.

O glorious Saint Benedict the patron of protection against evil, you never dismissed without assistance and consolation anyone who had recourse to you. I therefore invoke your powerful intercession. Confident that you will hear my prayers and answer them. Obtain for me the special favor of protection against witchcraft I earnestly implore. Help me great Saint Benedict, to live and die as a faithful child of God. To live in the sweetness of His loving will and to attain the eternal happiness of heaven.

On this day I come before you Saint Benedict to ask for your continued intercession together with the Virgin Mary before Jesus.


5 thoughts on “St. Benedict Prayer Against Witchcraft”

  1. Thank you, Sam Ellis, for your channel . I needed this today . I am praying for you and your family . I ask that you pray for me also . I am going through some evil situations being stalked all the time and threatened every time I walk out the door . I had to file a law suite against my landlord because we were being sick and then found out we were living in Raydon poison for a year and a half and mold still after calling health department I started being stalked . and police wont do anything . The Government tries to claim everything as covid when it is not . I know every one knows a nurse who has said that no matter what a person died of they were made to write it down as covid .please pray for a health and a peaceful out come . Thank you and God Bless Maria Smith

  2. Prayer Request:

    Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for Eric’s conversion and salvation…

    “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send forth labourers into his harvest.”
    O Jesus, King of Mercy, please send laborers to Eric. O Jesus, King of Love, please touch Eric’s eyes and give him the grace to see the truth of The Gospel. Please touch his ears and give him the grace to hear The Gospel and to believe in The Gospel, and act on The Gospel. Jesus, Our Good Shepherd, please send your Blessed Mother, and St Joseph to bless and encourage Eric now and through Eric’s life.
    O Jesus, Risen from the dead, please give Eric New Life and New Hope.
    O Jesus, Our soon coming King, please help Eric to find his place in The Roman Catholic Church and more importantly his place in Heaven. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, bless Eric, Bless His home, and Bless his family enfold them in your love Amen

  3. Pray for my family. That no evil and witchcraft be among us. That it leaves us alone. That our home always have peace, happiness, blessings, joy, caring, love and prosperity. That my son successes in his life. That he too have lots of protection. His home be surrounded by guardian Angels.

  4. Please pray for Victor, that he should be released from the manupilations of demonic altars and territorial sin.

    May God have mercy and intervene and save his life. May he recover all what he’s lost after so many years of hopelessness, IN Jesus Name. Amen!

  5. Please offer prayers for my children, grandchildren, and myself as we battle the malice and snares of the devil as inflicted upon us by an evil ‘husband/father’ and his equally malevolent witch ‘partner’, who is from the Phillipines, is the age of our 20 something children, has the evil, envious, haughty spirit described in Ecclesiastes 26:9 and with whom has has committed fornication, adultery, bigamy, and all other manner of evil, including the possible conception of a child, while exploiting me, his faithful, devoted wife of 30 years, using my technological/financial resources to declare his ‘love’ for her and flaunting it on social media (which she maliciously and deliberately ensured I would locate which she disguised as an ‘innocent’ friend request to my youngest, developmentally challenged son), and who continues to use funds which rightfully belong to my children and I to fund their lifestyle in the Phillipines. Monday, January 16, 2023 was my 60th birthday. He malevolently selected that day to have his attorney prepare a letter alleging misconduct on MY part. For his 60th birthday, three years ago, I worked 60 hours a week to save for a cruise and decorated the bedroom mirror with affirmations and other celebratory paraphernalia, and performed all manner of loving acts to celebrate him. It should be noted that he routinely ensured I would feel so unwelcome in our joint bedroom, due to his alleged sleeping disorder, that I was eventually relegated to sleeping on the couch. This is just one example in a voluminous record of covert/overt wrongs, injustices, abuses, and acts of malice that were endured by me while I carried the burdens of our family issues, my sons’ adaptive functioning deficits, the ‘husband’s’ alleged ‘condition’, and the ramifications of same. Finally, he has used this condition, a neurological disorder, to avoid work, neglect me and our children, two of whom are diagnosed with Autism, and contribute little to our lives and their upbringing spiritually, emotionally, practically, financially, and relationally. This is nothing less than the spirits of Ahab and Jezebel, of witchcraft, and the demonic, as well as, the grand finale comprised of intentional acts of cruelty in a life of covert acts of aggression, vindictiveness, malice, and psychological oppression. I honored my vows to the letter and took pity on a sick individual. This was my reward. He has absconded to the Phillipines to continue his evil pursuits and has embarked on a smear campaign against me to justify his abandonment and reprehensible conduct and his refusal to honor the terms of our separation. My sons and I spent Christmas alone with no electricity due to a severe winter storm (the second in two months) while he has enjoyed himself and his new ‘life’. He appears to be suffering no repercussions from his evil intentions/acts, which were deliberate, covert, and several years in the making. His cruel neglect, deception, manipulation, impression management, and plethora of crimes against our marriage and family is nothing short of a direct assault on us from the pit of hell. And, disgustingly, he has a partner in his malignancy and malice to encourage and support him. Please pray for our total deliverance, victory, and vindication. Thank you and God bless.


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