How Far Can You Go Before Marriage

How Far Can A Catholic Go Before Marriage?

The Bible is very clear on fornication – it’s wrong and it’s a sin. Most Catholics know that. What many get confused about is where the line is between chastity and sinning. So here’s a guide on how far a Catholic can go before marriage without falling into sin.  What Does The Bible Say About Fornication? … Read more

my husband is Catholic and i am not

My Husband Is Catholic And I Am Not

My husband is Catholic and i am not. Will it create issues during our life together? We receive similar questions almost every day. Yes, it’s best if both the groom and bride are baptized Catholics when partaking in a holy matrimony. However, the Catechism of the Catholic Church makes accomodations for mixed marriages (between a … Read more

can a jehovah witness marry a Catholic

Can A Jehovah Witness Marry A Catholic?

In Christianity, interdenominational marriages are common but there are limits. You may have witnessed protestants marrying Catholics and vice versa, living happily thereafter. However, this is not an outright approval or an endorsement that interdenominational marriages are okay and should be encouraged. It is more of a case-by-case basis. One of the cases worth looking … Read more

how does the catholic church define vocation

Can Catholics Get Married During Lent?

Lent is a somber period filled with solemn reflection. It is a period of remembrance of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. Catholic faithful spend the 46-day (40 days of self-denial and 6 Sundays) period in penance, prayer and deep reflection. Obviously, the celebratory nature of a wedding doesn’t quite fit into the solemn … Read more

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