St. Martha Prayer For A Lover To Come Back

The people we care for immensely could exit from our lives at any moment. This leads to heartbreaks and a gap in our lives. Love is pure and therefore losing hope on a loved one is the last thing we should do. Let us ask St. Martha’s intercession to bring our loved ones back to our lives.

3x St. Martha Prayer For A Lover To Come Back

3x St. Martha Prayer For A Lover To Come Back

St. Martha Prayer to Give Thanks

Father Lord, I want to thank you for all that you have done and continue to do in my life. I thank you most especially for life and being kind enough to bless me with perfect health. Lord Jesus, I do not take for granted the fact that you have blessed me with so many beautiful things in my life including my lover who has now left me leaving a very big hole in my heart. I thank you for him my Lord.

I thank you for the times that we spent together. For the memories we build together. For the years of friendship and love, for all the difficult times we overcame together, I thank you Lord because he has been there for me even with all my stubbornness. I know that it is not easy to deal with my mood swings and tantrums but he has been able to deal with them just fine. He accepted me the way I was and learnt to live with all my flaws.

Not once dear Lord has he ever made me feel unloved or unwanted. He never showed regret for choosing to be with me. He has loved me unconditionally, even when I pushed him away he always made an effort to stay. I am thankful Lord for this kind of love that I have received from this stranger who has no blood ties with me. This kind of love is rare and one that should not be taken for granted.

I thank you for his life. I thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon him. He is a true definition of your presence dear Lord. I thank you that he has taught me alot of good virtues and has even helped me build a strong relationship with you my creator. He is one in a million and am truly grateful that you made it possible for us to meet and get to know each other better. I thank you for bringing him into my life. It was your will for us to meet, fall in love and end up together. Ever since we knew each other, we have seen your goodness towards us. You have always been there all step of the way. Thank you for always taking care of us and protecting our relationship even during the times when things went south. Thank you Lord Jesus for all.


St. Martha Prayer Asking for Forgiveness and Healing

My God, You who is slow to anger and rich in mercy, please forgive us for all our sins. We have sinned against you in the most despicable ways and we humbly beseech you to have mercy upon us. Help us to handle each other with wisdom during these trying times. Give us divine healing that comes only from you, to be able to forgive each other and still get back together. I need you to help me heal because this whole break up has torn my heart to pieces. Help me to be wise in dealing with this painful experience and move on from it. I need you so much right now Lord, forsake me not.

Lord I feel frustrated; he has hurt me many times over and over. Everlasting God, I come before you now in great need of your healing. Heal my heart for you are the doctor and physician of my soul. Please put back all the pieces of my shattered heart together. I surrender to you the hurtful events in my relationship where bitterness and anger have been allowed to fester in me. Lord, heal all the circumstances where i was denied love, affection, support and respect that I needed from him. Heal me so that I can be able to forgive his hurtful actions because I still love him and would still want him back in my life.

Father of all comfort forgive me for my faults as well. I might have pushed him away through my words or actions without knowing it. Please help me to know my mistakes so that I can change and become a better partner to him. Help me to have a forgiving heart just like You. I want to be able to forgive him for breaking up with me and leaving. Help me forgive his weaknesses and failures, his lack of love and affection, for taking me and what I do for granted and for his change in behavior. Help him to realize that he has been unfair to me and know that asking for forgiveness and mending his ways is the wisest thing to do. Help him to have a rethink and determination to rebuild our relationship.

Forgive us Lord for blaming each other and not appreciating the good relationship we had with each other. Forgive us for the times we did not put you first before anything we did. If it is your will Lord please bring us back together and help us to do things that only pleases you. To always forgive each other like you forgive us.


St. Martha Prayer for Reconciliation

Saint Martha, I resort to your aid and protection. As proof of my affection and faith, I offer you this light which I am burning. Comfort me in all my difficulties and through the great favors you did enjoy when the savior was lodged in your house, intercede for me, that I be provided for in my necessities. I ask you Saint Martha to help me overcome all difficulties as you did overcome the dragon which you had at your feet.

This time that we have been apart has been really hard for me. I really miss him. I miss everything about him. Lord your word says that the greatest commandment is love and all I do is continue to love him even after the break up. What we had was beautiful and am truly thankful for that beautiful relationship we had. I am lonely without him by my side and I pray that you heal his heart so that he can come back to me and give our relationship a second chance.

He is gone Saint Martha. Please help to bring him back to me. Please intercede for me to the Almighty God so that we can reunite and reconcile and continue to build our relationship. I know that he still loves me and I do too. Please heal our hearts from all the hurt and help us to forgive each other and reconcile. Grant me the grace of reconciliation with him, strength to listen and recognize our faults. May the care, respect and sincere love that we once shared blossom again.

I want him back into my life but above all, grant me I pray the strength to accept God’s will. If it is not His will to unite us again, grant me the grace to accept it and move on and trust God’s plan in my life. I come before you Saint Martha to ask for your intercession together with the blessed Mother of God.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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  1. Please pray for me as my life partner ( David ) had been missing since 16th July 2023
    There is no contact all his email and contact numbers are not reachable by any way
    We had some misunderstandings on the 16th July.
    Please pray that he is to be found safe and sound and that he will be able to contact me.
    Thank you in advance


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