holy water

What’s The Meaning of the Ash Used During Ash Wednesday

How To Bless An Object With Holy Water?

Holy water, one of the most important sacramentals in the Catholic Church, has a lot more use beyond the Sunday liturgy.  You can use it outside of church to bless yourself, your family, your home, and various objects. Here’s an explainer on holy water and how to bless an object with holy water.  Can Anyone … Read more

Can You Make Your Own Holy Water

What Happens If You Drink Holy Water?

In the Catholic Church, holy water is sprinkled on a person or an object to bless or cleanse them. There’s no liturgy or sacrament that involves drinking holy water.  That said, it’s not a sin if you drink holy water, whether deliberately or accidentally. But, it may not be safe for your health.  What Does … Read more

Drink with caution

How To Dispose Of Holy Water Properly?

Because of the importance and significance of holy water in the Catholic Church, there are strict rules on how it should be handled. This includes storage as well as disposal. So how to dispose of holy water? Why Holy Water Is Important? The practice of using holy water in sacraments such as baptism and anointing … Read more

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