What are the Duties of the Pope?

What Does The Pope Do All Day?

With over a billion followers worldwide, the Roman Catholic Church is the largest branch of Christianity. This makes the papacy a seat of great authority and prestige. With great power comes great duty and responsibilities. So the Pope has plenty to occupy his hours. Here’s a rundown of what the Pope does all day. What … Read more

How Much Does A Papal Blessing Cost?

Who Will Be The Next Pope?

While no one is fully certain who will succeed Pope Francis, we can speculate who the next Pope will be based on the age, popularity and religious politics of various notable cardinals.  How is a New Pope Chosen? A papal conclave is convened within 15 to 20 days of death or resignation of the sitting … Read more

A Typical Day in the Life of Pope Francis

What Happens When The Pope Dies?

The death of a sitting or former pope marks the beginning of a mourning period that follows strict rules of protocol. Most of the activities during this period are ceremonial and highly symbolic. Here’s everything you need to know about what happens when the Pope dies.  Immediately After Death The pope’s chief of staff, or … Read more

How Is Episcopalian Similar To Catholicism

What Does The Bible Say About The Pope?

The bible does not directly mention ‘the pope’. There isn’t anyone with the title anywhere in the Bible.  That doesn’t mean the Papacy is an unbiblical institution. According to catholic doctrine, there’s a straight line from the authority and supremacy of the pope to Saint Peter, the head of the apostles and early church.  So … Read more

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