What Does The Bible Say About Infant Baptism

Why Does The Catholic Church Baptize Infants?

The Bible does not specify a minimum age limit for baptism. So many branches of Christianity including Catholics, the Eastern Orthodox church, and some protestant denominations welcome everyone, including babies and infants, to be baptized.  Why Does The Catholic Church Baptize Babies? There are three main reasons why the Catholic Church baptizes infants.  Baptism cleanses … Read more

what does the Bible say about unbaptized babies

What Does The Bible Say About Unbaptized Babies?

Paedobaptism, christening or infant baptism is a common practice in many Christian branches including the Catholic Church. Infant or child baptism stands out from normal baptism of older Christians (called believer’s baptism), not just because of age, but because babies cannot possibly confess their faith. So, is it proper to baptize a child and what … Read more

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